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    Too many people can't see the bigger picture and they sell far too soon. CSC and XRP are long term holds for me.
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    Couldn't agree more. Invest for the time frame of years, with money you can afford to lose and potentially flush down the toilet. Have a plan for when you sell, don't forget to pay your taxes if applicable. If you do get rich, hire a lawyer and get a good tax advisor/ financial advisor to help you with a plan for managing the money. Set some aside to blow, donate some, but be very careful about who in your family and friends you tell/give any money to them. Congratulations, have fun! Be mindful of how quickly the money could go if not managed or invested for long term growth. Remember, you can't take it with you when you die, so have a good will/trust.
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    As we know, there was a lack of news during the crypto winter. The fact that Blackmoon stopped publishing new digests made me worried because I invested in their ICO, Xiaomi presale and a few thematic portfolios. Over the last 6 months many new products were launched, such as Uber IPO and Lyft IPO. However, it has taken 6 months to finally see a new digest. Here are a few highlights from the digest + my investigation about Blackmoon and TON. 1. New products: - WATER THEMATIC PORTFOLIO (BMxWTR) - BREXIT THEMATIC PORTFOLIO (BMxBRXT) - SENTIMENT TOP10 (BMxDT10) - LYFT (BMxLyft) - UBER TECHNOLOGIES (BMxUber) 2. Developments and new features - Cryptocurrency and fiat deposits. - New service   Apollo - automatic coin liquidation. The digest also states that there will soon be a big announcement, no specifics, but it's a relief for me to see that they're working on the platform. Link to their digest: https://news.blackmooncrypto.com/blackmoon-digest-june-2019-f8631590de80 Now rumours. While I was worried about digests, I found some interesting information: 1. Oleg Seydak, the CEO, posted on Facebook that they are looking for developers for a new project called GRAM Vault. "GRAM Vault — is a joint venture of the largest investors in the Telegram Open Network and is the biggest storage solution and trading provider for Grams – the most anticipated cryptocurrency in the world developed by Telegram." 2. Blackmoon's poster in Malta is divided into two parts. One is dedicated to Blackmoon, another one is about Gram vault. I don't think that it's a coincidence. I heard they are going to launch an exchange. What do you think about it guys? Will they list Gram?