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    Yeah!!... Welcome Home guys!!...
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    https://www.ccn.com/tron-casino-disappearsthousands-of-investors-doomed-with-worthless-tokens I feel bad for folks stuck in this situation. It's a not so subtle reminder as to why CSC tech is so important to the ecosystem as a whole.
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    Okey, serioysly. Are you playing with us or still waiting to make your first buy? At least you have had plenty of time to buy. Dont bother if you want millions overnight but if you are willing to hold long term you still have time. But you need to make that FIRST buy first.
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    thank you. welcome to CSC. casino coin, and i dont believe im the only one to think this, is one of the only coins out there, where investors can relate to the people behind the coin. honestly, who can relate to justin sun of TRON? and no one even knows who created bitcoin. but the people working on CSC are family people who openly talk about the ups AND downs of the project. its great.
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    The CSC community is trying to get Bitpanda to list CSC. Then it will be available. Newly accomplished is gett Bitrue to list CSC. CSC has a very strong community base, and a very strong project and great usecase.
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    Really great things happening! 💯 Should be another update from the Team about the Token deal.
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    Hello all. Just got around to signing up having followed CSC for a few months after a "tip" on an XRP forum. I'm fairly new to Crypto in general (1 year), but now holding a number of alt coins. I actually attempted to purchase CSC via Exrates.me about a month ago. Absolute disastrous experience and I'll certainly never use that exchange ever again. Lets say I got zero CSC as it was basically impossible to buy. Non-Stop "we are closed for maintenance" messages. I then gave up. But i'm back now, reading all your great posts and joining the community. I hope to buy CSC this week :-) Hoping someone can guide me on the easiest exchange to transfer crypto to at a reasonable speed, and then buy CSC without too many fees, and then be able to withdraw to a wallet. Will start at something small like £25 worth and then go up from there. Happy days!
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    I was going to tell you about Nuex. That exchange has been fantastic for me. Amazing team and Customer Support. My CSC buying experience is also done super fast, but I rather to buy XRP on UpHold. So, my way goes like this: Fiat --> XRP directly on UpHold instantaneous, then I send XRP to Nuex and get that in 5 secs or less, then XRP --> CSC on Nuex and then I send CSC to my Casino Coin Wallet. That process takes about 5 minutes. It's just beautiful!!... I love it!!...
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    CSC Chat Members on Twitter Please let us know your Twitter handles and I will add to the top post so that new members can also reach out on Twitter too. @NKHund | @nickhund @RegalChicken | @RegalChicken @Chewiecoin | @Chewiecoin @Daniel Keller | @daniel_wwf @CarloRossi | @CarloRossi_777 @Deividas | @deividas_csc @Benchmark | @GlobalBenchmark @therippening | @rippening @truthbot1666 | @truthbot1666 @DividendGamer | @_Varkeer @CSCFTW | @DominicRozari15 Note: If anyone wants me to remove their names above please let me know. Any additions please reply and we will keep the list above updated.
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    Hello all! I have been invested in CSC for awhile, but just now signed up as I was waiting to try and be Member 400 for the gieaway. I missed that, so I waited so I could be #420 instead. Glad to be in early on this great project!
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    Welcome @Dan , @ringer2 , @irieirish, @ScottyM, @Ntruda @CryptoBreakthrough, @Vadim @kmoeller, @A1B1N1 @Abbadabba @PeNo76 to the forum! Good to see more new members joining.
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    CSC on Ripple Surges 200%
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    I was surprised he did that, but I'm glad. Crypto Eri also covered it in a recent video of hers. Someone asked the modern investor about it during his last Livestream but he didn't know anything about it and he went off on how trading coins that weren't being reported on regularly in the media made no sense to him. It was a weird "I only buy the news" video which did change my view of him as an investor - not necessarily worse, but it said a lot about his risk tolerance level.
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    Not everyone is gonna sell at the same time. Loads of accounts had over $500,000 worth of CSC the other day when it went to 20 sats. Look at the top 100. Very few sold, if anything at all.
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    it would be amazing if CSC came out of nowhere and blasted past other coins but we still need to be vigilant. CSC is very delicate. the price could go back down to .0002 very easily.
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    Stex just hit 15 sats. Looking good
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    Hello to the community, first of all: Thanks for being such a creative community! For me that's really important for a crypto-project like CSC. Furthermore thanks for this great idea for a prize for the 400th member! I'll send my wallet adress over to you guys in a private message. I'm looking forward to get an active member of this forum. Thanks a lot and greetings @bench marc Are you serious? I'm so disappointed of some shades of the internet community. You know what? There are people on CSCChat to make something big, to build up a great project and of course to add value to CSC. But you? You have such vile intentions that you try to catch a prize for the 400th member of CSCChat. Are you serious? I'm new to this community and cannot make any demands, but you should be kicked out of this community.
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    Csc/xrp pair in nl? 0.00075 usd. I take that.
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    Sure would. So would Binance
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    A very warm welcome from me @BorisDollar Nlexch, Stex and soon Bitrue, they are about to list it. After a massive CSC community effort. You got burned at exrates. You are not alone, if that migh comfort you? Anyway you might want to head over to the CSC server at Discord. A lot of action. The link expires in 24 hours. https://discord.gg/2PJ6gT