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    Morning. The Cammegh token - Cammo - is now listed on the CSC Observer. https://csc.observer/tokens
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    Love it! It's a pity some of the commenters in his YT video don't understand that he isn't switching from XRP to CSC. He has done his research, sees the huge potential and is diversifying which is a smart thing to do. I hope to see more videos on CSC by DM Logic.
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    I'd suggest that not everyone is as smart as you, but your comment clearly shows you're an arrogant bully. People shouldn't be embarrassed to ask a question here. So now, new people who may have been interested in signing up on CSCchat.com, may look elsewhere because you've clearly demonstrated this site not only supports bully responses, but has members who 'likes' reading intimidating posts. Great job!
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    but it means a whole lot of nothing which may mean something
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    @zenkert Frustrated, aren't you? Someone is asking a question, that's all. Just relax.
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    Please delay. I need more fiat for CSC 🤣🐽
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    Source : https://casinocoin.org/oliver-wu-joins-casinocoin-advisory-board/
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    Gonna have to wait for usecase and more exchanges.
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    John Caldwell, director of advocacy for the CasinoCoin Foundation, added: “Oliver’s know-how across Asian gaming is unparalleled, and his deep understanding of technology makes him a perfect match. He is a welcome addition to our advisory board which now spans gaming’s many verticals and regions.” https://casinocoin.org/oliver-wu-joins-casinocoin-advisory-board/
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    They just listed on STEX, should be more exchanges soon!
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    Love this part.... "We were also hugely impressed by the CasinoCoin team, and its expertise across the field of gaming. We wanted our token to be hosted on a blockchain that is built specifically for this sector, and CasinoCoin fit the bill as the blockchain for gaming."
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    Wow... I didn't know that DM was a CSC Supporter... That's awesome!!... And it's a pretty good video... This is great great publicity!!...
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    thats because the people who have a plan in place dont want to share it out of fear of others following suit and causing gridlock in withdrawals using their methods. if moon time happens, it will be very stressful no matter how you plan. csc climbs to .30 cents.. do you sell? hold? suddenly drops to .20... do you sell? will it drop further? always good to plan ahead, so good for you. the best thing you can do is have several options for cashing out. its an almost guarantee in my book that if and when the crypto market jumps again, the exchanges will shut down/crash/introduce even more stringent KYC's making it nearly impossible to ever get a hold of your cash. ive said it many times on the xrpchat, that (my opinion) most people in crypto will never make $10,000 yet alone $1 million from simple, yet innocent mistakes. correction. many people will be paper millionaires, but will fail (for many reasons) to actually convert those paper profits into fiat. the best 'advice' if it could be considered 'advice' would be to not sell when everyone else is. let others make the mistakes, read the news sources daily to keep up on issues individuals are having with withdrawals, and dont follow suit. sell small amounts at first, and ONLY once those sold cryptos become actual cash in your bank account, start selling larger amounts. i get the feeling we're all in the same boat as old-school bitcoin investors were back in the day. most will sell way too early. xrp will probably go over $50 and thats being very conservative. csc? i dont know how high csc could/will go but i dont believe .0004 will be the norm in the coming years. own one bitcoin. it will probably be worth $500,000 eventually
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