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    I'm diversified...I hold XRP and CSC.
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    Yeah... It seems like it had a problem or a glitch... Remember!!! Do not let all your bags on Exchanges!!...
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    Fair enough. Im not emotionally trading even though I used the the word "feel". Im being objective. TRX i tied to USDT which has a target on its back right now. I still have some TRX and coincidentally I did sell when it was on the rise but did not capture up to .0249 Seeing as CSC is about to be added to Bitrue sometime soon I feel ROI short term has a greater chance of success. When Bitrue news breaks I expect it to bounce off 22 sats again and thats a 50% gain for me. I doubt TRX is gonna hit .036 anytime soon but then again.... its crypto. With Justin Sun alledgedly spending 40 Mil of imaginary USDT money on BNB, BTC, and TRX sure maybe .036 with FOMO buyers. I dont think it will get there though.
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    yes, you just said in a much simpler way what i was trying to say thanks
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    A company requesting tokens from foundation will pay in CSC to foundation.
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