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    Hey guys. Does anyone else agree with this? 2020 will be the year of CasinoCoin. I think in terms of price next year, we will start seeing numbers like $0.01 and $0.03 maybe even $0.05 Looks like the team has been working on many deals and them deals are now working on what they need to do. Cammegh is busy working. Gamefund will be busy working. and as more news comes out and CSC starts getting used and more, we will start to see a slow price increase.
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    no. its fun to do, but its futile to put a 'set date' on when success will occur. i highly doubt CSC will see .05 next year. please remember many members in here last year were saying CSC would end the year between .003 and .90. none of which occurred. i believe CSC will succeed, but not on our timetable. and yes, the normal response is, "well, theres so many things in the works right now compared to last year."
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    We are looking for more testers regarding the super secret stuff we do. You might have heard of this secret channel called #preview on Discord. That's where all the juicy stuff is happening. We gonna handle this kind of old-school, so you will have to send an email to daniel(at)casinocoin(dot)org in the following form with the following content: Subject: Preview Group Text of the E-Mail: PLEASE DO NOT ALTER OR ADD ANYTHING ELSE! No blessings, no questions, no cheers. Just the stuff above! Thank you! NOTE: Discord is MANDATORY. If you don't have an account, you can't join. So get one, if you don't have one and join casinocoin.chat (invite link). If more people want to join than w are planning to add, people will be randomly picked! Once you have been picked, you will have to go thru a manual KYC and you will have to sign an NDA. If you don't like that, please do not send an application.
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    So which token or partner will go live first I wonder! Exciting few months ahead I believe
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    Nope. Do not uninstall. That is the worst thing you can do. Join CSC Discord and go to #help-and-questions. Here is an invite for you. https://discord.gg/VwPFn5
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