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  1. GAC1848

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    @LeGonze Looks like I should've read the zerpening before asking this question
  2. GAC1848

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    Do you trust Bittrue with your CSC for the snapshot? I want free CSC but not sure if I want it on the exchange instead of in my wallet.
  3. GAC1848

    Bitflip update

    Is anyone able to withdraw from BITEXBOOK yet? Would really like to get my stuff off of this exchange ASAP
  4. GAC1848

    Bitflip declares bankruptcy

    Whelp... There goes $400 worth of BTC I had been trying to get out for over a month... F*** them. "Processing" my a**
  5. GAC1848

    Do NOT use bitflip to buy CSC

    I put a small amount of BTC in this exchange to see what it was like. After noticing there's no volume, I tried removing it into another exchange... On 9/28/18. Reached out to them many times and they're always having technical issues. 2 weeks ago they said it would be fixed by the end of the week...
  6. GAC1848

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    I thought about that but the volume on bitflip is not there. It's still saying 6 sats; never dropped to 5
  7. GAC1848

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    Logging out and back in worked...
  8. GAC1848

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    Transferred .04 BTC over to bitflip to give it a try. I try to make a buy order at 5 but a message keeps popping up saying "Value must be greater or equal to 0.00001" on the price for CSC. Using CSC/BTC pairing. Does anyone else have this problem?
  9. GAC1848


    It's not moving down...Starts off at 49 seconds then does down to 20 seconds then re starts
  10. GAC1848


    I sold my last bit of ETH today, a whopping $10.88!!! Huge I know... I really don't want to go through the trouble or expense of buying BTC then transferring to cfinex, then buying CSC. I also don't really want to put any more than this $10 since my initial position is filled (I'm somewhere between a shark and a blue whale) and I like having fiat for booze on the weekends. Anyone want to sell me 25,000 CSC for this $18.88? I'll round up to $11.
  11. GAC1848


  12. GAC1848


    Buy order at 5 is what, 104mil? Not sure where I sit in that line but that's a bit to go through!
  13. GAC1848


    It was only $100 buy order. Bought my whale stack around 5 and 6. Just had an extra 100 from a bet. Going to keep it in at 5. I ain't worried
  14. GAC1848


    So much for my buy order at 5.