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    I think chart trading CSC will become a thing. Just a little early right now.
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    It's going to be a merry Christmas and a happy new year for us all.
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    Technically we call addresses accounts as CSC is account-based. I can have a look at the issue, just hit me up via PM or on Discord šŸ™‚
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    I'm slightly skeptical with this, but just go with it.. its my personality. You're saying you bought CSC on an exchange, transferred them to your wallet, and was able to confirm the CSC were in the wallet by using the explorer (right? You checked your addresses on the explorer to confirm it went through?) You then checked today, and your CSC are no longer in your wallet? What do you mean by, "there is no record of my CSC" when immediately after you say, "I took screenshots of my wallet and the recorded transfers back then"? And what do you mean by, "the wallet I open today does not have the same account number"? Also, which wallet did you use? Include the webpage URL where you found the wallet to download. In the example below, you have TWO addresses. One is PUBLIC and starts with the letter C, circled in ORANGE...(you can share it with us) and the other is private (don't share with anyone). When you initially transferred your CSC from the exchange TO your wallet... you had to transfer them to a wallet address. Whats the PUBLIC address of your wallet, so we can see what might be going on here on the explorer?
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    Looks like a lean, young, hungry team. Perfect to grow with casinocoin.
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    i dont know what will be more exciting.. csc at .01, or more people talking in cscchat.com
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    whats this? https://medium.com/goaver/aver-partners-with-casinocoin-to-offer-frictionless-kyc-for-players-ee2955449710
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    The team did say they will have one or two commercial announcements in November.
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    definitely dont call it an account number. account number sounds like something from a bank. there are wallet addresses and keys. like already said above, never share your private address with anyone. the csc wallet is incredibly simple to use actually and straightforward.
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    Yup. More often than not, joining forces with a newer company is more productive than trying to retrain a business into changing their methods. Saves time, energy, and money.
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    we all know your intentions. give it a break.
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    I will explain in due time šŸ˜‰
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    How does someone enter to win?
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    Iā€™m going to say none end up going live this year.
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    Heres what we have so far: Coffecup111: 5 custom tshirts Massadoption: ledger nano S, trezor Jasper: Custom Knife Crytpoeman: Custom Socks Salvo: Shirt, 2 card wallets, 5 sticker sheets Vacek: CSC shirt Laurianna: High quality print of her "Crypto Bull" Toasted: CSC/cammegh puzzle 24/7 bits: 5 cold storage Cards Whale apparel: 12 custom hoodies DM Logic: Ledger Nano X Dustin nelson: 1 led lamp, 4 coasters BTFD: 6 sticker packs Mazer: Official Jersey Cryptowardrobe: Crypto Shirt CasinoCoin Donations: 1,600,000 CSC Giveaway is Dec. 14th-25th Please follow the page. We could also always use more donations! I'll update this whenever we recieve another donation.
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