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    Hear me, hear me! It has been a long journey with a lot of pain, but finally, the CasinoCoin Mobile Wallet is available on the Apple App Store! We have released the app a couple of hours ago, it might take some time till its available around the globe (USA & Europe confirmed as by the time writing this). The app won't be available in China. This might seem like a small step but you might remember it has been a struggle for us to get the App in. We are happy it finally worked! Now that we have the wallet available on all Platforms development for it will get a higher priority again. I assume some small fixes and updates coming during the next weeks. Does this affect the BRM being released on the App Store? From my current feelings: yes! The BRM is some sort of advanced wallet. I never felt better about it before! Is there a release date it: not by now. A big shout out and thank you to the developer of ToastWallet! Happy first advent, in case that's a thing for you 🙂
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    I don't want this to turn into a back and forth, so I'll address some of the points made here. To begin with, criticism is more than welcome. We don't expect, nor do we want, a community full of yes men and women, and we welcome questions as to what we are doing. I'm going to write in bullet point form, so I don't have to worry about formatting Location: We have a meeting room booked in an office building for our three days of team meetings, the plan was to hold the live chat in there, but we were told just hours before that the office needed to be vacated by 6pm as no staff were present afterwards. We scrambled to find a quiet spot with enough lighting and strong enough wifi, and the hotel we're staying at kindly let us use their ballroom for free. We agree that the setting was not ideal, but it was the best we could do at short notice. Before anyone asks, one of the hotel rooms was out of the question as they're not large enough not well lit and the wifi signal wasn't reliable. Lack of announcements/new info during the chat: We did have something to share(!), but our faithful lawyers asked us not to until one particular thing (which I obviously can't share) has been finalised. Dress: This criticism is bizarre to me, and most of it came from someone who admitted they haven't even watched the video yet!? I could easily justify just ignoring it, but here I go anyway... I think it shows a lack of understanding of the culture of start ups and tech businesses. We're not a big finance corporation where everyone is expected to dress to impress every day. In my past job at PokerStars, the dress code was casual, even though we worked in an office building shared with various large finance and tech companies. To think that casual dress is "unprofessional" is nothing more than uninformed. When any of us take meetings with potential partners, suppliers, or just about anyone outside of the business, of course we dress more professionally. Come on now... Going too far with the "anti-hype" ethos: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe we specifically shout "WE'RE ANTI-HYPE!" from the rooftops, but more so, we just don't spin BS and make a big deal out of something that may or may not happen. When we have news to share, we share it. When we don't, we don't. Also appreciate that almost every single team member receives PMs almost every single day asking when the next announcement is, who the partners are etc etc. There are only so many ways to say "we can't tell you yet" or "we don't know". Everything we do has a reason, while that reason may not always be clear, we're not just randomly throwing darts at a board, there's method to the madness. Does that mean we'll make the right decision every time? No, but if that disappoints you then you need to manage your own expectations better. Marketing: I just wrote something on Discord about this in the #general channel. Head over there to read it. Business/foundation structure: Many of the team wear multiple hats at the moment. It's very much all hands on deck, all the time and make no mistake, this project has been bootstrapped from the get go. We made a strategic decision not to do an ICO, and that has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that we've avoided many of the legal and compliance hurdles that a lot of the ICO projects are currently experiencing, and this has put us in a good position with regulators, potential partners and the industry in general. A curse in that we're just all so freakin' busy, and would love to have more resources but can't allocate any funds towards that right now. Once we launch and have some funds flowing in, we'll be hiring more people on both the development and commercial sides. A more formal internal structure will result from that too. Investors/coin holders: "Now, in the crypto space, we're not called investors. That would implicate the coin being a stock and we're investing in a company. In the crypto space, we're strategically called a "community". You and I both know we're investors. And, as investors ( or a community) I think we're owed a certain level of professionalism as well as a certain amount of information." This isn't true and I'm going to be completely blunt here. CasinoCoin never did an ICO and has never solicited investment from the public. As such, the CasinoCoin Foundation has never financially benefited from anyone who has purchased CSC on the open market, and you're not owed anything. If we did an ICO, a reasonable argument could be made that the project has certain responsibilities (legal or not) to those who participated/joined/invested/committed to the project financially, but that is not the case here. While you may have purchased CSC as a speculative investment based on various factors deemed to be important, it's not the same as an 'investor' in the traditional sense. Please don't get me wrong, the CSC community is absolutely important for the project but should be viewed more as promoters and supporters rather than investors. I believe our community here and on Discord are amongst the most enthusiastic, passionate and friendly of any crypto community today, and we love it. The value you guys and girls add is by spreading the word about CSC on social media and forums, educating newer members and even generously tipping them. It's taking the time to proactively email crypto sites to update their CSC info, always asking team members "how can we help?", and even designing custom Nike CSC sneakers. These are the things we, the CSC team, value from the community, and in exchange, we offer as much info as we can about the project, from time to time will run community promos, and do semi-regular fireside chats as has been requested of us. We're not perfect, mistakes will be made, but we believe, as many of you do, that we're building something with great potential. So stick with us!
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    Cammegh is NONE of the two use cases I referred to when I said I am "working on two uses cases" a few weeks ago.
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    @everyone CasinoCoin has been listed on STEX (formerly known as stocks.exchange) https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/CSC and NUEX.com https://www.nuex.com/exchange/market/CSC_XRP! Nuex is an XRP pair. There will be an "official" announcement from STEX on Saturday, which we will join. It would be nice if you could hold back with Social Media and join our Tweets tomorrow (RT, Fav, Print em out). Meanwhile, happy trading! PS: I am happy for suggestion which exchange we should approach.
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    A word on exrates: We didn't pay for the listing. However, like always: We do not endorse any exchange. Simply because we can't. I have looked into the issues that have been forwarded to me. Withdrawals not working: This has been fixed today. The minimum amount and fees are out of this universe, I already contacted them about it. Support page not working: Link in the menu is giving a 404, but the chat in the lower right works. I told them about the broken page. Crappy Design: Ill give you that one. But it works. Fake Volume: There is the chance that this is correct, like most top50 exchanges. Social Media: Bought likes, replies and follower. Seems like. Depends on you if this matters. And here comes the very important part, which makes me wanna freak out and bite into my desk: I could not find a single propper scam accusation. Please link me one if you know one. Watch my lips, I will talk real slow: This is still crypto. He said, she said doesn't work! Just because of some random dude on Reddit, bitcointalk or xrpchat (holy moly i said it!) calling something a scam, it is not becoming a scam by default. That's not how it works. Here is how a proper scam accusation looks like https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2248106.0 This topic was written by me and explains in detail what happens along with proof for people to verify. You should be able to spot the difference between this and "yAdA yAdA aLl mY cOiNz GoNe!!!!!!!!!! ImMa cHaRgIn My LaZar!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So if someone got "scammed" I expect at least that level of detail along with facts that can be verified. If there are proper accusations, please point me to them. Again, please note I am not defending exrates I am just stating what I see. What I have tested myself: Deposits and Withdrawals Trading works. Support does its job. All issues I did make up for support (lower right) have been resolved. Fiat Deposits via Perfect Money. Referrals are working. Basic Security Stuff, in place and working. Their API is nice. I am posting this just to reply to all messages I got at once and I am happy to have a serious convo from here moving forward. I am not endorsing exrates. If you have any doubts about any exchange, do not deposit any coins or fiat and always stay away! No hard feelings, just want to make sure we are all on the same page and talking about this on the same level.
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    about that time again guys.. not the most computer savvy guy lol but i tried to show my artistic skills a bit 😉
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    Everyone around the CSC community had been speculating CSC's price prediction for the coming years.... most of the predictions are..... just random or wishful...... As I near graduation in Engineering Economics and Planning, and being a MEGA fan of CSC, I decided to put a little time to scientifically forecast CSC price 5 years from now ( 2023) using an economical forecasting module ( SMA - Smooth Moving Average forecast) Before we start, please note that this forecast is based on nominal $ value of CSC and does not take into account changes in the Bitcoin value ( forecast would be much higher if Bitcoin prices hike in the next 5 years, or much lower if bitcoin takes a dip) Also this forecast does not take into account the capital attracted from non-gambling activities. That is to say, the forecast does not include capital changes from listing in major exchanges which would certainly increase the forecasted figures significantly. In a nutshell, the following forecast is as neutral as it could be Lets starts: Part 1: Online Gambling Global Market Cap (Actual figures from various online sources) Year: 2014 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 34.81 B ( billion dollars) Year: 2015 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 37.91 B ~ 8.9% increase from 2014 Year: 2016 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 41.77 B ~ 10% increase from 2015 Year: 2017 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 47.11 B ~ 12.78% increase from 2016 Year: 2018 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 51.96 B ~ 10.29% increase from 2017 => The Simple Moving Average is ( 8.9% + 10% +12.78%+10.29%) / 4 = + 10.49% annual increase Therefore; Online Gambling Global Market Cap Forecast for the next 5 years is as follows: Year: 2019 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 51.96 B + 10.49% = $ 57.41 B Year: 2020 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 57.41 B + 10.49% = $ 63.43 B Year: 2021 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 63.43 B + 10.49% = $ 70 B Year: 2022 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 70 B + 10.49% = $ 77.34 B Year: 2023 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 77.34 B + 10.49% = $ 85.45 B => By year 2023, the Global Market Cap for the online Gambling Industry would be $ 85.45 B. However, taking into consideration the forecasting error margin of 15% (a very realistic marginal forecasting error), the real Forecasted Global Market Cap for the online Gambling Industry would be $ 72.65 B ( The figure I obtained from the above SMA module is in line with figures developed by reportbuyers.com - https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-global-online-gambling-market-is-anticipated-to-generate-revenues-of-more-than-74-billion-by-2023-300714929.html) Part 2: Online Gambling EUROPE Market Cap As of 2015, Europe holds 47.6 % of the global market share; however, to avoid being optimistic, lets suppose that Europe maintains a 40% from the Online Gambling Global Market Cap in 2023. Therefore; by 2023, Europe's Market Cap in the Online Gambling Industry would be $ 72.65 B * 40% = $ 29.06 B (Note: With Europe's increased efforts in establishing new technologies to boost and regulate the Online Gambling Industry, I personally expect Europe to hold at least 55% of Global Market Cap in 2023; However we will stick to the 40% figure to avoid being over-optimistic ) Part 3: CasinoCoin's (CSC) Market share from the Forecasted European Online Gambling Market Cap in 2023. Straight forward, knowing that the forecasted Market Cap of Europe's Online Gambling Market is expected to be $ 29.06 B in 2023, and conditioned that CSC will be up and running by that time, the following are CSC's price forecasts for the year 2023 : Using the price formula : Price = Market Cap / Circulating Supply Where Market Cap is a % of CSC's market share from the European market; and Circulating Supply is constant at 36 Billion. 1- if CSC captures 1% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 1% = $ 0.29 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 0.29 B/ 36 B = $ 0.008 That is 4,700% increase from today's price, or 4,700% return on your current CSC holdings. 2- if CSC captures 5% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 5% = $ 1.45 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 1.45 B/ 36 B = $ 0.04 That is 23,529% increase from today's price, or 23,529 % return on your current CSC holdings. 3- if CSC captures 10% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 10% = $ 2.9 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 2.9 B/ 36 B = $ 0.08 That is 47,058% increase from today's price, or 47,058 % return on your current CSC holdings. 4- if CSC captures 15% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 15% = $ 4.35 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 4.35 B/ 36 B = $ 0.12 That is 70,588% increase from today's price, or 70,588 % return on your current CSC holdings. Remember... all these great figures, are very realistic, even more, undervalued since we are not taking into account the increase in CSC's market cap from 1- Major Exchanges listings (including investors who are not in the projected online gambling market share, non-gamblers) 2- Bitcoin's expected increase in the next 5 years. Holding.... is the best investment.... #LIVE #LOVE #CASINOCOIN
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    be nice lmao i never liked public speaking lol
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    1. Well, it is more a test of how crypto fits in general. If there are issues, which I can't imagine right now, I am sure we can fix them as we go. The interesting point would be what sort of issues we are talking about. 2. In theory, we could go live tomorrow. 3. Personally, I think it will show that we exactly deliver what we promised 🙂 4. We have some internal QA but we also preparing the test with a well-known Lab to get it tested and certified. 5. Yes, they do. Any sort of management or protection is up to the person who runs it. 6. I am currently working on a new set of tests to give real numbers and a projection on scaling. 7. This depends on the jurisdiction we talk about. Also, the test doesn't mean automatic approval. It is to learn how crypto fits into regulated gambling and it will be an interesting time while the test is ongoing 🙂 You should submit the question for the FS as well, some would fit better for @John Caldwell
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    As Daniel correctly stated, ASG is our development arm, which we have had in place for while. By the nature of the beast, because we're early with the technology, we get discussions that turn into 'can you build X for us?' ASG (and before that CGS) was created for just this situation. As I've stated before, we're not going to cannibalize the existing CSC business with ASG. Only things that compliment, or do not interfere with the core business will be considered.
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    As everyone knows we didn't release the video of the FSC from Malta and John made a good statement about why: As we do n ot want that information to be lost, here is a transcript of what had been asked and replied. I did cut out "jeah"'s and "yes"'s so its easier to read. Also the introduction and waving hands is left out 🙂 Donna: "When can we expect to see an updated roadmap? I understand things are happening behind the scenes, but from outside or to someone knew who isn't going to join discord or cscchat it seems like nothing is going on?" Ash: That’s a good question and it’s why all of our team are here. Over the last few days we’ve had some really good discussion over it. Some heated, some fun. But hopefully, you’ll see an updated roadmap in the coming weeks. As with any small team, we can’t do everything at once, so we’ve been figuring that out. Now, I think, as a team, we have a clearer idea of the focus over the next three to six months (at least) and that will be shared with the wider community in time. Is that fair? John: That’s fair. The most heated discussions we’ve had over the last few days are roadmap discussions and talking about the future, so I guess in some ways that’s what you want. Donna: So, next question. “Will the foundation help operators fund their initial bankroll to begin? If yes, how? If no, then how do they expect them to do so?” John: The operators, like any other vendor, would have to have a stock and supply, and there are many ways to handle that. It is possible that we may provide some type of private insurance, almost against some sort of crazy volatility, but the operators have to fund their own accounts. I think at the start, everybody’s pretty comfortable with where everything’s at. Donna: Next one is for the tech team. “Will CSC coins also burn every month like XRP?” Andre: Until now they have been burned but we will bring them back to life. So, in the end, when our CRNs go live, all coins burned up to that date will be reimbursed to the network - everyone running a CRN will get a share. So the first CRN round might be pretty interesting because it will take all past burned fees and pay out as a one-off. John: CRN stands for Community Relay Node which we encourage you to read up and investigate about. But the short answer is we’re redistributing them back to the community. Donna: Next question to John, Duncan, and Andre. “To John, Duncan and Andre - Where do you see CasinoCoin in 6 months from now? (In terms of operators using it, ease of buying and selling, regulatory bodies that have accepted CSC etc)?” John: So, I suggest we start with Duncan, you start with a beautiful sunny picture, and then I’ll rain on that! Duncan: Where do I see it in six months? Ultimately, CSC being used. I envisage seeing the coin, first of all, used in a crypto play basis, for example, playing in CasinoCoin. Secondly from a fiat basis whereby players will use CasinoCoin as a vehicle in order to be exchanged into fiat, played on fiat casinos and exchanged back again. If you look at the majority of other cryptocurrencies today, you have long confirmation times and high fees. CasinoCoin fixes those issues. So, we’ll be working with partners that address both these use case examples. John: Yeah, I think I see two to four operators in several jurisdictions using the coin and CSC growing larger. Donna: Now to this one. “I like that you guys are doing the community spotlight, but instead of those how about create some tutorials, videos, and topics around CSC tech.” Mo: So, I know many people have been waiting for that for some time now and we have some tutorial videos, they are fully completed and we have more videos currently in the works. So, pretty soon we’ll have a lot of videos for everyone whether they are new to CasinoCoin or not, they should be very helpful. Luke: We’re working out an important plan re: "educating the community", it’s something we’ve discussed at length today in the meeting. Not just crypto education for online games but also casino education for crypto people. John: Mo is the kind of guy in our team that, I’ll use a baseball reference, which of course no one knows anything about baseball here on our team... Mo can play shortstop, second base, catch, pitcher, little relief, whatever, so everyone winds up throwing up everything on him and so the videos have ended up being pushed back. Donna: Okay. “Assuming online integration, how difficult will it be to parlay that into land-based adoption?” Duncan: We have a plan, and that was discussed today as well. So, you’ll start to see information about that being released shortly. But right now, let’s focus on CasinoCoin online and its interaction with regular casinos / payment processors etc, and also utilising BRM. John: I must say, though, that the two aren’t necessarily related in a sense that our land-based plan has very little to do with online. They’re two separate systems architected as such, and so I think the land-based thing is actually a bigger opportunity but I also think it’s going to be a longer road. Luke: And we just really want to get the online product released to the world. Donna: “Once testing in the sandbox starts, how long will it be before we know if there is positive or negative feedback?” John: Five minutes. No. But pretty quickly actually. I think it will be an evolving thing, right, but it will start slow, there’s no question about it. The sandbox by definition is confining, you can only play in a certain area, and so I think it’s going to take some time but I think the feedback as we release the product, will probably start coming in pretty quick from early adopters. Donna: And the idea is that the MGA / Malta will adapt as they go along as the sandbox rolls out… John: Yeah, exactly. So, one of the things that we talk about with our operator partner is that we’re sort of getting in there and working it all out, together, right? So we’ll get in there (the sandbox) and we will take it and adapt it as we go. But, we’re ready. Luke: And it’s the first jurisdiction that’s ever held any type of crypto gaming regulatory tests, right? So what we’re doing is completely new to us and our partner, and anyone else who’s attempting it. So there’ll be a lot of, maybe not a lot of chopping and changing, but we’ll be learning a lot right throughout the whole process. John: Absolutely. It’s a brand new thing, guys. Anytime you’re doing anything new and kind of, sort of pioneering, it’s going to be a learning process for sure. Donna: “Will MGA approval apply to operators in MALTA only? If yes, what about Australia, Europe, USA, Canada etc? Can operators outside of Malta legally use CSC?” John: There are specific jurisdictions that the MGA operates in and that’s where this test will start, and so, we’re going to work in specific jurisdictions that are ready and start there, and work outward from there, and that’s just the way it’s going to start. One disadvantage is that we simply can’t service everywhere right, so it’s got to start in a focused way. Donna: “Does casinocoin comply with the jurisdictions of the operator's country or end user country. For example, I live in lebanon and I want to use operator x (registered in Malta) who uses casinocoin as a payment method. Is that possible?” John: Well, yes. It’s the territories Malta works under so this particular person that wrote this question is from Lebanon which is not a regulated place, so I don’t believe that Lebanon would be under MGA auspices. Donna: “To John - You mentioned in the last fireside chat about the possibility of a second initial operator. Is there any update that you can share on that?” John: At this time, no. Donna: Just on this conversation, this question is relative "Do you expect other jurisdictions to garner regulatory approvals easier, after Malta gives CasinoCoin a thumbs up? Or same process all over again each time?" John: Short-term, no. This might be medium-term, for sure. John: The processes will become more defined. Other jurisdictions are having a look and they’re going to see what really works well, adapt it, and going to see what didn’t work so well and point fingers and go ‘that was them’ Andre: So, you think the same is true for technical parts? It’s like lessons learned and… John: Yeah. Well, I consider project-wise, technical, commercial, it doesn’t matter. The same sort of issues apply, right? Luke: And you’re going to see the same also for operators; there’s some interest but no one really wants to be first. John: That’s right. Luke: They want to see that it works rather than being the guinea pig... but we’re grateful that we’ve found someone who’s willing to be the guinea pig. John: No, no, no. We found someone who’s awesome and willing to take a calculated risk, and we really appreciate that. Donna: “So, can we tell, can we say anything about any other parties, companies involved in the sandbox testing environment?” John: We can’t. First of all, we don’t know, right? Because they have their discussions with the regulators, other partners. We’re privy to a couple of the larger other cryptos. We don’t necessarily consider them competition because no one’s doing what we’re doing, and we know that at the moment, they don’t have large operators on board and so we we’re assuming at least initially, for better or for worse, and until we hear differently….we’re it. I want to be proven wrong there because I actually think more people working in it will lead to progress and quicker expansion. Andre: Competition breeds innovation. John: That’s right. and competition also leads to progress, right? We believe what we’re doing is the right path. Donna: One for Daniel. “How will the handling of applications for the CRN be handled?” Daniel: Will be the same way as we did it for test applications, so you have to fill out an application. Just fill out the form, go through KYC, and we will review the application, and then you will get a message. Donna: And on that, Daniel, “how will we handle people who want to stop running a CRN?” Daniel: You mean if someone wants to exit? Donna: Yeah. Daniel: If a node is not active for 7 days it will be automatically kicked out. If you don't want to run your node any longer, you can also send us a message so we can free up your slot. Andre: So, to clarify from a technical point of view, we will do some regulatory checks on CRNs. Things like - if WebSockets are open / if they are secure, and all kinds of basic checks and if you no longer comply, we’ll simply deactivate your node. You can also just remove the coins from your linked account and your CRN will be deactivated anyway. Donna: Also, just to clarify. All CRNs will need to be approved by the foundation initially. Donna: And final question “Can anyone confirm if the Maltese government has maybe in some ways introduced us to other parties to work together?” John: Yeah, I wish. No, that’s not appropriate. The government doesn’t do that. It doesn’t work that way. They don’t, they’re not in the business of playing favorites, which is what an introduction would be. It’s up to us to present that. In fact, we’re presenting them with our operator partner this week, and so it’s up to us to make an appointment with them, knock on the door, shake their hand, tell them what we want to do, work with them, get their feedback, iterate, and so on, and so on. Daniel: Can we tell the community when they can expect any sort of announcement? John: We don’t know. I think I was hopeful - just to be very open. We were very hopeful that we’d have an announcement on this fireside. But, it’s not done. Once we sign the contract, the PR’s ready, both parties are ready, we’ll have one announcement. The initial operator will follow in short order, that's what we hope anyway and we just have to see how it goes. Donna: Also, just to say with the announcements, it’s such a long process in terms of releasing the PR and getting sign off from the many different people involved John: These are big corporations that are taking what they perceive to be a risk and so that makes it complicated Duncan: But at the end of the day, at least you know us. We are not going to release anything until it is a fact.
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    I know there is an open topic but I am losing track and I would like to use this thread so I can link people to it. 1) As Cfinex is closing we worked on a solution. And yes, we found one. I will keep everyone posted. It's currently on my top priorities. Keep in mind that NLExch and Bitflip are still there. 2) NLExch is updating their platform while I am typing this. They also will start to improve their UI once the current update is done. We had a call with them. 3) Login/Withdrawal Issues Finex: Logins have been fixed and I just did a test deposit and withdrawal. Both worked fine (deposit was a bit slow) Deposit: https://explorer.casinocoin.org/tx/D60A552F138694B409BC2F5CD2AD1B127B3DF256F4F44A8ADDBCC3FAFF9BF1EB Withdrawal: https://explorer.casinocoin.org/tx/66552C2609EA00401883D2EA8FD1FB9FC4D568E9DEF7E13110D2CBEDD7BB1AEC 4) Cfinex Explorer Balance vs Orderbook: We are aware that the finex wallet is down to 40 million coins, by the time writing this, while the book shows 200 million coins are up for sale. There might be a second or cold wallet. However, I did send them an email to address that. Once i hear back about this i will edit THIS post. EDIT/UPDATES: Halibit confirmed that there is a cold wallet https://explorer.casinocoin.org/address/chiFZcvtyj7iV5XmQqthQ9dPJ3tdx89oCm NLExchange is back up
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    Cammegh is a gateway for mass land base adoption. The fact that Cammegh are on the board of advisors tells you something. It’s not just a deal, Cammegh joined the board to help assist the Foundation. Phase 1, Getting their customers used to the technology. Phase 2, Using that tech in data collection 100,000+ tx a day. Phase 3, Unconfirmed. Now if Phase 3 is what I think it is. The implementation of CSC in to land based casinos, And using CSC to gamble in land based casino’s. Cammegh could become the biggest roulette wheel maker known for Crypto/blockchain implementation. 90% of casinos all over the world are supplied by wheels of Cammegh production. The Cammegh wheels are known by the quality, security and integrity. The assembly includes Scallop separator rings and in-rim reader heads. Besides famous wheels the company products LCD winning number displays, special remote cameras Eyeball and Pitboss which is a special package for wheel analysis. Cammegh roulette wheels are the leaders on the market of roulette wheels thanks to the extra quality and special approach to individual needs of every customer. The products of the company are made from stainless and tensile steel. The design of the wheels is of the highest level. Even if a land base casino does not use the cammegh wheel they will 100% have heard of them because they are in the business. Cammegh will become the first port of call for any land base casino that wants to know more about blockchain and crypto and given the fact Cammegh are already in 90% of casino's around the world and running on the CasinoCoin blockchain and using CSC, they will point them in the right direction all leading back to the CasinoCoin Foundation. If the deal with Cammegh pans out the way I think it will (obviously there is always issues and challenges) this is land based done! Side note : Cammegh wheels are also used in many Online LIVE casino websites. Cammegh Brochure : http://www.cammegh.com/files/Cammegh_Brochure.pdf
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    just had a little fun with comparing some targets.. got some more video ideas coming down the pipes..
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    Hey guys. Watch this. Just posted.
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    I saw the video John Caldwell put out and saw a few comments, I think it’s not the sort of video people wanted to see. or thought they was going to see. Maybe people was hoping for announcement of the partner etc.. Etc.... Personally, i was happy with it. Just Straight to the point and no fluff. It was also said that the team is not an ICO so they don't really need to do these updates. They are out there working and making calls. This was said on discord: The team is talking to operators all the time. We really won't know how many operators are on-board till the time of release. There is a lot going on, but the team don’t talk about it. It’s just the way the CasinoCoin team work. If this was an ICO I'm sure they would be tweeting every little move to keep ICO buys happy. The point of CSC is to be used with online casino's. To make life easier for players and operator's. Just on a side note. If you worry about price. To use the BRM you have to buy CSC. The sandbox test will use real money. I for one am HODLING!
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    There are a few people that bite their tongue right now, cause they are under NDA and currently testing it... Whoops.... I never said that...
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    Pls watch this brief holiday update from yours truly. Trying to clarify a few things on what hopefully will be a watershed quarter for CSC in 2019! Happy Holidays --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8T7gSdlRGE&feature=youtu.be
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    First of all, @LeGonze - you rule. This is the best "question" post we've ever had. I'm just back from a gone 28 out of 30 day stretch, so if it's OK with you guys, I'm going to answer these points a bit at a time. I have to make perfectly clear that our project/application is still a work in progress, and that anything I say below is our position/perception at this time, but it may change as the rules become more clear/get adapted. One thing I'm extremely pleased about is the regulator understands this is a new developing space, and has a serious but open-minded approach. That is huge. 2.1.1 Financial Value 2. The underlying network is trustless, and decentralised; I'm not sure as I read somewhere that CSC Foundation needs to have some control over the network?? >>>>We plan to decentralize by offering granting partner operators the right to operate a validating node. The process will take time, but the plan is not to centrally control and we believe that will be acceptable. 3. The financial system is available to everyone without being controlled by a single entity; Same here as the point #2.?? >>>To me, this is the same question, with the same result. Scalability 1. The technology behind the VFA has a clear roadmap for development and project milestones; I think we are getting this Check ✔️ soon right? >>>We have shared the roadmap and do not expect any issues with this. Market Conditions 1. The VFA has a competitive market capitalisation in comparison with the general market capitalisation that is allocated to other DLT assets; I think this is kind of Subjective, Do we have a Competitive Market Cap? But I think right now we Fail ✖️ >>>All that is being asked here is consistency relative to other assets (ie: nothing like a coin where you have this warchest of tokens that - solely at the entity's discretion can be put into play at any time but are not in the market/ecosystem at this time). Since all our coins are in the market from day one, no premine, etc. We should be OK here. 3. There is a trading pair between the VFA and fiat currencies: Provided that the Authority may allow for acceptance of VFAs which do not have a trading pair with fiat currencies if the VFA has a trading pair with other major VFAs and the Authority is satisfied that the regulatory objectives sought in this sandbox framework are nonetheless achieved. I think we Check ✔️ We are getting Fiat Pairing with the BRM right? >>>Correct. The fiat gateway will be very limited in terms of amounts/limits, but we will have this. DLT Asset Economics 1. The VFA reflects a service, in other words the relation between a company’s growth and performance and the services that it provides; Can you explain this? Seems to be like a Security. Does it aplies to CSC? >>>We have already passed the VFA test (which is self administered, but guided by the regulator) and we should have zero issue here. 4. There are strict security protocols limiting scams, hacks and theft of funds; I think we Check ✔️ But Explain this one please. >>>This is where we particularly shine. The tools we have put in (much of which was built based on regulator feedback culled in mid-late 2017) are particularly good and I think we'd be looked at as a model with respect to this particular bit of the project. 5. The team behind the VFA should allow a fair distribution of the token (limiting the risk of a small number of investors acquiring a majority supply of the token); Fail ✖️ I don't think we check this one. I mean the Top 100 has 82.81% of coins and only the Top 25 has 53.93% at this moment. How are you guys going to check this one? >>>>Every single coin was bought in the open market and have been in the open market for years. There is no more equitable way to distribute. This rule is more designed to prevent an ICO/new project from hoarding coins and restricting fair access. Yes, the bags are heavy at the top, but we've been transparent w/regs about holdings of Foundation members, and the relative percentage as such, which is well within the norm. More to come and great Qs @LeGonze - Thanks!
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    Hi @Truong doi thuong , You seem very nice and respectful, I like you. CSC/Casinocoin is different than almost all other tokens in the cryptoverse. It has yet to be discovered by most people. At this time it is not really tied to the rest of the market, it will have wild swings up and down, due to the small volume and few exchanges. Many people will get in and when they do not see a rapid growth, they just get out, that's cool. But us holders, who have done the research and believe in the project, utility, and Team understand that nothing will happen to the price in a big way until a few milestones are reached; out of sandbox, BRM release, processor partner, operator adoption, more exchanges and then mass usage. We believers understand that if and when a few of these successes are realized, then the coin will take off and be "discovered", that's when the big return on investment will occur. True, the project may very well fail, we understand that also. We have calculated the risk-reward potential and think this is worth it. A potential of thousands of percentage returns is attractive to some of us, but this is not for the faint of heart. I'm all in and don't care about the price swings at all, it may go much lower, so what, I'll just buy more, reduce my dollar cost average and hope for the Teams success! In my opinion there are very few if any coins out there right now that have the potential to make millionaires out of thousandaires! DYOR, if you believe, have faith and good wishes and just enjoy the ride. With Love and Gratitude, Cindy Lou
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    Musings on CSC and why I feel it will hit $1+ I have expressed these thoughts on Discord and twitter over the past year so this is my attempt to combine them into one post. First you have to understand what drives the value of traditional crypto. Transaction volume coupled with FOMO/FUD. Generally more transactions the higher the price goes. Yes I know this is a gross oversimplification. The primary individual’s currently driving the transaction volume is Traditional Crypto, buyers/sellers and miners. The primary driving factor is FOMO or FUD. The exceptions to this currently are, XRP and CSC. XRP has transactions generated by real world use in the Banking system. CSC will have transactions driven by Gamblers sending/receiving funds to Operators/Processors and operators/processors buying selling to maintain stock. Operator = iGaming, Land Based, Sports Betting entities. Processors = Money Changers used by Operators to comply with local/state/country laws for AML and KYC. Edited to clarify: By Transactions I am referring to Buy/Sell transactions on exchanges. CSC Transaction Volume Generation: Gambler/Processor/Operator: The majority of the Transactions will be done by Gamblers/Operators/Processor. Average Gambler spends US $350 a year on gambling with approximately 1.6 Billion people gambling every year worldwide. If CSC captures even .005% of that market the volume of transactions is mind boggling. (2005 study by Washington University) Value of CSC will have no effect on the volume of transaction because these users are using CSC for a function not an investment. Traditional Crypto Investors: Traditional Crypto Investors are the current people mining/buying/selling crypto. The volume from traditional Crypto Investors will increase once the FOMO hits after seeing what BRM is doing. Outside Investment: Then there are the new players, Goldman Sachs, NYSE, etc, etc. The amount of funds that are going to start being poured into Crypto in general is staggering. It won’t take long till they start looking at Alt coins. CSC Foundation (and Ripple) has a business model that is easily understandable to non crypto investors and would give them an investment comfort level that will make CSC very attractive to Non Crypto investors. If you combine these three groups the volume of transactions on the exchanges will be phenomenal. All of the transactions will be facilitated through exchanges. Foundation is only sitting on approximately 8% of coin supply. So why do I think CSC $1+ in 45 days of BRM go live. 1. I anticipate an announcement on who the operator/ processor is before go live. 2. Sandbox will be done with live CSC and real gamblers/operator/processor actually gambling. So this will cause transactions to have small bump, but more importantly a FOMO bump in Crypto community. We need to facilitate the FOMO by starting our community promo push at this time. So I anticipate a slow rise in price during sandbox. 3. Completion of sandbox should cause some FOMO. 4. Go live of BRM. At this time the Operators/Processors/ and Foundation will start their promotion campaigns… Also community has to go into overdrive with their promotion of CSC. Only issue I can really see is if a couple of the Whales start profit taking, which would slow down the rise. I think once it starts to rise they will hold bulk of their funds because no one wants to be the BTC pizza guy… 😉
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    MGA Sandbox Environment I did some digging and came across the official report that the Malta Gaming Authority is using for the sandbox environment that is currently underway. This is awesome because I feel like we can safely assume that a lot of what we see in the future from CSC is going to fall in line with the expectations and requirements that the MGA has set forth. After reading through the document, there were several of my questions that I asked previously to the forum that were answered. I think if you're truly interested in the CasinoCoin project, this is definitely a good read for you. A few notable mentions from the report that I thought were particularly intriguing: - The consulting period is open through April 30, 2018 at which point they will issue a final version of the sandbox environment requirements. - MGA Sandbox will run for 6 months, beginning in Q2 2018. Because we know that it has to start after 4/30/18, but definitely in Q2 2018, that gives us a rough idea of the end date (sometime between 10/31 and 12/31) - The MGA will require that the Virtual Currency (VC) has an available exchange for Fiat/VC exchanges. My guess is that CasinoCoin is going to utilize their BRM to fulfill this requirement as opposed to an actual exchange. - The MGA wants to see a VC in use that will increase in value. They don't want just any crypto that can do the trick. They want to see a coin from a company that has a plan for an increase in total market capitalization. Since the majority (if not all) of us are speculative holders, that's great news for us. It shows that that CasinoCoin has already demonstrated to the MGA a plan to increase overall value. - MGA wants to ensure that there are incentives in place for those running nodes. Having incentives in place is nothing new for the more technological advanced members out there, but some of the newbies may not realize this is a thing. - You can't gamble with both fiat and VC in the same session. - The MGA has already considered volatility and really doesn't care. This is a big one for me... I even made a post about it. But it seems that the MGA has already taken volatility into consideration and they don't mind it. As long as there is an available exchange rate that can measure the volatility in Euros, they seem to be okay with it. - The MGA requires a system that can track and log all fiat/VC exchange rates. This is actually in place to ensure that players aren't depositing more than their maximum thresholds, but could serve useful in the future if CSC decides to include tax based reporting for users. - Individual transactions using VC (poker hands, slot pulls, etc.) are actually based on smart contracts. This makes sense after hearing it, but wasn't something that I really considered. I wonder if CSC plans on running these on the Codius platform??? The report itself is relatively short (around 20 pages) so it's worth giving it a read!
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    @RonSwanson Thanks for the effort. We think the rules, etc will become clear in the very near future. Some of the stuff you write will still apply, but some may not. I have been long on the record saying the technology as it exists today (important!) will not support micro-transaction events (ie: games with frequent fast moving RNG determinations) - certainly not on-chain. I still haven't seen an off-chain solution that I deem practical, tho I admit my head is buried in CSC on a daily basis. Everyone hang in there, and we should be riding soon. 👍
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    Hey all Matthew here, I'm a Technical Adviser to the CasinoCoin Foundation and have been involved in the project since 2013. I'm 24yrs young living in Canada, and currently working full time as a software developer.
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    No marketing, either, so no real speculation, yet. The first wave should be driven by both adoption pressure and speculation pressure. The adoption pressure will bring FOMO from operators. They need to get in early enough to offset future losses for pennies on the dollar once the price appreciates. If they buy CSC @ $0.001and it goes to $0.01, then their payouts are booked at 1/10 their cost. Once CSC goes to $0.005, they will use the same logic again and accumulate more. Vicious cycles of FOMO. Speculation pressure will be driven by every single crypto trader/hodler seeing exactly what we all see. A well-connected team with a functioning project that has a real world usage, no ICO, and an expanding market. CSC is available for pennies, and everyone who missed BTC/XRP/ETH, sure as shit ain't gonna miss this one.
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    General Introduction: CasinoCoin FAQ (from CSC website) CasinoCoin Blog (from CSC Website) CasinoCoin 2019-08-21 Presentation Deck (pdf from CSC website) Blockchain in Casino Industry: On the Verge of Eruption (IntellectSoft Blog) Wallets here & Exchanges (CMC rank by Adjusted Volume as of August 5th, 2020): Bitrue (#32) - Stex (#62) - Folgory (#20) CasinoCoin Discord Link CSC Official Twitter CSC Observer CSC Ledger Explorer CSC Stats and Rich List - Showing accounts, rankings, etc... Audio & Video - Foundation: What is CasinoCoin? Intro Video (from CSC Website 1:24 mins long) 2020-04-09 CasinoCoin welcomes Mark Wittenberg to advisory board 🎲📢 2019-12-11 John Caldwell's 2019 Recap 💪📢🎲 2019-12-06 John Caldwell (Dir. of Advocacy) Holiday Update and 2020 Outlook ♥️♠️♦️♣️ 2019-06-26 John Caldwell (Dir. of Advocacy) video announcement of token wallet and #2 USE CASE (2:53 mins) 2019-05-21 John Caldwell video update from GE2 Macau (Y) 2019-05-10 Crypto 101 Podcast with John Caldwell (begins at 33:10) 2019-05-09 SQPR Skype Interview of John Caldwell (Audio of moderate quality) 2019-05-02 John Caldwell Welcome to CasinoCoin! 2018-07-13 Lead Developer for CasionCoin Andre Jochems AMA why CSC chose Ripple source code (video starts at the explanation) 💡 Blogs & Video - Community: Video - YouTube Channel by @cscorvette123 YouTube Channel by @MrUseCase1 @DMLogic Video1 CR8 Video 2 CSC Blog - Medium Blog by @HolyK1cks 2020-02-23 Blockchain Business Magazine live-stream with CSC Board of Trustees John Caldwell and Duncan Cameron (1 hour 20 minutes) 🎯♠️♥️♣️♦️ 2020-01-29 XRPL Labs will launch XUMM wallet & platform for CasinoCoin 💥 2019-12-30 Community Member Rob Cash's YouTube video (42:00 minutes) of Presentation Deck posted above (2019-08-21) Websites: 2019-12-04 Casino Gambling News: ‘Landmark’ GoodGaming & CasinoCoin deal will power next stage of growth 💥 2019-11-22 Crypto Gambling News Cammegh Roulette Wheels going live with CasinoCoin 2019-11-15 Aver Partners with CasinoCoin To Offer Frictionless KYC For Players 2019-11-02 Whitebit exchange announces adding CasinoCoin to the exchange 2019-11-01 CasinoCoin, and why I Invested, a Medium blog post from an active member of the CSC community 2019-10-10 Introducing Brandon Knowles, CasinoCoin Foundation advisory board member 2019-09-23 Oliver Wu joins CasinoCoin advisory board 2019-09-11 Aruze Gaming Executive joins CasinoCoin Board of Advisors 2019-08-14 Crypto Gambling News 2019 Loyalty Programs with Duncan Cameron (Y) 2019-07-24 Crypto Gambling News 2019 Best Gaming Altcoin ROI to date (Y) 2019-07-19 Crypto Gambling News Picking the Right Blockchain & Interview with John Caldwell (Y) Click for 2019 Articles and Releases (January - July) Click for 2018 Articles and Releases
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    The video reveals for the Q1 2019 roadmap has been uploaded. You can find it here: The roadmap on the website will be updated in the next hours. Because of some technical issues, while recording the Video, we had to apply some hard cuts. We apologize if this may feel strange at some points.
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    Just a quick note to say a big thank you to @honeybyte for starting the original CSCChat site and his willingness to work with @CarloRossi for the development of this beautiful site. CarloRossi great job mate. No one will ever know the money and time you have personally invested in setting up this site. Congratulations. This is the start of a massive increase in the CSC Community and eventually a major increase in the coins awareness and price. We are all indebted to both of you.
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    I would like to share a few things about the BRM and found the set of pictures we released for ICE Totally Gaming 2018. This is from the first demo. Please keep in mind those were very early ones and the look and feel of the BRM developed over time. The pictures in this thread were used to showcase how it works at the exhibition. (not including KYC via Jumio due DRM 😉 )
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    Hear me, Hear me everyone! Wallet version 4.1.4 about to be released and available via auto-update in the next minutes! Keep restarting those wallets! Incredible changes were made: - Removed connection check from wallet setup (Offline account creation now possible) - Added forced key export after setup and account creation - Added wallet debug mode - Added key export after new account creation - Added CRN transaction support - Added signing and verifying messages - Fixed closure bug when quitting from login [X] - Fixed transaction fetching after account selection - Fixed menu hiding after hitting ESC - Fixed "less than 1 satoshi send" bug - Upgraded dependency packages for security vulnerabilities - Changed Notification mechanism changed back to OS default - additional smaller fixes and enhancements RPM link will be updated in the next minutes, meanwhile https://download.casinocoin.org/download/4.1.4/linux_64/casinocoin-wallet-4.1.4.x86_64.rpm
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    I would agree. Not FUD, since frankly no one nows how the market will respond. My estimates for end of year are between $0.005 and $0.35. I am an optimist and lean toward the latter, but I wouldn't be surprised by the former. The main difference for this project is that it is built on real world use. Once it starts to get used, it will start to gain steam. The question is how quickly that happens. If the sandbox doesn't excite other operators to get on board, then it will probably be a slow climb. Personally, I am invested because I see FOMO as an integral part of gambling and crypto. mix the two and you have a deadly cocktail. Especially, when there is a real project with a real team using a real product to solve a real problem. That being said, we NEED perspectives like @MegaNerd to keep us consistently analyzing the project and making sure we try to stay as grounded as possible. For example, here is how i see my prediction paths: $0.005 - the sandbox gets delayed again, the announcement doesn't excite the gambling community when it happens, the foundation continues to hold off marketing, Skill or another payment processor starts to gains significant market share and solves the delayed transfer problem. The land-based project breaks down, and the team reorganizes. Simultaneously, BTC drops down into the $4k region and the bear market extends out through to next Spring. $0.35 - Everything goes right at the same time. The sandbox opens up the market interest, and CSC get rapid adoption across the market. 200-500 operators integrate via platform integration (buying payout stakes) and we leave the sandbox early. The land-based integration goes Beta with test cases in Malta. Binance partners with CSC (via Malta connections) and is integrated as their main backend exchange for payment processors, BRM allows instant CSC transfers from/to Binance. All 5 of the largest operators announce plans to join, thereby buying payout stakes. BTC breaks $8k then runs to $35k. CSC is riding on top of the largest Hype train in history. Which will happen? Who knows? But either is totally possible. I am a firm believer in crypto over the next 2 years at least. But if everything goes to $0 I will be OK. Plan your life around that, and whatever happens is good. (or own a small island great)
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    How we doing? As of August 27th 2018 @ 8pm EST: 182 Members 76 Most Members Online At Any One Time 1709 Posts That's pretty amazing in such a short time and for a DA only on 1 or 2 small exchanges. GREAT JOB GUYS!!! YOU"RE ALL AWESOME. I know the foundation and the team behind CSC have been working away at networking, building relationships and developing the BRM and the network of validators. They've been working on building this for years... not just the last 6 months. And many of the Discord community members have been along for a lot of that time too. So, the CSC Chat community can help out too.... Let's all tell a friend (or 7), tell a colleague, do a tweet, share a post on social.... By EOY I fully suspect, like @jasperlite and @oso had also stated (and @oso had bet!!) - we will see huge increases.... if not by then, soon after. I'm in this for the long haul, so it really doesn't bother me where we are by EOY - but I feel great about this investment choice and the potential here. GO CSC!! Let's get the word out and get some new members here!!
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    For some people, videos are key to learn new stuff. Here's a list of supportive videos on how to manage stuff related to the casinocoin software and third party applications: 1. Official CasinoCoin videos What is CasinoCoin? Fireside Chat - Ashish Fireside Chat - Andre Fireside Chat - John 2. Desktop Wallet This is a channel with lots of instructional videos on how to use functions within the desktop wallet https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUs6OObqSl0fBA-n2A_aeqA 3. CasinoCoin Tipbot Withdrawal of your received CasinoCoin tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rEzW9SePx0
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    Hello Brothers! I know that at this moment CCFoundation is facing some trouble to get listed on big exchanges due to fees or lack of volume or any other reason. Now, we have seen a whole new wave of New Exchanges listing XRP as a base currency (DCEX, Bitrue, UnoDax, etc.) and I see a very very good opportunity there. The majority of those pairs are low volume coins (KNC, WTC, QKC GTO, FUN, ZIL, and a lot more), and I think those Coin Organizations are expecting to grow with that new XRP Market. At the moment, those exchanges might not have a huge volume, but as XRP Pairs take a good piece of the cake on the trade markets, all those new/low volume coins will be in a very good position, so I think its a very very good Idea to try to reach an agreement with those New Exchanges to list CSC/XRP. What to you think @Daniel Keller??
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    So, I can resurrect my thoughts on this. ------------------------------------ Caveat: Let me begin by saying this is absolute speculation. I have absolutely no inside knowledge at all and this could be off by 10000000%. Please don't use any of this information to make buying decisions. I am as ignorant as anyone else not in the foundation. End of public service announcement. ----------------------------------- When i started this adventure, there were two ideas I had about pricing: the size of the market, and how CSC acting as a currency affects it. Online market - iGaming The size of the online market alone by next year should be around: 50bil. By next year we should be out of the sandbox and have several operators, I would assume 2-3 of the largest, and be integrated into 3-4 of the largest platforms, meaning we would be available to the majority of the regulated market. That doesn't mean we will be utilized by the majority, just that the technical capability to use us will be available for any operator who wants to turn it on for their clients. So, to me, we will be used in maybe 2% of online transactions. that is around 1.2 billion of transactions, or 100 million a month. So, part two comes into play. How much CSC is required to maintain that amount of use? I have struggled to figure this one out for a while. But there are two main sinks for the real world use of CSC: players and operators. How much do all players collectively need to have in order to lose 100mil in a month? How much must they hold relative to the amount they lose? Do most people lose everything they bet? I don't think so. I think most people only lose part of what they bet, or else they would stop gambling. My wild ass guess is a 3:1 ratio on average. Why? Well if I lost $100 of my $200 stash, I would either stop gambling, or top up before going to a new casino. That is the science behind this. Since most gambling is done on a daily basis, then the ratio would affect the daily burn, not the monthly burn, or 1.3 million. So, the players would be holding 5 million worth of CSC. How about the operators? Well, the operators are legally required to hold enough money in their account to pay off all bets they currently offer. That means that is things had a crazy streak, they have to be able to pay off everybody at once. How much is that relative to the amount they make each month? Another question I don't have the answer to. So, another wild ass guess. Slots by 93-97% on average but can have huge payouts. Table games are much better for the house, but have much lower requirements in terms of holding needs. Lets day slots represent 1/2 of the income above and 90% is paid out, that means 2 things. First that about 1.5million is being paid out each day in slots. Two, that at worst they would need to hold 15 million to cover that. Some payouts from slots are low variability, but the payout are usually a large percentage, so I am letting this cancel each out. Basically, I am guessing that in the end, the operators, have to hold around 25 million. So, that makes 30 million of value in actual use. Excluding speculation. Land based integration - Casinos I don't think land-based integration will be achieved by then, but I do think that we will be in the testing phase. The how will be pretty much known, maybe even the tech developed, but we will be waiting on regulation. We might be available for use with one or two of the large tier operators who also run land-based casinos in a limited way. The total gaming market will be around 500bil at that time. Speculation - the game behind the games Finally, the last two things to consider are: most coins will still be held, and people will speculate (dare I say gamble?) on the value of CSC. This is where the true wild ass guessing comes into play. If only 15% of the coins are fluid, 6 billion, then the value in use alone is $0.02. While casinos may only HAVE to hold the amount above, at some point they will accumulate to make sure they can payout at lower valuations, betting the price will increase, reducing their costs. Crypto speculators will be all over this: working product, new field of growth, proven team. people will be making bets. XRP will have proven that the tech works for banks, and people outside of the normal crypto channels will be interested in seeing what the XRP of gambling is all about. Smart money will hedge their bets with a bit of CSC (same as the Zerppers are doing now) Players will also see the trend and accumulate so they can gamble more for less, and tell their non-gambling/non-crypto friends as they see the value go up. This is the slow climb, driving further adoption and market domination. Therefore, I see a strong adoption curve underlying spikes of speculation. Gamblers gambling on the price as a game. And more and more people playing. So, for the reasons above I see CSC holding a base of $0.15 by next year at this time, and have the ability to spike above $1 if conditions are right due to speculation. Finally, I will reiterate that all of the above is totally wild speculation. There are logical arguments for CSC to remain below 100 sats by next year at this time as well, which I can totally understand. So, the question is really one of faith. How much faith do you have in the product, the market, and the team? I think the product solves a real problem in a real and growing market. And see @pyeball's comments above to get a sense of the team and their advisors. Just my 2 cents...
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    What is CasinCoin (CSC)? Taken from CSC’s official website, CasinoCoin is: “An open source, peer-to-peer, cryptocurrency specifically designed for the regulated online gambling industry.” CSC are in partnership with the Isle of Man government and have offices in both Malta and the Isle of Man. What are the problems facing the regulated gambling industry. For the operator –compliance with regulatory headaches/legislation such as Know Your Customer and the Anti Money Laundering regulations. For example, William Hill – one of the UK’s largest licenced operators were fined £6.2m in February 2018, by the Gambling Commission for lax controls. In June 2018, 32 Red, a licensed British operator, were fined £2m for failing to protect a problem gambler. Secondly, for the player - slow transactions typical of the modern day banking world. Players moving fiat from bank account to operator and than back to bank account and onto another operator can take several days. Finally, both the operator and player can face lengthy delay whilst ID checks are made and documents verified How does CSC solve these problems? The centerpiece of CSC’s solution is the BRM – the Bank Roll Manager . This is an App that has will allow the users to seamlessly transfer CSC between the operator, the player’s wallet and onto another operator in seconds whilst also allowing completion of the KYC checks. CSC have partnered with Jumio, who are responsible for verifying the ID for Coinbase users. Players take a photo of their ID, upload it to the BRM. Jumio then verify the ID, and the player is all set to play at ANY of the operators registered in the BRM, with NO FURTHER SEPARATE ID CHECKS and re-verification. This is a massive win for the operator as they have now effectively outsourced a key element of their regulatory compliance requirements. So…no more fines. Using a modified code of Ripple, millions of CSC can be transacted in under 3 seconds. So…no more waiting on bank clearing timescales with a transaction cost of less than a penny. What about the team behind CSC? Who are they? This for me is where CSC really shines. The guy at the top is John Cadwell – Director of Advocacy, whose previous position include Editor in Chief for Pokernews.com 1 and had a senior marketing role for Poker Stars. Ashish Tawakley – Chief Commerical Officer – ex Betfair ( who are in partnership with Paddy Power, a leading UK licensed operator.) Duncan Cameron - Technical Director - Duncan managed the building and launch of the PokerStars Mobile App – PS Mobile – which was responsible for the company receiving eGaming Review’s ‘Mobile Operator of the Year’ award. The advisory board reads like a who’s who of the gambling industry, with names such as: Lydia Barbera – “Head of Innovation” at Microgaming. based in the Isle of Man. Lydia was recently voted one of the ten most influential women in the online gaming industry. Microgaming developed the world’s first true online casino software in 1994 and the first mobile casino software in 2004. Microgaming is also the supplier of more than 700 world leading gaming brands such as Bet365, LeoVegas, 188 bet and Casumo. Draftkings Jeffrey Haas – Chief International Officer for Draft Kings, who are a billion dollar company. Kindred Group Britt Boeskov - Kindred Group have 1.5 million players in the gamining/gambling industry. Gamesys Lee Fenton – CEO. Gamesys have over 25 million players, 1000 employees, with some of the brands being Jackpot Joy, Virgin Games and Virgin Casino So, what about landbased Casinos? CSC were approached earlier this year by a Casino supplier to the Las Vegas Casinos. John Cadwell, of the CasinoCoin foundation was in Vegas recently in discussions surrounding this. Examples of CSC use in landbased Casinos could be as follows: Administration system for all bets CSC could integrate with the scan devices on slots Poker chips with CSC integrated How will the player go about converting their fiat into CSC? This is all done within the BRM. The player buys CSC from the operator who has their own supply of CSC bought from an exchange. So, a player will always deposit in CSC, gamble in CSC, win in CSC and withdraw in CSC. Would the volatility of the price of CSC be an issue? "There is no conversion happening on the operator platform. They could do that, it just wouldn’t make much sense. Some Casinos already using some tokenized system. Meaning you deposit 100USD, you get 100 tokens and a spin costs you x tokens or you place tokens on a table. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which currency you gamble in. It only comes to play when cashing in and cashing out. The operator needs to have a bankroll in CSC. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to cash you out. Taking the risk of not having it and buying it on the market if you need it would be a risk. It’s the same for current casinos allowing you to gamble in crypto. They need to have a bankroll. Some might not have it and you would never know till someone wins big.” (Credit to Daniel Keller from the CSC Foundation who explains this better than I ever could) Can you give me a brief history of CSC? CasinoCoin started in 2013, and was taken over in August 2017 by Double C Foundation. A coin swap was undertaken increasing the supply from 40 million to 40 billion. What exchanges is CSC listed on? Right now, STEX, Nlexch and NUEX. CSC are in discussions with major exchanges, and with Binance being just down the road in Malta, this is a distinct possibility. CSC did not do an ICO and the Foundation is a Not For Profit Organisation ( Hence do not have hundreds of thousands at their disposal necessary for a major listing fee) Negotiations are ongoing with major exchanges and an announcement is likely to come soon. Also note, that the operators will have to buy their CSC direct from the exchanges like every one else, and not direct from the Foundation. Why have I not heard of CSC before? Mainly because CSC are purely focused on developing a working product and building the relationships with operators/partners. The Foundation have a ‘zero hype” policy and will only make an announcement when they have something to announce. No marketing has yet been undertaken and the great thing is with CSC, once the marketing switch is flipped, the operators CSC have partnered up with, will also be doing their own marketing to their customer base. Where are CSC up to right now? The tech has been developed, i.e the BRM, and this is with the Maltese Gaming Authority, pending approval following the sandbox testing. (The BRM is ready for testing. The operator has submitted the application. Just waiting on the MGA.) For the sandbox testing, CSC have partnered with an as yet unnamed operator. Additionally, it is worthy of note that the sandbox testing was most likely delayed due to Malta progressing with legislation written specifically for Crypto. The Malta Digital Innovation Authority, should oversee all crypto related items for the government. CSC wallets are available for download for Windows, OSX and Linux. The CSC team are also currently working on nano ledger integration. What’s the global market size of the gambling industry? Total gambling industry revenues are predicted to be 635 Billion USD in 2022. Total gaming industry revenue is predicted to be 128 billion USD in 2020 CSC in a nutshell CSC is a payment solution for the online (and potentially landbased) gambling industry powered by a modified version of the Ripple code. CSC are in partnership with an as yet unnamed operator. Price will be driven primarily by use and utility with speculation being secondary. CasinoCoin has a working product ready for release. CSC have close connections with the gambling industry with ex high ranking individuals from Poker Stars. CasinoCoin has a billionaire behind it. Douglas Barrowman :https://www.knoxprivateoffice.com/ 2 Everything the CSC team does is about the adoption of the CasinoCoin. I hope someone finds the potential of this project as exciting as I do. Thanks for reading if you made it this far… Source : https://thebitcoin.pub/t/csc-xrp-fork-the-future-of-gambling-powered-by-modified-ripple-code/45422
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    Yes we are located in NL, and fell free to contact the police here.... The site policy mention that you need to deposit over the minimum limit and every transaction below that limit is not credited.... you did transaction of 0.0005 btc here are all details you need to share with police: Your TX: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/a39e1f2f6f0bed93d097bdca595b689cf10ed2a40ab7ed5027654a39570bb618 Our page with fees where we publish fee structure, minimum deposit and all info needed for everyone to know: https://www.nlexch.com/fees Also here are Terms of Service: https://www.nlexch.com/terms-of-use and Compliance Disclosure: https://www.nlexch.com/compliance Regards, Marian CEO/Founder
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    Great product, great problem solving, great team, great community. Future is bright. I wish to become a standard! My little tribute to his community
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    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell https://youtu.be/GYP0zty4HSU
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    You always should have doubts! Let's just verify them and see if they are legit. If yes, let's take action. No one should read my statement and be like this:
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    Hey all, as you might know, we are currently running a closed beta test with a small group of people for the Bankroll Manager. I am looking to increase that group and get a few more people in. If you want to help us out testing the product and killing some bugs, this is your chance! There are a few rules that will apply to the test: 1) Only sign up for it if you really have some time to do it. It is most likely an hour or two with every release. 2) You will have to sign an NDA and you won't be allowed to speak to anyone outside the test group about it. 3) During testing, you will have to use your real Data (Passport, ID etc.) for KYC. 4) You will need a Discord account. In order to show your interest send an email to: daniel(at)casinocoin(dot)org Subject: BRM Beta Test Message: Your Full Name, your Discord nick (Example: @daniel(wwf)#1337), your cscchat name (if you have one), your telegram name (if you have one), your device including Android or iOS, AppleID (if you are on iOS). The following sentence: Notes: - If you have no Discord Account, get one first. Discord is mandatory for the test! - Please NO additional text in that email - if you are barely able to operate your device, we want you! - the less technical you are, the better! Of course, skilled people are welcomed as well 😉 Message body example: Spots are limited so not everyone will get a spot. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me here or on Discord.
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    Hey @Daniel Keller I just read the Guidance that MGA has published and I have a few questions about the criteria to follow: First of all, does CSC is considered a VFA acording to VFA Act? If so; Regarding CSC: 2.1.1 Financial Value 1. The technology represented by the token provides value for the network participants, addresses a market requirement which is yet to be met and/or help solve a problem; Check ✔️ 2. The underlying network is trustless, and decentralised; I'm not sure as I read somewhere that CSC Foundation needs to have some control over the network?? 3. The financial system is available to everyone without being controlled by a single entity; Same here as the point #2.?? 4. It is easy for members to participate in the economy, having control of their wealth and the freedom to invest in it as they choose. Check ✔️ Technological Value 1. The technology is open source, well documented and well tested by entities separate from the core development team; Check ✔️ 2. There is a working product either on a test network or a main network; Check ✔️ 3. The technology is secure with prompt responses to discoveries of vulnerability and performance issues. Check ✔️ Scalability 1. The technology behind the VFA has a clear roadmap for development and project milestones; I think we are getting this Check ✔️ soon right? 2. There are practical applications either in the present or in the future for the technology; Check ✔️ 3. The VFA is operating on its separate blockchain or is utilising an existing blockchain for practical purposes. Check ✔️ Market Conditions 1. The VFA has a competitive market capitalisation in comparison with the general market capitalisation that is allocated to other DLT assets; I think this is kind of Subjective, Do we have a Competitive Market Cap? But I think right now we Fail ✖️ 2. The VFA is not restricted to one geographic region; Check ✔️ 3. There is a trading pair between the VFA and fiat currencies: Provided that the Authority may allow for acceptance of VFAs which do not have a trading pair with fiat currencies if the VFA has a trading pair with other major VFAs and the Authority is satisfied that the regulatory objectives sought in this sandbox framework are nonetheless achieved. I think we Check ✔️ We are getting Fiat Pairing with the BRM right? DLT Asset Economics 1. The VFA reflects a service, in other words the relation between a company’s growth and performance and the services that it provides; Can you explain this? Seems to be like a Security. Does it aplies to CSC? 2. There is a fundamental reason to purchase and hold the VFA based on its future plan and vision regarding growth and milestones. Simple fundraising is not a valid enough purpose; Check ✔️ 3. There are ways to incentivise participants on the network to work in a fair manner whilst penalising malicious behaviour; I think we Check ✔️ with the CRNs right? 4. There are strict security protocols limiting scams, hacks and theft of funds; I think we Check ✔️ But Explain this one please. 5. The team behind the VFA should allow a fair distribution of the token (limiting the risk of a small number of investors acquiring a majority supply of the token); Fail ✖️ I dont't think we check this one. I mean the Top 100 has 82.81% of coins and only the Top 25 has 53.93% at this moment. How are you guys going to check this one? 6. The team behind the VFA should be available to respond to feedback and questions about the technological product and the VFA; Check ✔️ 7. The white paper and the technology’s website should have an ethical and professional code of conduct. Check ✔️ Regarding deposits to the operators: 2.3.1 Deposits ...... In the case of operators accepting payments in fiat currency as well as VFAs, the fiat currencies and each individual VFA shall be treated separately and exchanging between one and another shall not take place within the operator’s ecosystem. Any transaction fees which may be incurred by the player, whether on deposit or withdrawal, shall be clearly identified and the player shall be forewarned accordingly. For the sake of clarity: 1. Deposits in fiat currency shall only serve for the placement of wagers in fiat currency, and withdrawals shall be effected in fiat currency; 2. Deposits in VFA shall only serve for the placement of wagers in the same VFA, and withdrawals shall be effected in the same VFA; and Acquisitions, exchanges and, or sale of DLT assets by players on the operator’s platform and, or through the operator’s wallets shall not be permitted except when this is implemented solely for virtual tokens, and not VFAs, in a closed loop scenario in accordance with Section 2.3.2. So, the Operators will not be allowed to exchange Fiat-CSC and viceversa?? Let's say the player deposit CSC, plays CSC and withdraw CSC only? This might be resolved with the BRM right? And I think CSC and BRM will comply with everything else on the document. Check ✔️ Thank you for your always kind response!
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    @pyeball the language and abuse is not necessary please stop.
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    It’s been said many times by members of the CasinoCoin Foundation that they are working with a well known Internet Gaming Company who is very interested in the sandbox testing of CSC which is about to commence. We don’t know which company that is but as CSC investors we are obviously very keen to find out. So who do we think it is? Probably the easiest place to start is the recent announcement by the CSC Foundation that Lydia Barbara Head of Innovation at Microgaming has joined the Foundation’s advisory board. https://casinocoin.org/casinocoin-welcomes-microgaming-head-of-innovation-lydia-barbara-to-advisory-board/ Who is Microgaming! (From Wikipedia) Microgaming Software Systems Ltd is a privately held Isle of Man based software development company which claims to have released the first genuine online casino in 1994.[1][2] The company is one of the leading software providers to the online gamblingindustry. Online casino operators such as the Carmen Media Group, Fortune Lounge Group, 32Red, and the Palace Group are among those who use Microgaming's software. The standard online casino powered by Microgaming has over six hundred games including slots, video poker, blackjack and roulette. Microgaming provides its casino games in download or Flash versions, in recent times there has been a shift to releasing games in HTML5 to ensure cross-platform compatibility. The company offers a number of progressive jackpots through their interlinked network of casino operators. Some of these games are developed by Derivco, a South African-based game development studio. So they are a pretty big deal! It’s not hard to connect the dots to speculate that Microgaming is the internet gaming company working with the Foundation? I don’t know for certain but it’s fun to speculate. But what about this to add a little more spice to the speculation? I live in Australia and a very good friend of mine (yes I am serious) is a heavy online gambler. His favourite sites to gamble on were Microgaming powered sites. Unfortunately for him and me (I used to love online poker) the Australian Government recently banned online gambling. My friend was very distraut by this and was in contact with his gaming concierge about whether the site would soon consider accepting Bitcoin as payment. This way he could continue gambling. The answer was no “but there is something exciting coming soon”. I wonder what this could be? Could it be confirmation that Microgaming will soon be accepting CSC? Maybe not but as I said it’s fun to speculate. I’ll let you read into this what you wish but to me it’s pretty exciting. The news from my friend’s concierge may have nothing to do with CSC. Even if it doesn’t surely it’s not a stretch to assume that the internet gaming company that’s working with the Foundation with the Maltese government waiting on the CSC sandbox testing results is Microgaming or an affiliate. The online gaming industry is growing rapidly. It and it’s players are screaming out for a better payment solution. To me CSC has a great chance of being that payment solution. If CSC was to get adopted by Microgaming . . . . $0.0006 today - who knows maybe $1 tomorrow? Its fun to speculate.
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