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    Most of my friends think I am more or less Crazy and believe I have bought Bitcoin . . . . . . until I explain that I have invested in XRP and CSC and play around with some other DA´s. Then they start to shake there head´s intensively
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    One thing certain is that we are not a lot lol. I have about 5 irl friend hodlers that are not on this forum tho! Squad.
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    The CasinoCoin Foundation is flying to Malta next week. ✈️
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    YEP, I remember that. A Dutch guy. Married. And 2 Children. Living in a Tent to get ROI, I guess he sold the Tent too, by now.
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    Intensive DA Care is needed, until that pays off. I feel sorry for the guy, even it was such a stupid move.
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    Yeah I am the proud owner of zero bitcoin.
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    https://www.cscchat.com/profile/348-{%3F}/ Whats this? How can this person create an account with no user name?
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    I only have a small handful of friends who have invested in crypto and none will take the risk of investing in what I see as one of the most promising coins..... CSCCCCCCCCCC!
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    .05 would pay off my mortgage, my rentals mortgage, and my vehicle. That is pretty damn life changing. 😛
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    Either way I’m happy to be one of them and hope to be extremely happy one day to be one of them lol.
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    lol That's off topic. Create a new thread.
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    BRM will have a processor baked into it, therefore you will be able to buy CSC at market price and sell CSC at market price and all this using fiat.
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    Honestly, give me .05 and I would be happy with my ROI.
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    I respectfully disagree with this... Market Cap is just a number. It doesn’t matter at all.
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    What is a "market cap price" ? I never saw that term before ... Market cap ONLY displays the product of circulating supply and latest price ... so the term actually doesn't mean much at all. Liquidity and trading volumes are much more important imho ...
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    Photo found . . .
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    Imagine having 3Mill XRP bought at the CSC Price as of today, with that underrated XRP Price right now. Boring ? ? ?
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    There are a few people that bite their tongue right now, cause they are under NDA and currently testing it... Whoops.... I never said that...
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    - Slots are “tight” or “loose” bc their programming is set to payout a specific % (usually 75%-98%) of the currency wagered over an inifinite number of spins. -The slots use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin based on this programming. Chances are the same that a slot can hit a jackpot/high payout on the 1st spin ever wagered on it as if it will hit one after 10,000,000 spins have been wagered on it...before it has “earned” enough wagers to cover that payout. - A small piece of each wager is contributed to the progressive jackpots. ...All of this means that the amount payed out by slots is not directly related to the amount taken in by the slots. There could be an above-average of regular (non-progressive tier) jackpot spins and other high-payout spins that have taken place causing the games to run negative for the operator for a substantial period of time, although this is very rare to be true across a large group of slots/wagers like Microgaming operates...
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    I've got say that's quite a piece of propaganda. But what the heck did Obama ever achieved except endless rhetorics? And for all the hollywood rich people, Merryl streep etc., why don't they just move out of their own mansion and give it to the transpassers?
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    How can these guys writing in a Malta newspaper don't even know about Casinocoin yet? This article is describing the need for something like CSC and they don't even know it exist.
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    Well yeah, but I personally know people who have 10 wallet addresses , me myself have created few and disposted them, so it could really give you a bad estimate. My 2k is based on number of people on discord, plus those who dont join chat rooms and top it with Telegram.
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    Welcome brother! In a few words... Answers: 1. It would be a pretty good problem. More scarcity higher the price. 2. That could happen with any DA. Remember, 4% of btc wallets owns 90% of BTC. That happens with every DA. About your XRP comment, doesn’t makes sense at all. CSC has been more stable than XRP the last few weeks. About gamers holding CSC, it’s just your guess, I say they will. About Casinos releasing DAs is the same as Banks Releasing DA. They could but doesn’t make sense at all for gamers exchanging every DA to play all across the internet. Keep doing research and clear your doubts Cheers!!!