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    https://TrustTracker.com https://csc.observer/tokens
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    I'm a windows user, previously had downloaded a desktop wallet from the CSC website and sent my coins to the wallet. 64bit I believe it may be a 4.1.4 version but when I opened it today it said an update was needed and therefore I updated it to the latest version but the wallet will now not open as it should. When logging in now using the wallet and password I only get the "loading" icon but nothing happens. I have the: -CSC account ID, Public, Private and Secret key, 8 word passphrase, password, .keys file, the date the wallet was created, and the amount of CSC that I own and is stored in the wallet. I'm prepared to await support to rectify the situation before I scream "scam". A timely response would be much appreciated. If there is a better way to raise the concern or request for support just let me know. Regards CSC Coiner
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    Source : https://medium.com/@HolyK1cks/factors-driving-price-of-casinocoin-2e1aac77a951
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    0.003, some progress will be made but the price will be slow to catch up, (hope I am wrong and its at least .03)
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    CasinoCoin Will Be the Next Ethereum for Gambling?
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    First of all thank you to the community-members who donated CSC to help BRM registrations! There has been a slowdown in new registrations after hitting 2K BRM accounts. I am willing to give 10000 CSC to 50 new users of the BRM. Community-members who to join are more than welcome to- Maybe we could reach 3000 users and more? Thanks
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    All New Information and Announcements Will Be Published at: http://CasinoCoin.chat
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    Are you joking? No reply from admin or mods in three days...
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