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    Source : https://www.cryptogamblingnews.com/casinocoin-use-case-loyalty/
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    XRP is complete trash! just follow Regalchicken'[email protected] or Yxxyun on Xrpchat.com to see the massive dumping by Chris Larson of Ripple or the countless projects funded by Ripple through the gifting of XRP. Yet those projects are dead, dont even mandate XRP usage, it was more like, "Here bro just do whatever!" Clovercoin dumping there 1.5 billion XRP too 877 million left. XRP will not overcome the dumping issue pick any other top 50 coin it will outperform XRP this year. In fact XRP is the only top 30 coin down in 2019. Every project is a joke and where is the transaction increase on the ledger? Whoops.....!! CSC just hodl and watch for growth it is truly in its infancy and should make for great gains 12 montha from now as long as they continue to move forward. Dozens of banks my arse lol pumper Brad, pumper Hodor, pumper Galgitron, etc etc.
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