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    Are you serious??... What are you talking about?.. This is not an "announcement of an announcement". He is basically saying that next week we will have news and it's not all over twitter or any social media like Justin Sun and his annoying manners.
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    I already filled out their form for coin listings a few weeks ago 🙂 Would be cool to be listed there 🙂
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    I get paid in a week lol ill try and buy some then.
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    You have been asking the same questions for 6 months.
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    Depends on the size of stones you are throwing.
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    That would be a great exchange to get listed on. Ranked #3 by volume on CMC
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    Great! Any mention of their current state of affairs is more than welcome in my book, revealing partners or not.
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    Are they announcing tier 1 operator next week.
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    Not long enough for you..you had your chance..
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    A couple of minutes so hurry up!!!
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    MFSA appoints partner to help cryptocurrency asset checks US company would check assets used in transactions https://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20190311/local/mfsa-appoints-partner-to-help-cryptocurrency-asset-checks.704207
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    100% Team always comes first as they are the ones that drive it. CSC is a gem.
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    Once I learned this, I saw their commitment to professionalism and quality, I was sold 😀
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    Thats nice of them to update but wish theyd just update on monday and stop with this all to common crypto practice of announcing an announcement of an announcement. If people are impatient, four more days isnt going to hurt and besides, getting unexpected announcements come with much more excitement in my opinion. Chrsitmas gifts on christmas!... yeah, we know.