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    but it means a whole lot of nothing which may mean something
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    It´s just a picture, guys and gals, they are socializing. Means nothing.
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    CSC is far more superior tech than Funfair I’m sure they know it by now, maybe they’re joining forces for to create one big online regulated gaming blockchain services with CSC
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    That's Duncan Cameron at the Isle of man HQ for CasinoCoin, looks like Funfair have stopped by, for what reason... no idea. https://casinocoin.org/board-of-trustees/
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    isnt that duncan cameron the technical director at casinocoin? they have an amazing team at casinocoin
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    It's Funny I also thought this...
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    So much stuff going on behind the scenes...
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    Wow... I didn't know that DM was a CSC Supporter... That's awesome!!... And it's a pretty good video... This is great great publicity!!...
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    Love it! It's a pity some of the commenters in his YT video don't understand that he isn't switching from XRP to CSC. He has done his research, sees the huge potential and is diversifying which is a smart thing to do. I hope to see more videos on CSC by DM Logic.