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    Yes we are located in NL, and fell free to contact the police here.... The site policy mention that you need to deposit over the minimum limit and every transaction below that limit is not credited.... you did transaction of 0.0005 btc here are all details you need to share with police: Your TX: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/a39e1f2f6f0bed93d097bdca595b689cf10ed2a40ab7ed5027654a39570bb618 Our page with fees where we publish fee structure, minimum deposit and all info needed for everyone to know: https://www.nlexch.com/fees Also here are Terms of Service: https://www.nlexch.com/terms-of-use and Compliance Disclosure: https://www.nlexch.com/compliance Regards, Marian CEO/Founder
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    Looking forward to some commercial announcements. It should be an interesting 12 months for the team. Well deserved too, I might add!
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    Source : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/542061871193391135/576651663268380683/CasinoCoin_Rankings_1000x2550_050819.jpg Made By @DigitalRevolutionz on Discord.
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    Bitrue will add it. So soon as possible I would think.
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    It's open for deposits now. 80 million deposited already.
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    a lot of great things coming for CasinoCoin this year!
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    Bitrue starts tomorrow!
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    can't wait. So much happening now. Bitrue listing just around the corner (tomorrow), more social media awareness and then those potential use case. Exciting times ahead
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    Bitrue is gonna be the catalyst to get CSC on more exchanges and pump the volume.
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    Is this serious, you deposited less than 4 dollars and wonder why it hasn't been processed. Is this correct?
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    ok, many thanks for the help , the happy part is I haven't deposited anything there yet Pheww lol
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    yes I have to do the capture also just tried with your link, it recognises when I put a wrong password in , but still just hangs on the "email and password" tried on 2 different laptops now, registering was no problem
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    Looks like I'm missing out too, Nuex is dodgy for a withdrawal & im not willing to spend more...
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    When do you think $CSC trading on Bitrue show up on CMC?
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    I'm guessing it gets to a nickel by the end of the year, but I hope it stays under a penny so I can continue to fill my bags.
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    You can download the app. I've neevr had a problem with the app.
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    Do you trust Bittrue with your CSC for the snapshot? I want free CSC but not sure if I want it on the exchange instead of in my wallet.
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    I think we can get to 70-140 sats...
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    I still think 50Sats to 100Sats If CasinoCoin gets another 3 exchanges after Bitrue and with PR and usecase then maybe higher.
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