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    I bought what I could afford. Never looked at the prise. Latest buys was at 14-15 sats. To get me a play stash. 200K of them I put into the 5M initiative to spread CSC when CSC goes live on Bitrue. A great community effort that I am proud of being a part of. https://www.bitrue.com/activity/online-csc
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    In the 200’s! I’m a huge sports guy and I love stats. Seeing this list makes me want to work my way up the rankings 😄
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    That would be AWESOMEEEEEE!!!...
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    In future people will be boasting how their DCA is 10 cents.
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    exactly. you can never get 'low enough'. .0006 sounds great until you hear about someone who got in at .0004. i look forward to the day when people are excited about a DCA of a penny or higher
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    Hello to everyone The problem is that I can't send my csc coins from my desktop wallet, i can't even paste any wallet address on recipient bar! any suggestions? thank you
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    You’ll be a fine millionaire...
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    My average buy price is below $1 / CSC so I'll be fine long term.
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    If you keep holding long enough you'll make the top 100.
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    Love being able to see me on the list! 3XX and rising! 😂 Don't know if I can ever break into the top 100, but it will be fun trying lol Cheers🍻
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    All in with csc now, hit my first personal goal of 10m, now happy to just keep loading up every month.
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    Source : https://www.cryptogamblingnews.com/top-gambling-altcoins-2019/
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    maybe im interpreting the list incorrectly. the list shows the Top 1000 Accounts... is that the same as the Top 1000 personal wallets? if someone in here bought on STEX 1,600,000 CSC today, would their ownership of those CSC show up on the list as them personally being the 860th largest owner of CSC?
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    so its possible many of our accounts are in that list
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    Yes it does. I saw various accounts with exactly 20M.
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    does the list somehow take into account if more than one person has the same amount of coins? if two people have exactly 10,500,251 coins (random number) would they both be listed consecutively?
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    Dropped it to .0002272 starting to get super exciting.
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    Bitrue announcement: Announcement Back to Home Share 5,000,000 CSC to Celebrate CSC Listing Dear Bitrue User, Bitrue will list CSC (CasinoCoin) soon: On May 13 (GMT+8), deposit and withdrawal function of CSC will be enabled, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 400 CSC. On May 17 (GMT+8), CSC/BTC and CSC/XRP trading pairs will go live. To celebrate CSC listing, Bitrue exchange launch an airdrop together with CSC team. Detailed rules below: 1. Airdrop Rules: Bitrue will take a snapshot on your CSC assets at 23:00 on May 22 (GMT+8) and distribute the rewards according to the snapshot within 48 hours after the snapshot is taken. Total rewards is 5,000,000 CSC. 2. Formula: CSC received by the User = Proportion of CSC held by that user * 5,000,000 CSC CSC Proportion = Amount of CSC held by User at the time of snapshot / Total CSC held by Bitrue at the time of snapshot 3. Notice: * Any CSC balances under 10,000 (including those in trade orders) will not be calculated for the airdrop. * Any rewards under 200 CSC will not be distributed. * Any CSC that are pending deposit or withdrawal at the time the snapshot will not count towards your CSC balance. Please ensure you leave enough time for your deposits and withdrawals to complete prior to the snapshot. * The maximum of reward each account can claim is 60,000 CSC. Bitrue Team May 10, 2019 https://www.bitrue.com/activity/online-csc
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    People, Irrespective of what we all did, we're all in the ten thousandths of a dollar average price. So, let's compare DCA in a year from now. That should give some concrete bragging rights
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    Maybe so, maybe it's damn luck