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    Estimated reading time: 1 min https://casinocoin.org/kb/article/how-to-install-the-new-casinocoin-token-wallet/
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    Check your're internet connection, maybe your not online.
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    Sounds reasonable. Never had that issue. With the older ones or the new Token wallet.
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    I voted "yes" for the USA, but it needs a bit of an explanation. Up until last year, only in Nevada. Last year the US Supreme Court ruled on line sports betting (sportsbooks) is now legal. Some states have already jumped on board (i.e. New Jersey & PA). I live in PA and we're now starting to see commercials for on-line sportsbooks. I joined one, but I still keep my off-shore books, because I travel a lot and can't use that one when my IP will come up "out of state". Keep in mind I'm almost certain that the supreme court ruling ONLY applies to on-line sportsbooks and no other types of on-line betting. Keep up the great work Daniel!!!!