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    Hear me, hear me! It has been a long journey with a lot of pain, but finally, the CasinoCoin Mobile Wallet is available on the Apple App Store! We have released the app a couple of hours ago, it might take some time till its available around the globe (USA & Europe confirmed as by the time writing this). The app won't be available in China. This might seem like a small step but you might remember it has been a struggle for us to get the App in. We are happy it finally worked! Now that we have the wallet available on all Platforms development for it will get a higher priority again. I assume some small fixes and updates coming during the next weeks. Does this affect the BRM being released on the App Store? From my current feelings: yes! The BRM is some sort of advanced wallet. I never felt better about it before! Is there a release date it: not by now. A big shout out and thank you to the developer of ToastWallet! Happy first advent, in case that's a thing for you πŸ™‚
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    A word on exrates: We didn't pay for the listing. However, like always: We do not endorse any exchange. Simply because we can't. I have looked into the issues that have been forwarded to me. Withdrawals not working: This has been fixed today. The minimum amount and fees are out of this universe, I already contacted them about it. Support page not working: Link in the menu is giving a 404, but the chat in the lower right works. I told them about the broken page. Crappy Design: Ill give you that one. But it works. Fake Volume: There is the chance that this is correct, like most top50 exchanges. Social Media: Bought likes, replies and follower. Seems like. Depends on you if this matters. And here comes the very important part, which makes me wanna freak out and bite into my desk: I could not find a single propper scam accusation. Please link me one if you know one. Watch my lips, I will talk real slow: This is still crypto. He said, she said doesn't work! Just because of some random dude on Reddit, bitcointalk or xrpchat (holy moly i said it!) calling something a scam, it is not becoming a scam by default. That's not how it works. Here is how a proper scam accusation looks like https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2248106.0 This topic was written by me and explains in detail what happens along with proof for people to verify. You should be able to spot the difference between this and "yAdA yAdA aLl mY cOiNz GoNe!!!!!!!!!! ImMa cHaRgIn My LaZar!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So if someone got "scammed" I expect at least that level of detail along with facts that can be verified. If there are proper accusations, please point me to them. Again, please note I am not defending exrates I am just stating what I see. What I have tested myself: Deposits and Withdrawals Trading works. Support does its job. All issues I did make up for support (lower right) have been resolved. Fiat Deposits via Perfect Money. Referrals are working. Basic Security Stuff, in place and working. Their API is nice. I am posting this just to reply to all messages I got at once and I am happy to have a serious convo from here moving forward. I am not endorsing exrates. If you have any doubts about any exchange, do not deposit any coins or fiat and always stay away! No hard feelings, just want to make sure we are all on the same page and talking about this on the same level.
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    Everyone around the CSC community had been speculating CSC's price prediction for the coming years.... most of the predictions are..... just random or wishful...... As I near graduation in Engineering Economics and Planning, and being a MEGA fan of CSC, I decided to put a little time to scientifically forecast CSC price 5 years from now ( 2023) using an economical forecasting module ( SMA - Smooth Moving Average forecast) Before we start, please note that this forecast is based on nominal $ value of CSC and does not take into account changes in the Bitcoin value ( forecast would be much higher if Bitcoin prices hike in the next 5 years, or much lower if bitcoin takes a dip) Also this forecast does not take into account the capital attracted from non-gambling activities. That is to say, the forecast does not include capital changes from listing in major exchanges which would certainly increase the forecasted figures significantly. In a nutshell, the following forecast is as neutral as it could be Lets starts: Part 1: Online Gambling Global Market Cap (Actual figures from various online sources) Year: 2014 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 34.81 B ( billion dollars) Year: 2015 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 37.91 B ~ 8.9% increase from 2014 Year: 2016 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 41.77 B ~ 10% increase from 2015 Year: 2017 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 47.11 B ~ 12.78% increase from 2016 Year: 2018 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 51.96 B ~ 10.29% increase from 2017 => The Simple Moving Average is ( 8.9% + 10% +12.78%+10.29%) / 4 = + 10.49% annual increase Therefore; Online Gambling Global Market Cap Forecast for the next 5 years is as follows: Year: 2019 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 51.96 B + 10.49% = $ 57.41 B Year: 2020 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 57.41 B + 10.49% = $ 63.43 B Year: 2021 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 63.43 B + 10.49% = $ 70 B Year: 2022 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 70 B + 10.49% = $ 77.34 B Year: 2023 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 77.34 B + 10.49% = $ 85.45 B => By year 2023, the Global Market Cap for the online Gambling Industry would be $ 85.45 B. However, taking into consideration the forecasting error margin of 15% (a very realistic marginal forecasting error), the real Forecasted Global Market Cap for the online Gambling Industry would be $ 72.65 B ( The figure I obtained from the above SMA module is in line with figures developed by reportbuyers.com - https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-global-online-gambling-market-is-anticipated-to-generate-revenues-of-more-than-74-billion-by-2023-300714929.html) Part 2: Online Gambling EUROPE Market Cap As of 2015, Europe holds 47.6 % of the global market share; however, to avoid being optimistic, lets suppose that Europe maintains a 40% from the Online Gambling Global Market Cap in 2023. Therefore; by 2023, Europe's Market Cap in the Online Gambling Industry would be $ 72.65 B * 40% = $ 29.06 B (Note: With Europe's increased efforts in establishing new technologies to boost and regulate the Online Gambling Industry, I personally expect Europe to hold at least 55% of Global Market Cap in 2023; However we will stick to the 40% figure to avoid being over-optimistic ) Part 3: CasinoCoin's (CSC) Market share from the Forecasted European Online Gambling Market Cap in 2023. Straight forward, knowing that the forecasted Market Cap of Europe's Online Gambling Market is expected to be $ 29.06 B in 2023, and conditioned that CSC will be up and running by that time, the following are CSC's price forecasts for the year 2023 : Using the price formula : Price = Market Cap / Circulating Supply Where Market Cap is a % of CSC's market share from the European market; and Circulating Supply is constant at 36 Billion. 1- if CSC captures 1% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 1% = $ 0.29 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 0.29 B/ 36 B = $ 0.008 That is 4,700% increase from today's price, or 4,700% return on your current CSC holdings. 2- if CSC captures 5% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 5% = $ 1.45 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 1.45 B/ 36 B = $ 0.04 That is 23,529% increase from today's price, or 23,529 % return on your current CSC holdings. 3- if CSC captures 10% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 10% = $ 2.9 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 2.9 B/ 36 B = $ 0.08 That is 47,058% increase from today's price, or 47,058 % return on your current CSC holdings. 4- if CSC captures 15% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 15% = $ 4.35 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 4.35 B/ 36 B = $ 0.12 That is 70,588% increase from today's price, or 70,588 % return on your current CSC holdings. Remember... all these great figures, are very realistic, even more, undervalued since we are not taking into account the increase in CSC's market cap from 1- Major Exchanges listings (including investors who are not in the projected online gambling market share, non-gamblers) 2- Bitcoin's expected increase in the next 5 years. Holding.... is the best investment.... #LIVE #LOVE #CASINOCOIN
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    As Daniel correctly stated, ASG is our development arm, which we have had in place for while. By the nature of the beast, because we're early with the technology, we get discussions that turn into 'can you build X for us?' ASG (and before that CGS) was created for just this situation. As I've stated before, we're not going to cannibalize the existing CSC business with ASG. Only things that compliment, or do not interfere with the core business will be considered.
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    There are a few people that bite their tongue right now, cause they are under NDA and currently testing it... Whoops.... I never said that...
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    Pls watch this brief holiday update from yours truly. Trying to clarify a few things on what hopefully will be a watershed quarter for CSC in 2019! Happy Holidays --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8T7gSdlRGE&feature=youtu.be
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    The video reveals for the Q1 2019 roadmap has been uploaded. You can find it here: The roadmap on the website will be updated in the next hours. Because of some technical issues, while recording the Video, we had to apply some hard cuts. We apologize if this may feel strange at some points.
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    Great product, great problem solving, great team, great community. Future is bright. I wish to become a standard! My little tribute to his community
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    Hey all, as you might know, we are currently running a closed beta test with a small group of people for the Bankroll Manager. I am looking to increase that group and get a few more people in. If you want to help us out testing the product and killing some bugs, this is your chance! There are a few rules that will apply to the test: 1) Only sign up for it if you really have some time to do it. It is most likely an hour or two with every release. 2) You will have to sign an NDA and you won't be allowed to speak to anyone outside the test group about it. 3) During testing, you will have to use your real Data (Passport, ID etc.) for KYC. 4) You will need a Discord account. In order to show your interest send an email to: daniel(at)casinocoin(dot)org Subject: BRM Beta Test Message: Your Full Name, your Discord nick (Example: @daniel(wwf)#1337), your cscchat name (if you have one), your telegram name (if you have one), your device including Android or iOS, AppleID (if you are on iOS). The following sentence: Notes: - If you have no Discord Account, get one first. Discord is mandatory for the test! - Please NO additional text in that email - if you are barely able to operate your device, we want you! - the less technical you are, the better! Of course, skilled people are welcomed as well πŸ˜‰ Message body example: Spots are limited so not everyone will get a spot. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me here or on Discord.
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    Ok this is earlier then I wanted to post it but a few of you seem interested. Keep in mind I don't have any of the "stuff" for it yet and there are a few details and such I need to do still. But this is 90% done, as it sits currently. @CindyLou @Zenkert @Rey
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    I have traded 75% of my XRP for CSC. Simple math told me that CSC has a much larger potential upside (downside too). But I believe in the use case of CSC and see similarities to XRP a year ago. CSC reaching even just 1 cent will see a huge ROI for us early investors. Besides, 50 million CSC just feels and sounds better than 30k XRP! Cyn - The girl who believes 30 cents by March 2019 !
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    Hi guys, I reckon would be nice to have a topic where we can store all current and future quotes from CSC team. This will add boost for new investors and also will be great for community in the future. Moreover we will be able to track how the things moved after some time
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    This is just my view based on the information I have seen. In one of the YouTube videos JC said ' The BRM will be released when we have a LIVE operator in a regulated jurisdiction.' Because its still laying the ground work in order for the BRM to be used its going to take awhile. Governments move slow. Malta is actually moving very fast. But still will take time. Just a waiting game. I think the BRM will blow up. I think it will grow rapidly. But can't move till all the little details are done. Regulator, Operator and Game Developer, Payment Processor. We really need another FireπŸ”₯Side chat. Anyone else agree?
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    I was all-in on XRP since the summer of 2017, so got the news about the CSC swap late 2017 on XRPchat and decided to enter last summer. Like with XRP I trust the use case, I trust the tech and I trust the team and its strategy ...
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    I just joined the chat and wanted to say cheers to the community. Long time XRP hodler and been a lurker on CSCchat for a few months. Filled my bags and ready for the ride!
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    So far we have done a pretty good job on not leaking who we will work with. I assume it will be out in the next weeks, latest when the applications are public.
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    This is very big news, maybe not so much for "crypto people" but for "gambling people" and will be noticed even right before the crazy holiday season. Compliance means more than KYC and sadly most projects don't fully understand that. Compliance is one of the key issues for regulated & licensed gambling. We are happy to have Antonio on board.
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    Not really. Nothing has ever been done like the BRM before. Crypto blogs and casino blogs will write about it. Word will spread. Many Casino operators are also watching the Sandbox test take place, to see how the BRM works. It's a very revolutionary product.
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    1. First please the regulators. CasinoCoin went to the regulators and asked what they want. KYC/AML and Responsible gaming. The ability to have more clarity, AML Visual Block Explorer βœ”οΈ 2. Please the Operators. Faster on boarding process, save time and money. Make money faster. KYC and AML done. Bankroll Manager back office Access for Foundation & Operators βœ”οΈ 3. The players. It gives the player the ability to cash out faster and enter faster. To gamble when ever they want fast and with many different operators to pick from. If a user is playing Roulette at one casino, but like's the slots better over at a different Casino he can cash out and go play slots. βœ”οΈ
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    CasinoCoin was created with gambling in mind, it is custom build for that purpose with BRM, KYC, AML,user protection, GPS tracking, a unique Explorer for regulators build in. CSC is made for white labeld regulated gaming, currently most of casinos that accept BTC or other alt coins are not regulated therefore even if xrp becomes a standard in banking , it's not meant for gambling CSC would be the best choice for that, CSC is the right tool for online gaming.
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    Just to let you know, the visuals have been overhauled now two times so the BRM looks much better atm. I hope (no promise) I can leak some pictures of it in the next days.
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    ... We already beat that horse to death... At this point in the process, we appreciate the frugal nature of the CSC Team and foundation. They're not get-rich-quick scammers, polished and deceptive; they're hard working visionaries... The substance and competence that they exude, more than makes up for the sometimes lack of panache! For sure, some here would complain if John, Daniel and the team were spending and living lavishly, wowing us with production quality eye candy... When the time comes, I have a feeling that these Stars are going to really shine! Encourage them with love and good vibes! Let' em work! Cyn-cerely
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    I've hidden 30 words/abbreviations all related to CSC in the grid below. How many can you find? Hint: there are a few forum members in there too!