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    So far we have done a pretty good job on not leaking who we will work with. I assume it will be out in the next weeks, latest when the applications are public.
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    I think pairing CSC to XRP is a good idea. On as many exchanges as possible. I think long term XRP will take over.
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    There is no news or leaks on who is the Tier 1 partner, it is possible Foundation has more than 1 partner but that as well has not been stated just hinted of such possibility. Partner will be announced when that partner will get its permission to start sandbox 🙂 applications started on jan 1 2019
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    Bitrue and its CEO seem very open minded on adding new pairs for XRP. Also, they seem to value public opinions and requests. We should ask them to add CSC/XRP pair!! If they get enough requests on their twitter, I see them doing it!! Let's make it happen!! @Daniel Keller
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    Me neither. It was a bad joke. Do not disturb me. I am transfering FIATS for my first buy of 2019. Damn you all
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    Now's the time, dear bull ... I bought some more the last few days ...
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    Just buy it Bull!! At these prices, I will be adding Million by Million... @Ermac posted this article and makes me FOMO pretty hard too!!...
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    Glad to be on board the CSC train. = me after CSC has revolutionized online casinos.
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    Tweeted at them, would have to look into the listing process. Do they charge a fee?
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    I promised myself not to buy anymore. But when BTC is falling and CSC is stable . . . Man/Bro it is so hard not to buy more. Even consideriing selling some XRP and buy CSC.
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    I have a sense. A notion. Things are happening. CSC is getting more attractive for secondary early investors. Damn it. FOMO is hitting me - HARD! Buy another Mill or not? Been saving for buying a guitar . . .
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    This is a great article!! This makes me FOMO so hard!!...
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    CSC is more or less free from the BTC coupling since it is not listed on any major exchanges, which is a good thing, as @Marco already has stated in a post for a while ago. CSC is so far almost as steady as Tether. So if you can afford to buy and believe in the project . . .
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    Hello everyone. I have finally gotten myself organised and am proud to say I have started to build my CSC stack. I look forward to learning a lot more about this project and celebrating the success of it with you all.
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    the fomo and greed hooks us up 🙂
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    Hi Zenkert:) Nice to see you here!
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    Direct purchases with credit/debit card
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