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    I saw the video John Caldwell put out and saw a few comments, I think it’s not the sort of video people wanted to see. or thought they was going to see. Maybe people was hoping for announcement of the partner etc.. Etc.... Personally, i was happy with it. Just Straight to the point and no fluff. It was also said that the team is not an ICO so they don't really need to do these updates. They are out there working and making calls. This was said on discord: The team is talking to operators all the time. We really won't know how many operators are on-board till the time of release. There is a lot going on, but the team don’t talk about it. It’s just the way the CasinoCoin team work. If this was an ICO I'm sure they would be tweeting every little move to keep ICO buys happy. The point of CSC is to be used with online casino's. To make life easier for players and operator's. Just on a side note. If you worry about price. To use the BRM you have to buy CSC. The sandbox test will use real money. I for one am HODLING!
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    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell https://youtu.be/GYP0zty4HSU
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    Hi @John Caldwell and @Daniel Keller!! Thanks again for the effort. We know that you guys and all the team is working hard to get this thing right. I just wanted to tell you to not listen to negative people on any Social Media Channel. There will always be those type of people. They just want to be Billionaires in 2 months. It's insane!!! Belive me, the true supporters of this project will wait and will be patient because we know this will take time. Just keep working as hard as you can!! Thanks again!! We will be waiting for the next announcement!!
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    Was said in CasinoCoin discord :
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    Your mind change your life, not CSC.
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    ✨Congratulations to @FatMatt The Final Price at 24 Feb 15:00 GMT was 0.0002328 FatMatt Price was 0.0002333 Please post your CSC wallet address and tag if needed and you will be sent your 25,000 CSC 🏆
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    Probably going to single handedly cause a big spike on nuex for xrp/csc pair lol putting in a couple buy orders lol It is cool to watch the green candle jump after I buy, think it went from +26% to +42% after my last buy a few minutes ago. But I am sure other people are buying too. I just got all the people who bought xrp from my recommendation to start looking into csc now too. About 30 people IRL. 😀
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    Then when I win my winnings will already be CSC and I won’t have to withdraw it from my gambling site and send it from coinbase to nuex to exchange it for CSC.
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    Just wanted to say hello. I am a relatively new member of xrpchat from September or so. Very happy with the direction and potential for both csc and XRP long term. I am a finance major, stock and forex trader for a while now 10+ years of profitable trading. Working on opening a nonprofit financial advisor company eventually after xrp and csc moons hopefully 5-10 years. Also involved in some real estate Investments. Enjoying a new career with the college savings and 529 Investments industry. Working with the people at the company to eventually implement xrp for their daily use.
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    I can't remember, it was back in October I think, it must have been on Twitter or xrpchat. In any case, here now, and I will be buying xrp and csc for the foreseeable future 😀
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    Started buying recently on nuex, I believe my average price is around $0.000229 Will be buying every month for the next 5-10 years along with xrp.
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    @Zenkert, my definition of an XRP veteran, is anyone who has been in XRP prior to the bull run beginning in 2017. I've been in XRP for a while...I'm sure some of you have been in in it longer than me. Looking forward to being a CSC veteran in the years to come.
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    @John Caldwell @Daniel Keller Exactly what @LeGonze said. I used to volunteer at a children's hospital and organized a 2-mile run through the park to raise money for the kids. Seems innocent enough. Who would possibly complain? On the day of the run, this man walks up to me and screams at the top of his lungs, in my face that the runners are "distracting his thinking on his day off". I told him the run was for kids with cancer and he said the kids shouldnt have got cancer in the first place. I was so shocked by him i literally almost fell over. CasinoCoin and CSC are amazing concepts. Especially in the online world, youre going to run across MANY people wanting to bring you down. Difficult and tiring at times to ignore but theyre not attacking 'you' directly. These people attack anyone in their path just because they can. Keep up the good work.
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    Thank you for the reminder 🙂 Finally did it for me and my whole family, got me a couple hundred thousands more CSC!
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    I just bought 119 933 csc with reward.. thanks 777
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    Welcome aboard ! get comfy, set yourself up and enjoy the ride 🙂 feel free to ask us anything, we are here to serve!