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    Thats awesome news, must mean land based integration is on the cards and happening sooner than we think
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    I was thinking land based would be several years away, so this new addition to the board of advisors is exciting news.
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    Very exciting to see land base casinos in play sooner than we expected. Do you think this is the announcement that is going to be announced today?
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    Love it! Hope to be over 10 million csc in a couple months! This is a gold standard company that is not fooling around with scammers or sh!T coins 😀
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    Casinocoin is an interesting project. love it!
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    Maybe they will add CSC instead
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    8 sat's starting.
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    Tomorrow we will see 8 sats i think!
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    It has been confirmed they are working with a tier 1 operator worth around $25 billion. No names mentioned yet... but I have my suspicions.
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    The app is complete. The BRM has gone in for Sandbox testing and is also being submitted to the IOM sandbox test as well. As they have been speaking with an Operator in the IOM. It's the Operator that submits the application to the MGA. We should hear about it soon. As news is due this month.