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    In my experience the CSC/BTC trade volume has been a little higher with NUEX. Though as the current price is only a few sats, the steps in price are rather high ... I mean going from 5 sats to 6 is already 20% higher ... So though I personally prefer the CSC/XRP trading pair, I'd watch both trading pairs for the best bargain ... Also, in my experience it pays to have a little patience ... I FOMO'd waayyyy too often ... This all is just my personal experience and it's definitely NOT meant as financial or trading advise ... Always do your own research!
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    It was in the CSC update video. There should be news around the end of the month or early April on the commercial side.
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    He`s totally out of cash, otherwise I dont get it to sell now everything. Or he just knows we all are doomed tomorrow
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    hello i am new name My name is Sinclair 24 years old, so get to know everyone. I just joined this forum
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    I was just curious as to any advantage between the two. I have developed patience now but at first I had to have my csc. Patiently waiting for this next limit xrp/csc buy which will probably be my last for awhile. Got a pretty full bag and am happy.
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    Never used XRP to buy CSC on NUEX. But the price can be a little high, from what iv heard. you would get a better deal using BTC in my view.
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    No @LeGonze he always say, it will be next Payday, and usually wonders if that is to late to buy Now we have a new saying to use: - Don´t be Wutang! We can use that instead of: - Don´t be Greg!
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    That's just @Zenkert weekly buy. Nothing to look at there
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    He had 3.3 billion. It's a good thing for him to be selling some of his stack now - less downward pressure when CSC starts to move.
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    Top 10 I think is between 350 and 450
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    I said 5 was possible . . . closing in . . . wait for 4 . . .
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    Sorry not gonna follow your advice but gonna make last big buy this week and after that just rounding to nice even number. Totally offtopic, dear swedish bull, you had influence on me and bought 3 weeks ago decent amount swedish medical company from first north stockholm. +40% in three weeks is something you dont get in finnish stock market
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    I just saw that and checked my limit order on Nuex. But I am going to leave at 6 sats, unless ..........
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    The rate is basically the same... I just loooooooooooooovee Nuex and that XRP/CSC pair... It's super fast and reliable!!... On the other side... BTC is Suuuuuuuuuper Slow... But it has a little more volume so if you are setting Limit Orders it might get filled faster... I Always go to the XRP/CSC road... I love it!!...
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    That's insane... That's some Jacob-ishhhtt right there! 📜
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    The more he sells now the better.
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    Top 100 this year, top 50 maybe top 30 next year.
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    When you wake up and see the price of CSC is at 50 cents...
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    This ^^ Most of you will know I lost my coins recently. The issue I had is, when you install the wallet, it only allows to proceed after checking the "I have saved the password recovery passphrase or understand the consequences of not doing so". It doesn't mention the consequences of not backing up your private key. It may be common sense to most people but not all and I firmly believe the wallet creation should include this also. If you have a Ledger Nano (as I do), the recovery phrase is the ONLY thing required to retrieve your coins in case of a hardware fault. I believed the same would apply with the CasinoCoin wallet but I was wrong.