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    Hear me, hear me everyone! The CasinoCoin Spring Update has been released on Youtube! https://youtu.be/KV2q4dOgevY
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    For everybody asking for new exchanges, keep an eye on the bitrue official twitter page as they will be running a vote for listing CSC, Thanks
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    Can't believe its only 189 to 1 Cent.. This shit is fucking amazing! Getting a new exchange soon. I'm sure more will come faster as well after this. The ball is rolling.
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    I see great things happening with this coin. The joining of Richard Cammegh, Managing Director of Cammegh. Just shows again how awesome this team is and the connections they are making. Everything they need to make this successful is coming together. The advisory board are incredible. This is the coin to watch out for this year 👀 Look forward to the video road map update end of the week.
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    ...retweet the Bitrue voting, pretty please! I know we surpassed the 500 votes but it would be really good for us to reach 500 ORGANIC retweets as well. Please DO NOT buy any, rather tell your family and friends to RT it. If 50 of us just do that, we hit the 500 pretty easy. Sorry for spamming this across all channels but our actives are way higher than the current number of interactions on Twitter. Thanks! 🙂
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    Bitrue have said they want to see community interest before they list, they previously said no to a listing due to a lack of interest but have received loads of messages and seen the progress the team is making, the team have said they are in talks with them. You can like, prey or jerk yourself off it makes you feel better but CSC hasn't hyped or over promised on anything. This is community action as the only request we get from new investors in the chat is new exchanges.
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    This thread got pretty much hot! Locked. Take it to clubs, you can be more trashy there 😛 but please be respectful
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    Hello all. Just got around to signing up having followed CSC for a few months after a "tip" on an XRP forum. I'm fairly new to Crypto in general (1 year), but now holding a number of alt coins. I actually attempted to purchase CSC via Exrates.me about a month ago. Absolute disastrous experience and I'll certainly never use that exchange ever again. Lets say I got zero CSC as it was basically impossible to buy. Non-Stop "we are closed for maintenance" messages. I then gave up. But i'm back now, reading all your great posts and joining the community. I hope to buy CSC this week :-) Hoping someone can guide me on the easiest exchange to transfer crypto to at a reasonable speed, and then buy CSC without too many fees, and then be able to withdraw to a wallet. Will start at something small like £25 worth and then go up from there. Happy days!
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    I was going to tell you about Nuex. That exchange has been fantastic for me. Amazing team and Customer Support. My CSC buying experience is also done super fast, but I rather to buy XRP on UpHold. So, my way goes like this: Fiat --> XRP directly on UpHold instantaneous, then I send XRP to Nuex and get that in 5 secs or less, then XRP --> CSC on Nuex and then I send CSC to my Casino Coin Wallet. That process takes about 5 minutes. It's just beautiful!!... I love it!!...
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    The important thing here is that Cammegh is always forward-thinking which is why to me its overwhelming they are associating themselves with Casino Coin. Their Triple Zero Roulette is a hit because its new and innovative. And yes, they have a massive footprint in Las Vegas. I was actually at the G2E las vegas show last year and saw their display. Cammegh is going to be at the 2019 expo and is already on the floorplan in yellow. I applaud the Casino Coin team for all their hard work.
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    Bitrue is a good exchange. I'll buy more CSC on there if/when it gets added.
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    Great! Any mention of their current state of affairs is more than welcome in my book, revealing partners or not.
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    Are you serious??... What are you talking about?.. This is not an "announcement of an announcement". He is basically saying that next week we will have news and it's not all over twitter or any social media like Justin Sun and his annoying manners.
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    Depends on the size of stones you are throwing.
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    The app is complete. The BRM has gone in for Sandbox testing and is also being submitted to the IOM sandbox test as well. As they have been speaking with an Operator in the IOM. It's the Operator that submits the application to the MGA. We should hear about it soon. As news is due this month.
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    Hi Everyone! I noticed a lot of familiar names here. Been hodling XRP for a while now. I want to buy some CSC and hodl. Not a trader! Where is the easiest place to buy?