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    1. First please the regulators. CasinoCoin went to the regulators and asked what they want. KYC/AML and Responsible gaming. The ability to have more clarity, AML Visual Block Explorer ✔️ 2. Please the Operators. Faster on boarding process, save time and money. Make money faster. KYC and AML done. Bankroll Manager back office Access for Foundation & Operators ✔️ 3. The players. It gives the player the ability to cash out faster and enter faster. To gamble when ever they want fast and with many different operators to pick from. If a user is playing Roulette at one casino, but like's the slots better over at a different Casino he can cash out and go play slots. ✔️
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    CasinoCoin was created with gambling in mind, it is custom build for that purpose with BRM, KYC, AML,user protection, GPS tracking, a unique Explorer for regulators build in. CSC is made for white labeld regulated gaming, currently most of casinos that accept BTC or other alt coins are not regulated therefore even if xrp becomes a standard in banking , it's not meant for gambling CSC would be the best choice for that, CSC is the right tool for online gaming.
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    Wishing you all successful and happy 2019!
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    Merry Christmas y’all!
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    And a Happy New CSCerious 2019 ! ! ! !
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    @XRP Different projects, different use-cases.... You should know better 👍
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    You said it ,play nice and be nice and stick to community standards , things can easily get out of control. We as community should welcome new users which will ask many questions and many will be repetitive it doesn't mean we can bully someone or make them feel uncomfortable even if someone is a regular or not. I believe this is a done topic , locking it down . @Ben feel free to ask anything else or join us at discord.
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    Well obviously Binance will become one of the CSC exchanges since they want coins with use cases.
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    Reputable projects do not annouce what exchange they will be listed at, and at Double C Foundation it's no different. Any Exchange, will be announced when the time is right and there will be no name pre-annoucment. IT's good to have variaty of exchanges avaibalble ,if one is down others will be on so there will be no delisting of CSC from any exchanges.
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    I wish a fantastic year for all of us and Casino Coin!!! May 2019 be the year of BRM
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    Today bought my first CSC!
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    Hello, the new wallet will be using CSC as gas just like tokens on eth uses gas. The new tokens will be purchased from foundation using CSC by operator who wants to for example create loyalty tokens or custom tokens. All tokens will be on CSC ledger Does this answer your question?
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    I will tell you what I know or how i think might be, BRM will be using a 3rd party payment process which will connect with an exchange and buy/sell CSC at market price , how it will be internally it's very difficult for anyone to guess . But processor is the one that will take care of conversion from fiat to CSC and vice versa. However people who don't play or aren't in the permitted jurisdiction might not be able to utilize BRM as fiat exit point.
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    Since i grabbed your attention : I really would like to share my thoughts on listing CSC on Binance or any over hyped exchange that is not regulated. Let me say it out bluntly , Binance is NOT a holy grail and listing of CSC does not necessarily mean an instant win for the project! It could be an instant PUMP and definitively a dump after making it even way harder to recover, even making the coin/project less legitimate IMHO. There are plenty of coins that are listed on Binance that have low daily volume, I've selected NavCoin to present my case further since I think it's a kind that most of us heard of at least once. NavCoin was listed on Binance on 27/12/2017 As you can see, the hype before and after listing on Binance made a slight difference in BTC value but without real utility the price/volume kept sinking. You see, what CSC would need is a regulated exchange with FIAT paring where you can purchase BTC with fiat , ideally CSC/Fiat paring but not for speculative traders or holders but for gamblers who will use BRM to acquire CSC and play creating high demand for CSC, with demand volume will come and higher price. All this will happen regardless of sepculative traders/hodlers , since it is the player who will buy CSC regardless of it's price and use it to play on parner operators. We have really good three exchanges currently that perfectly fit our trading needs, the only time I wish to see Binance as one of exchanges is when CSC will have steady volume of +300k making way less susceptible to market manipulation / P&D schemes. So Do we need binance to be great ? NO! CSC could succed with ONE exchange/processor for it's utility. Those are my two csc that I wanted to share
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    I like chip as it has the connotations with casino/poker chips, but also the word `chip` itself has a meaning for being a fragment cut off something chip noun 1. a small piece of something removed in the course of chopping, cutting, or breaking a hard material such as wood or stone. "mulch the shrubs with cedar chips" synonyms: fragment, piece, bit; More
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    @Zenkert We can count them in spins, I'm so down!!
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    Thanks for the advice, I am, going slow, filling up one bag before the others. My opinion, none of the others are going to do anything before xrp. so getting this csc while the getting is good. I just have to load up at these prices, now not looking for whale status, just enough. I am not scared. I am going to spend all year loading up other bags, so yea, spread the wealth.
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    @Yellowmellowsub diversify my friend! The all-eggs-in-one-basket may not pan out.. spread the wealth!
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    I really took a loan. Total cost 27% over 5 years. In September I bought quite some XRP with it. I thought "will XRP appreciate more than 27% over 5 years?" (actually given tax deductibility of the loan I'd even need less appreciation). My answer was "yes". And, as you know, XRP hasn't dropped to early September levels. So yeah. I think it's a good deal. Plus, it increases my monthly spending by 4.6% of my net after tax income. I can handle that.
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    My thinking is that if we have this problem of cashing out, it's a happy problem to have. The price will be reflective of the fact that liquidity is available, and there are enough takers. However, withdrawal into FIAT is another matter. There is a good chance that withdrawal limits will be reached and multiple withdrawals will have to be made. So, I guess multiple exchanges / methods will need to be used. Also, banks should be made aware to expect transfers with specific details from where the funds are arriving. Else all kinds of tripwires will be set off - since that amount will be much higher (for me at least) than normal transactions.
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    Actually I doubt if that's the problem that @XRPto50dollars is addressing ... guess he's targeting liquidity. There's got to be sufficient supply and demand of CSC available as well as enough fiat available on the exchanges (and other liquidity providers). This is an issue e.g. Ripple is trying to solve (i.c. XRP of course) as it's a big issue when targeting FI's ...
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    Stupid caring about stuff like a Whale Chart. You buy what can you afford and Chill the CSC you got. It is not a competition.