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    Thanks to all for the warm welcome it's nice to be amongst old friends @Zenkert @Rey @Sal I'm looking forward to where this project takes us and it's a good way to diversify a little of my portfolio without investing in pipe dreams and scam coins.
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    Yeah I did wonder about that but there's no way on God's green earth I'm going to use Bitcoin....and I don't even believe in God. I'll just have to be patient and buy in little bits.
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    Hi all, I'm about to go down the CSC path so have signed up here, great to see all the familiar faces from XRPChat here already.
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    You have NUEX: https://www.nuex.com/exchange/market/CSC_XRP Which is good if you want to trade XRP for CSC I like to use STEX: https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/CSC/1D but you will need to use BTC. Both great exchanges.
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    Welcome Trickery. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This is a good read :
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    Well hello there zerper brother @Trickery a Warm welcome to CSCChat 👍
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    Welcome ! You have wallet accorss all platforms , Android IOS Win Mac and linux ! make a pick 😉 and always backup your secret key regardless of the way you chose to store your CSC
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    Good to see another chocolate fish member here. You can find wallets here https://casinocoin.org/downloads/ You may need to go the bitcoin route if you are buying a big stack, the xrp orders can be pretty thin.
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    As some brothers have told you... Nuex is PERFECT with that XRP/CSC pair... There's where I get all my precious CSChips...
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    Ok I've just signed up with Nuex because I don't deal in Bitshit so my next step is to find a wallet, any suggestions?
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    That goes without saying, I'm here aren't I?
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    For now it is, but its a really rubbish site, they wont update exchanges and last bull run they were manipulating circulating supplies to make it look like coins were pumping, they refused to update csc details for about 6 months and i saw loads of other communities complaining of the same, the new generation will be turned off them and sites like livecoinwatch or apps like delta/blockfolio will replace
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    This of course @Trickery https://casinocoin.org/downloads/ Oooopssss did not see your post @Marco sorry about that.
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    I hate Bitcoin with a passion but I don't want to use XRP to buy CSC. I'd like to see CSC listed on more exchanges with USD/CSC pairs.
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    Agreed. In a case like this a little patience might be beneficial. Also, often DCA works better than trying to time the market. BTW, welcome to CSCchat, @Trickery Really awesome to also see you in this place ... cheers,
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    Thanks for that, I'm just in the process of finding out where the best place to buy CSC is, I have a few extra zerps to spend.
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    I just bought a bunch on STEX Yesterday the whole 6 sats was bought.
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    Huh, I could have sworn I saw it ranked 2000 something somewhere... But that matches up with coinstats app too. Lol maybe I was just tired one morning 😀
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    It will take a while but eventually I want to be a whale, but not going to be soon 😂 that is what $20k roughly. In between turtle 🐢 and dolphin 🐬 now 😀
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