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    Yea Cammegh deal was excellent. CasinoCoin tech will be in the building of Casinos.
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    Hey guys. Does anyone else agree with this? 2020 will be the year of CasinoCoin. I think in terms of price next year, we will start seeing numbers like $0.01 and $0.03 maybe even $0.05 Looks like the team has been working on many deals and them deals are now working on what they need to do. Cammegh is busy working. Gamefund will be busy working. and as more news comes out and CSC starts getting used and more, we will start to see a slow price increase.
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    What an idiot!
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    Did you even read what you press on when installing a wallet? IT SPECIFICALLY SAYS that pass phrases do not restore wallet. You need to export your secret key 🙂
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    @777 Would love to see a few partners by 2020. Cammegh was totally awesome! 💯
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    Totally agree. I think that we see a move by the EOY and then 2020:
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    0 1 post Report post Posted just now Casino Coin sounded good. But I believe the SCAM is in the wallet recovery.. How many people lost coins because of the way they have the wallet set up.. Show you the paraphrase you save it. But really that is not what you really need saved. Who wants a password recovery besides an email to reset a password? Usually the paraphrases are for the recovery tool. I believe this one is a SCAM if others have lost coins and did not get them back. My opinion.. anything made by man can be breached by man.. THIS SUCKS NOT THE COIN FOR ME.. WHO ELSE HAD THE SAME ISSUE???