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    Cammegh is NONE of the two use cases I referred to when I said I am "working on two uses cases" a few weeks ago.
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    Cammegh is a gateway for mass land base adoption. The fact that Cammegh are on the board of advisors tells you something. It’s not just a deal, Cammegh joined the board to help assist the Foundation. Phase 1, Getting their customers used to the technology. Phase 2, Using that tech in data collection 100,000+ tx a day. Phase 3, Unconfirmed. Now if Phase 3 is what I think it is. The implementation of CSC in to land based casinos, And using CSC to gamble in land based casino’s. Cammegh could become the biggest roulette wheel maker known for Crypto/blockchain implementation. 90% of casinos all over the world are supplied by wheels of Cammegh production. The Cammegh wheels are known by the quality, security and integrity. The assembly includes Scallop separator rings and in-rim reader heads. Besides famous wheels the company products LCD winning number displays, special remote cameras Eyeball and Pitboss which is a special package for wheel analysis. Cammegh roulette wheels are the leaders on the market of roulette wheels thanks to the extra quality and special approach to individual needs of every customer. The products of the company are made from stainless and tensile steel. The design of the wheels is of the highest level. Even if a land base casino does not use the cammegh wheel they will 100% have heard of them because they are in the business. Cammegh will become the first port of call for any land base casino that wants to know more about blockchain and crypto and given the fact Cammegh are already in 90% of casino's around the world and running on the CasinoCoin blockchain and using CSC, they will point them in the right direction all leading back to the CasinoCoin Foundation. If the deal with Cammegh pans out the way I think it will (obviously there is always issues and challenges) this is land based done! Side note : Cammegh wheels are also used in many Online LIVE casino websites. Cammegh Brochure : http://www.cammegh.com/files/Cammegh_Brochure.pdf
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    Hey guys. Watch this. Just posted.
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    General Introduction: CasinoCoin FAQ (from CSC website) CasinoCoin Blog (from CSC Website) CasinoCoin 2019-08-21 Presentation Deck (pdf from CSC website) Blockchain in Casino Industry: On the Verge of Eruption (IntellectSoft Blog) Wallets & Exchanges (CMC rank by Adjusted Volume as of January 20th, 2020): Bitrue (#52) - Stex (#77) - Whitebit (#40) - Folgory (#7) - NLexch - Nuex CasinoCoin Discord Link CSC Stats and Rich List - Showing accounts, rankings, etc... Audio & Video - Foundation: What is CasinoCoin? Intro Video (from CSC Website 1:24 mins long) 2020-04-09 CasinoCoin welcomes Mark Wittenberg to advisory board 🎲📢 2019-12-11 John Caldwell's 2019 Recap 💪📢🎲 2019-12-06 John Caldwell (Dir. of Advocacy) Holiday Update and 2020 Outlook ♥️♠️♦️♣️ 2019-06-26 John Caldwell (Dir. of Advocacy) video announcement of token wallet and #2 USE CASE (2:53 mins) 2019-05-21 John Caldwell video update from GE2 Macau (Y) 2019-05-10 Crypto 101 Podcast with John Caldwell (begins at 33:10) 2019-05-09 SQPR Skype Interview of John Caldwell (Audio of moderate quality) 2019-05-02 John Caldwell Welcome to CasinoCoin! 2018-07-13 Lead Developer for CasionCoin Andre Jochems AMA why CSC chose Ripple source code (video starts at the explanation) 💡 Blogs & Video - Community: 2020-02-23 Blockchain Business Magazine live-stream with CSC Board of Trustees John Caldwell and Duncan Cameron (1 hour 20 minutes) 🎯♠️♥️♣️♦️ 2020-01-29 XRPL Labs will launch XUMM wallet & platform for CasinoCoin 💥 2020-01-01 Medium Blog by Community Member @HolyK1cks 2019-12-30 Community Member Rob Cash's YouTube video (42:00 minutes) of Presentation Deck posted above (2019-08-21) Websites: 2019-12-04 Casino Gambling News: ‘Landmark’ GoodGaming & CasinoCoin deal will power next stage of growth 💥 2019-11-22 Crypto Gambling News Cammegh Roulette Wheels going live with CasinoCoin 2019-11-15 Aver Partners with CasinoCoin To Offer Frictionless KYC For Players 2019-11-02 Whitebit exchange announces adding CasinoCoin to the exchange 2019-11-01 CasinoCoin, and why I Invested, a Medium blog post from an active member of the CSC community 2019-10-10 Introducing Brandon Knowles, CasinoCoin Foundation advisory board member 2019-09-23 Oliver Wu joins CasinoCoin advisory board 2019-09-11 Aruze Gaming Executive joins CasinoCoin Board of Advisors 2019-08-14 Crypto Gambling News 2019 Loyalty Programs with Duncan Cameron (Y) 2019-07-24 Crypto Gambling News 2019 Best Gaming Altcoin ROI to date (Y) 2019-07-19 Crypto Gambling News Picking the Right Blockchain & Interview with John Caldwell (Y) 2019-06-26 Crypto Gambling News Preview New Custom Token (Y) 2019-06-10 Individual user gives his review of CasioCoin (Y) 2019-06-04 Sports Gambling Article (N) 2019-05-28 Casino Beats - Cammegh on CSC Blockchain (Y) 2019-05-24 Las Vegas Review-Journal slot machines needing updating/blockchain (N) 2019-02-05 CDC Gaming Reports - Blockchain Viable Option for Security (Y) 2019-02-01 CasinoCoin presentation deck (13 pages) (Y) 2019-01-31 Casino Beats - Compliance 2.0, interview with CSC Compliance Officer (Y) 2019-01-26 CSC ICE brochure (2 pages) (Y) 2019-01-08 Crypto Gambling News - Four Altcoins to thrive in 2019 (Y) Click for 2018 Articles and Releases
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    Yes we are located in NL, and fell free to contact the police here.... The site policy mention that you need to deposit over the minimum limit and every transaction below that limit is not credited.... you did transaction of 0.0005 btc here are all details you need to share with police: Your TX: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/a39e1f2f6f0bed93d097bdca595b689cf10ed2a40ab7ed5027654a39570bb618 Our page with fees where we publish fee structure, minimum deposit and all info needed for everyone to know: https://www.nlexch.com/fees Also here are Terms of Service: https://www.nlexch.com/terms-of-use and Compliance Disclosure: https://www.nlexch.com/compliance Regards, Marian CEO/Founder
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    If your an emotional person and are sad about the price of CasinoCoin right now. Remember CSC has just started, it's not even out of the gate yet. Have a little look at what XRP HODLers had to go through.
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    Hear me, hear me everyone! The CasinoCoin Spring Update has been released on Youtube! https://youtu.be/KV2q4dOgevY
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    For everybody asking for new exchanges, keep an eye on the bitrue official twitter page as they will be running a vote for listing CSC, Thanks
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    ...retweet the Bitrue voting, pretty please! I know we surpassed the 500 votes but it would be really good for us to reach 500 ORGANIC retweets as well. Please DO NOT buy any, rather tell your family and friends to RT it. If 50 of us just do that, we hit the 500 pretty easy. Sorry for spamming this across all channels but our actives are way higher than the current number of interactions on Twitter. Thanks! 🙂
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    Can't believe its only 189 to 1 Cent.. This shit is fucking amazing! Getting a new exchange soon. I'm sure more will come faster as well after this. The ball is rolling.
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    CasinoCoin Tokens 1. Tokens can be used by Operators, Processors, Manufacturers and others for a variety of purposes, immutable data, enhanced billing, support services, bet tracking, results tracking, and many others things. 2. The data uses can be customized for each user as necessary and expanded upon when needed. Tokens can only be created by the foundation. 3. The use case of tokens has just scratched the surface with new ideas being suggested all the time on how the Distributed Ledger data can be used. More Tokens will be going live this year. 4. Token users make a onetime donation to the Foundation of $25k worth of CSC, that is purchased on the open market (exchanges). They then continuously purchase $csc on the open market to fuel the tokens. 5. The token fee for each transaction is currently .01 CSC. This will be adjusted as necessary by the foundation to ensure the fiat value of each TRX remains the same regardless of CSC current value. 6. Example @CammeghGaming Roulette wheel sensors detect anomaly. It creates an entry on the ledger and someone at @CammeghGaming on the other side of the world is monitoring the ledger gets a message about the anomaly. 7. The example given is speculation on my part as I don't have any info on exactly what data is being used. Ultimately any event that records any type of data could be transmitted via the ledger (DLT) so the possibilities are endless. Written by @jasperlite Source : https://twitter.com/MarkAFillmore/status/1133769955076444160
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    I have no doubt that those who have the patience and hold CSC long term (by long term I mean 2-5 years) will see extraordinary returns on their investment.
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    CasinoCoin Bank Roll Manager 1. Bank roll manager primary purpose is to transfer funds between Gamblers and Casinos with embedded KYC and AML. User opens BRM and does KYC directly in the BRM on their mobile device. Name, DOB, Photo ID, etc. 2. KYC info is sent to Jumio by the BRM where it is Validated and then verification of validation is sent back to BRM. This is all done quickly and securely. 3. Gambler can purchase CSC in BRM using fiat gateway provided by Processors, or transfer CSC to BRM from personal wallet/exchange. 4. Gambler then chooses from list of Casinos in BRM and sends csc to casino. Casino then either uses CSC directly for gambling or converts CSC to whatever is used on their platform at current fiat value. 5. Example: gambler sends $50 worth of CSC and is credited with $50 on casino platform. There is risk of CSC value increase/decrease during transfer times (minimal risk as transfers take seconds) and the fiat credit on casino being slightly more or less than fiat value sent. 6. The KYC validation tag is part of the info sent to the casino with the CSC transfer via the Ledger so Casino does not have to do KYC again. Casino has access to KYC info via Jumio for their records and regulatory compliance. 7. When Gambler is finished winning (hopefully BIG) casino sends CSC back to BRM (if they are using CSC on platform) or converts to CSC at current fiat value and sends to BRM. 8. Gambler can then send CSC to a different casino and gamble or cash out his CSC via a Fiat gateway provided by a Processor in BRM. 9. BRM has user configurable limits for the gambler to self-regulate the amount sent to casinos on a daily, weekly or monthly limit. 10. Gambler benefits by only doing KYC once regardless of how many casinos they visit and the speed/efficiency in which funds can be sent/retrieved from casinos. 11. Casinos benefits: easier KYC validation, greater AML compliance because all of the transfers are registered on the Ledger and are readily available for compliance officers to see as well as being immutable so no fear of data tampering. 12. This increases compliance and decreases/eliminates fines that routinely run in the millions. Regulators are happier because it makes their jobs easier. Written by @jasperlite Source : https://twitter.com/MarkAFillmore/status/1134132859072106498
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    Having seen countless mentions of CSC in the Zerpening on XRPChat, I decided to dip my toe in the CSC pool by making my first purchase, and subsequently setting up camp here. Now that I've bought, time to research and see what it's all about
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