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    Stop it... You are soooo funny!!...
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    Set them buy orders at 2 sats... Then dump em at 3 for a 50% gain..
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    Not a threat to Casinocoin, but although an interesting read. http://fortune.com/2019/03/12/ripple-forte-blockchain-games/
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    Should be another exchange soon.
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    Correct, dont really matter if its anything below 10, really cheap. Nobody wants to miss this train. Meanwhile just have to stick with
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    Once volume drops below 5k USD coin drops very low, but now it wont seem an issue.
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    I like both. But I think CSC will do a better ROI. I think the adoption will be faster. Due to the BRM going directly in to consumers hands.
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    just had a little fun with comparing some targets.. got some more video ideas coming down the pipes..
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    I'm looking for a decent profit in 5 yrs, 10c will do it
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    I just buy at market price when I have BTC or XRP to move into CSC. 4 sat 5 sat 6 sat doesn't matter when we start running... A buy at 10 sats and sell at 500 sats will still be great profit 😛
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    MFSA appoints partner to help cryptocurrency asset checks US company would check assets used in transactions https://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20190311/local/mfsa-appoints-partner-to-help-cryptocurrency-asset-checks.704207
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    That price widget uses cmc and exrates exchange which is wash trading and spiking the price, but with no volume best to ignore for now, use delta app for price, ypu can add your transactions too and get running profit/loss
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    I don't know how you guys can be so patient... As soon as I have some fiat available I go all in on Nuex XRP/CSC!!...
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    Great things happening over the next few months
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    I have been converting all of my XRP tips from XRPtipbot to CSC on Stex.
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    I just got 312 FREE XLM, as an airdrop from blockchain.com. I'm now selling them and buying 100,000 CSC. If you have an account there you can do the same. Just sign up for level 2 verification an you should get them within the hour. We are giving away $125,000,000 of Stellar XLM https://www.blockchain.com/getcrypto
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    Your mind change your life, not CSC.
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    And XRP will never hit a dollar. Your an idiot.
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    meh. my fomo always goes like this: The more I have, the less price increase I need.... dayummm hahahahahaaa
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    I think my CSC FOMO just went to another level. Please keep posting your videos brother 🙂