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    Report next time đŸ˜› I get reports right to my inbox ...
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    The CasinoCoin Chat Room This can be like Discord but on CSCchat
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    Be careful, it might be a rabbithole, I dunno. I know nothing about orange. I know what a Orange is. But I never seen a orange Orangutang, they are more brownish
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    It's always 5 o'clock somewhere...
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    I wanna see a new exchange in April.
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    I have had a buy order for 1M CSC at a price of 5 Sats since yesterday on NLExch. At 1PM this afternoon the order book shows someone sold 38.7M CSC at 5 sats and the exchange immediate satified 2 buys at that price, presumably from that 38M, yet my order is still open 3 hours later. Can anyone explain to me why this is please?
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    there was another 2 btc on the buy side at 5 earlier - that pretty much matches with 38mil, and there is also 1 btc instead of 3 left on the buy side so its all fine. Plus i have a buy in at 5 sat thats been there since friday night so im in the queue before you still im afraid!
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    I understand what your saying. Maybe contact NL support. Iv used them many times and never had an issue. If all the 5 was filled it would have gone to 4.
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    Another 40M to NL 970M left to go https://explorer.casinocoin.org/address/cNeMtVepVmWbXcQVRH8nt6bG16bLQL41HX
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    I suggest Belinda77 is swallowed up by a black hole. Preferably soon.
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    Or maybe not. No enough people on this forum yet.
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    Friday was a good social night for me, then Saturday waking up for a LOOOOONG day at work sucked.. LOL. Today is my relax day.