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    CasinoCoin, and Why I Invested I am fairly new to the Crypto World, and I am sure my story is like many others. I was introduced through my Brother in-law, who invested 5 dollars, and turned it into 70. I had heard of people making a fortune on this kind of investment before, so I decided to learn and invest myself. I bought a slew of coins, just hoping to hit something big. Needless to say, I bought the top (2017), and sold the bottom (2018). Disgruntled and discouraged, I put this new and volatile investment into the back of my mind. A year later, Bitcoin seemed to be booming again. I began to research, this time looking for investments that had a clear path to adoption. That is when I fell in love with XRP, but only for a short moment. I had been invested for a few months before i stumbled upon what is CasinoCoin. What is CasinoCoin? CasinoCoin, a fork of XRP, is an open source, peer to peer, cryptocurrency specifically designed for the regulated and online gambling industry. They plan to revolutionize the regulated gambling industry through the best blockchain technology. As you can see, CasinoCoin benefits from the speed of XRP, while also maintaining their own ledger. The first thing that jumped out to me was when I learned the foundation is a non-profit organization and did not do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) What I like about their approach is they aren't starting up a new industry, hoping others take notice to get adopted. John Caldwell, the Director of Advocacy said, “The only sustainable way forward for cryptocurrency in the gambling world is to work with regulators and operators from day one and focus on regulated markets. Our aim with CasinoCoin is to provide a currency, and related technical tools, designed and accessible for operators and ordinary players in the regulated gambling industry. We believe the Foundation will play an integral part in driving the coin’s future success.” They are helping existing regulated land-based and online casinos (a $600 Billion industry) become more efficient and data driven. This is lead by an amazing team of C-Level Executives with deep connections throughout the gambling world, most notably from Pokerstars, IGT, Gamesys, DraftKings, Microgaming, and most recently Cammegh Roulette and Aruze Gaming. (https://casinocoin.org/team/) (https://casinocoin.org/board-of-advisors/) (https://casinocoin.org/board-of-trustees/) What is their product? CasinoCoin’s flagship product, the Bankroll Manager, features built-in KYC and AML capabilities, and provides onboarded users with direct access to some of the world’s top regulated gaming sites, and the opportunity to deposit, bet and withdraw in CSC. This is significant if you have ever tried to deposit and withdraw from online casinos before. Instead of taking days with large fees, it takes seconds costing only a fraction of a penny. You also only have to sign up once for all participating sites. This is possible through their partnership with Jumio, the leading company for verification purposes. It will be as easy as: log onto the site, deposit, play, withdraw, and only taking seconds instead of hours or days. There is also built in benefits for the operators and regulators as well. Operators benefit just as much as the customers with reduced fees. The next product they offer are Custom Tokens on top of the CSCL (CasinoCoinLedger). This allows other companies to utilize the tech of CasinoCoin while also keeping their own brand name and unique use. Each token will have to use CSC as a "gas", and every transaction will cost .25 CSC, but is subject to change. This is essentially like Ethereum, but with much more scalability and speed designed to handle the immense amount of transactions for the gambling world. These tokens create a vast opportunity to bring in other companies who innitally wouldn't have used the BRM or CSC as a direct currency. Two notable token partners as of today (11/1/2019) are Cammegh, the worlds finest roulette manufacturer in the world, who is utilitzing CSC tech to track every single spin of their roulette wheels for an immutable data record http://www.cammegh.com/ and Egamingfund, a Freemium, Egaming, and Gambling platform all wrapped into one, who chose CSC over ETH and EOS. https://egamingfund.org/ Tokens create a great opportunity for unique and specific use-cases to evolve. There are many reasons why I think this is one of the better investments you could make in blockchain. The tech is the best, the team and connections they have is the best in the industry (by far), and the CasinoCoin Foundation has taken a "No hype" approach. They will not share news or give updates until the partners have a signed contract. They are focusing on product and utility first, which is why I am all in with this project. They aren't worried about speculation, pump and dumps, or anything in the market to fatten their wallets. Most of the team have been essentially working for free for the better part of 2 years. That is dedication. They are solely focused on bringing a revolutionary product to a huge market. Honestly, it has been really refreshing in this strange Cryptoverse we have all come to know. They handle themselves like an actual business. This is why I firmly believe CSC, and the Foundation, will change the gambling world forever. This is a brief overview, as I was just hoping to write a small summary. There were some aspects I overlooked, so if you're interested, you can keep digging. You can find all of this information, and more, at their official website: https://casinocoin.org/ Or through their Presentation: https://casinocoin.org/doc/CasinoCoin_Presentation_en.pdf
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    I think everyone can agree that CasinoCoin is starting to gain some traction, with the recent release of Cammegh Plus eGameingFund which has not gone live yet and also Crazy8 which we should here about soon. John Caldwell has said in Discord there should be still two more announcements to come this year.
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    Hey everyone - The Bankroll Manager (BRM) is now available for download at Apple’s App Store > https://apps.apple.com/us/app/casinocoin-brm/id1501264120 & Google Play > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.casinocoin.brm.mobileapp For now, you will not be able to sign up at a casino via the BRM. But by pre-registering and completing the KYC process, you will help make CasinoCoin a far more enticing proposition to operators. The best way to get casino operators interested in CasinoCoin is by showcasing the passion and power of our community. Here’s the plan: 1. Build a pool of players who have downloaded the BRM, registered and completed the KYC process. 2. Approach operators with this pool of passionate CasinoCoin users who are ready to start playing. 3. Onboard some leading casinos. With this in mind, our fantastic community - led by @osoand @Toastedcoins - is celebrating the launch by running its own community promotion. Anyone who downloads the BRM, registers and completes KYC by 19 April 2020 will be given 10,000 CSC by the community. It really is that simple. This includes users who already passed KYC and registered with the BRM for our CRNs. We are super excited for this launch, so check out the new look BRM, get involved with the community promo and spread the word. Tutorial on how to sign up: https://casinocoin.org/kb/article/how-to-setup-the-casinocoin-bankroll-manager-brm/ CasinoCoin How to setup the CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager (BRM)
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    Source: https://www.yogonet.com/international/noticias/2019/12/03/51736-goodgaming-to-launch-new-casinocoin-powered-brand
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    https://CasinoCoin.org/brm < New CasinoCoin BRM Download Now! Bankroll Manager features: - KYC checks & enhanced AML measures - Access to partner operator sites - Instant deposits and withdrawals - Custom deposit limits - Full transaction history - CSC in-app exchange rates (third-party) About CasinoCoin: CasinoCoin (CSC) is a digital currency developed specifically for the regulated gaming industry. CasinoCoin aims to provide users and gaming regulators/operators with improved transaction speeds, security, financial transparency, and traceability. CasinoCoin features built-in KYC and AML capabilities, and is founded on an ethos of compliance and consumer protection. The CasinoCoin Bankroll Manger is available to download in both: App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/casinocoin-brm/id1501264120… Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.casinocoin.brm.mobileapp…
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    Ready for some good news!? GoodGaming just confirmed powering their new casino with CasinoCoin, as reported by YogoNet. Oliver Wu, chairman at GoodGaming is quoted saying, "We are hugely excited to launch our first cryptocurrency casino and enter one of online gaming's fastest growing verticals." Because we are so early in the project, I haven't kept myself in the loop as much as I used to when I first found out about CSC, so maybe this is something everyone else has been expecting. But, I wasn't expecting it, which made it that much more meaningful to me. With the testing by Cammegh, the announcement of actual CSC token use!! and the likelihood of the BRM happening any day now, I feel like we're really putting ourselves in a great position to really make a name for ourselves in the industry. You guys can read more about the launch at the link below! https://www.yogonet.com/international/noticias/2019/12/03/51736-goodgaming-to-launch-new-casinocoin-powered-brand
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    From the CasinoCoin newsletter: To the community, We’ve always been about the use cases rather than the hype. That’s why we’ve spent 2019 with our heads down building out our technology and striking several deals that take our products out into the real world. Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past year. Coming soon: the first CasinoCoin casino When we set out with this project back in 2017, our primary aim was to deliver a CasinoCoin-powered casino and earlier this month we struck a deal with GoodGaming to do exactly this. GoodGaming will launch a fully-branded casino next year that will be licensed by the Isle of Man and use CasinoCoin as its payment method. Assuming you live in an approved territory, you will be able to use your CSC to play a fantastic selection of games. Find out more! Reinventing the wheel Back in May, we announced a landmark deal with the world’s leading manufacturer of roulette wheels, Cammegh. The deal was the first of its kind, and one of the only real-world use cases for blockchain tech in the land-based casino sector. This deal will see the data from all spins on Cammegh wheels all over the globe secured and immutable - preventing fraud and giving operators comfort that their operations are secure. The first phase has now been completed, with Cammegh Token now used for all service and maintenance schedules, as well as associated payments. We look forward to working with Cammegh on a full roll-out - and some exciting extras - next year. Inspiring loyalty We see countless possibilities for use cases with CasinoCoin custom tokens. One that has already created a lot of buzz is using a custom token to run a loyalty and rewards program. The first operator to do this will be Omnia Casino. When live, players at Omnia will earn tokens - which sit on the CasinoCoin blockchain - as they play, and will be able to spend them in a dedicated store. By bringing their rewards scheme onto the blockchain, Omnia will be able to increase automation, cut costs and better combat fraud. Going for gold eGamingFund is a blockchain-powered platform for the gaming community. It is backed by an ambitious team with a strong network in China, and selected the CasinoCoin blockchain upon which to launch its GFG token because we offered greater scalability than alternatives such as Ethereum. The year ahead Two years of hitting the pavement are starting to pay off. We’ve never been so excited about what CasinoCoin could become. We are already looking forward to ICE 2020. Keep an eye on the usual channels for updates. Happy holidays from CasinoCoin
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    Some interesting movement on the observer over the last 2 days. After weeks of roughly staying in exactly the same position, my wallet dropped about 16 places in the list yesterday. It looks like a lot of accumulation happening up top. I also find it interesting that the last 1000 wallets on the list only have the minimum 10 CSC in them. So if you have more than 10 CSC, you are in the top 4000 of all wallets. That says to me that there is an incredible amount of room to take off here, since the early adopters are still relatively few, and the financial barrier to entry is so low to be a top holder. Soon that won't be the case as awareness continues to grow faster and faster.
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    I've quite some stuff to share. Been working in the investment industry for a while now and I'd say I've seen a few things that don't work and also one or two things that actually do work. If you feel like this is of value, I could put that in a series of posts. Actually it would help me keep track of my thoughts.
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    this is the most conversation cscchat has had...ever lets keep it going!
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    https://TrustTracker.com https://csc.observer/tokens
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    If you wanna trade USD or EUR Check out WhiteBit https://whitebit.com/trade/CSC_USD https: //whitebit.com/trade/CSC_EUR
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    If you don't have a twitter account guys its a good idea to get one, a lot of activity is on twitter right now.
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    Good to see more videos about CasinoCoin.
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    i noticed this as well. good point. thanks for sharing. unlike other coins, csc increases in price due to tangible things happening in real world scenarios caused by the efforts of real people working day and night to make this happen. three cheers to them all.
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    If you have a look at the test net on the CSC observer You can see CAM memos. https://csc.observer/transaction/51D957170F7762FF61D4DE822CB276EC4D4E5B271D5BBDD52138228213E4D661 looks like they are testing before going live.
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    In April and May of 2017, XRP went from .007 to .39 with more than 2 1/2 x the amount of coins and without actual usage of the XRP commercially. Anybody that doesn't think that could easily happen with CSC should look again at what they are offering and decide if it really is solving an unmet need in the marketplace. If so, why shouldn't it be worth that much and more? Trading is so thin that a single purchasing partner alone can bring the price up exponentially.
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    CasinoCoin are going to kill it!
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    This is just Amazing!!... It feels like your little baby is taking his first step. You have been there for a while, been supportive, been pacient and now he is starting to walk. This is a great day brothers and sisters!!!!
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    Great, hard to deny the potential now! 😍🍻🎄🎄🚀
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    I really don’t deserve that. You just do your thing and I’ll do mine. I still believe XRP has a very bright future and I stand by all my posts in XRP Chat. I’m going to ignore you now as you are not worth my time. I wish you well and I hope your investments succeed for you.
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    Yeah I doubt there is even 6k people in the world who are invested into casinocoin. We are all poised for massive roi over the next couple years.
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    Not in a bad way, but the XRP community is no different than everyone else invested in other coins. We all want to be rich yet the truth is, only a few will due to a lot of luck, buying at the right time, and selling at the right time. There's no reason for DM Logic to have to post only pro-XRP videos.
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    Heres what we have so far: Coffecup111: 5 custom tshirts Massadoption: ledger nano S, trezor Jasper: Custom Knife Crytpoeman: Custom Socks Salvo: Shirt, 2 card wallets, 5 sticker sheets Vacek: CSC shirt Laurianna: High quality print of her "Crypto Bull" Toasted: CSC/cammegh puzzle 24/7 bits: 5 cold storage Cards Whale apparel: 12 custom hoodies DM Logic: Ledger Nano X Dustin nelson: 1 led lamp, 4 coasters BTFD: 6 sticker packs Mazer: Official Jersey Cryptowardrobe: Crypto Shirt Rogier: 8 CSC coins CasinoCoin Donations: 1,750,000 CSC GFG Donations: 505,000 Giveaway is Dec. 14th-25th Please follow the page. We could also always use more donations! I'll update this whenever we recieve another donation.
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    I'm with you on this one. The use case and its adoption is so good that potentially a big jump in price could actually happen. Let's cross fingers 🙂
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    I think chart trading CSC will become a thing. Just a little early right now.
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    Next listing on Whitebit is GFG . . . Confirmed.
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