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    https://bitexbook.com/en/trading/cscbtc I have never used this exchange before. I'm still sticking with STEX and NL. But cool they listed it.
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    Yeah I look at it as a golden opportunity to invest with a great team, technology, and coin and products potential. I would love to be able to buy xrp for under a penny. The cheapest I have bought so far is $0.29. my average is around $0.33. As long as xrp is under a dollar I will keep buying every month. Because this allows you to multiply your holdings very quickly. As long as csc is still under a penny I will keep buying every month. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to accumulate a future top 100 (or higher 😀) crypto currency.
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    I don't advise anyone using this exchange.
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    Last buy we made was 7.5 btc. Mainly on NLexch come at me
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    They have something to do with Bitflip so I'll be staying well clear. https://bitexbook.com/en/bitflip
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    Yeah the attention to detail, and focus on the needs and what is missing in a given market. Their professionalism, and how they can see the future use case of their products that can be served. This is the reason why I invested in xrp and csc.
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    A member here who I believe holds zero CSC at the moment, but maybe next week.....
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    You'd think so wouldn't you, but then there's Wutang.
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    Feel free to ask as much as you want! And never invest more than you can afford to lose that's the general rule.
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    @Zenkert Yes this was my first purchase of CSC today. Casino Coin only come under my radar yesterday and I have been researching all day. I like what they are trying to do, but still have some reservations.
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    I used Stex today...it was easy to use.
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    This is an awesome guide. As a side note, please upvote the article if you have a steemit account, and sign up for one if not. @Tarek Saad has written several articles in support of CSC and will get paid in steem tokens for upvotes (which cost nothing but your attention).
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    So, question, what exchanges have any liquidity? I just registered for STEX volume was $7295 dollars over the last 24hrs BTC/CSC OUCH. Is there another exchange with more liquidity? Or are you guys just buying literally $100 here or there praying for a miracle?