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    hello everyone just joined the CSC revolution
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    A word on exrates: We didn't pay for the listing. However, like always: We do not endorse any exchange. Simply because we can't. I have looked into the issues that have been forwarded to me. Withdrawals not working: This has been fixed today. The minimum amount and fees are out of this universe, I already contacted them about it. Support page not working: Link in the menu is giving a 404, but the chat in the lower right works. I told them about the broken page. Crappy Design: Ill give you that one. But it works. Fake Volume: There is the chance that this is correct, like most top50 exchanges. Social Media: Bought likes, replies and follower. Seems like. Depends on you if this matters. And here comes the very important part, which makes me wanna freak out and bite into my desk: I could not find a single propper scam accusation. Please link me one if you know one. Watch my lips, I will talk real slow: This is still crypto. He said, she said doesn't work! Just because of some random dude on Reddit, bitcointalk or xrpchat (holy moly i said it!) calling something a scam, it is not becoming a scam by default. That's not how it works. Here is how a proper scam accusation looks like https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2248106.0 This topic was written by me and explains in detail what happens along with proof for people to verify. You should be able to spot the difference between this and "yAdA yAdA aLl mY cOiNz GoNe!!!!!!!!!! ImMa cHaRgIn My LaZar!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So if someone got "scammed" I expect at least that level of detail along with facts that can be verified. If there are proper accusations, please point me to them. Again, please note I am not defending exrates I am just stating what I see. What I have tested myself: Deposits and Withdrawals Trading works. Support does its job. All issues I did make up for support (lower right) have been resolved. Fiat Deposits via Perfect Money. Referrals are working. Basic Security Stuff, in place and working. Their API is nice. I am posting this just to reply to all messages I got at once and I am happy to have a serious convo from here moving forward. I am not endorsing exrates. If you have any doubts about any exchange, do not deposit any coins or fiat and always stay away! No hard feelings, just want to make sure we are all on the same page and talking about this on the same level.
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    Hello! welcome to the forum. CSC revolution..I like that!
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    CSC/USD has just been added to exchange exrates. https://exrates.me/dashboard
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    You always should have doubts! Let's just verify them and see if they are legit. If yes, let's take action. No one should read my statement and be like this:
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    The CasinoCoin Chat Room This can be like Discord but on CSCchat
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    just had a little fun with comparing some targets.. got some more video ideas coming down the pipes..
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    To get $10 You need to have CasinoCoin in real casinos in Las Vegas.
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    That's cool. Like i said: If you dont trust an exchange, stay away.
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    The ordebook shows that their volume is fake on a massive scale. Sorry but that is not trustworthy at all, combined with the other info. Maybe not a scam but I stick to Nuex, top exchange with super fast support.
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    Hey @LeGonze right, approval isn't needed. However considering the the announcement by the Foundation and the words they used, one would at least expect that the exchange isn't a scam ...
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    Don't think that approval is needed, however if the the Foundation makes an announcement like @Daniel Keller did on Discord, you would at least expect that the exchange should be legit and to be trusted. If this isn't the case, I agree that things tend to get difficult. I for one posted the news in the Zerpening on XRPchat after the announcement on Discord and at this moment I regret that I did. Thanks to @CSC_Legend for sharing the information about the exchange and its reputation.
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    CSC cant really go much lower lol
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    Thanks. I used to post on XRPchat and have not seen the press- area yet... Thanks @Ermac
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    but but but it wont be possible 😛 unless we reach bilion volume, your 1 mil csc at 1 USD wont make much of an impact 😉
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    CasinoCoin is going to knock it out the park!
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    The BRM will bring the ability to buy CSC with fiat and cash out back to fiat, we're all just waiting for it's release. In terms of trade on exchanges, there actually used to be fiat pairings (including USD among others) on Bitflip.li (before Bitflip went bankrupt) but the trade volume on the fiat pairings was non-existent. Most trade activity is on BTC pairings at the moment, and XRP pairings picked up receptly.
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    Practically complete!!
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    Why the heck someone even come up with these kind of clueless numbers?
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    I think my CSC FOMO just went to another level. Please keep posting your videos brother 🙂
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    Actually, the sandbox testing has not begun yet. It was postponed, probably due to Malta moving forward with creating legislation to form an authority that dealt with crypto and establish the financial rules. The new Authority, the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, should oversee all crypto related items for the government. A side note, the legislation (which was passed on July 24th), also establishes an intergency council (The Joint Regulatory Efficiency Board) to deal with issues that may arise when one or more Authority has a conflict of interest. The sandbox seems to fall into this category, so that may have been what they were waiting to get passed before moving forward to make sure something was in place to deal with any squabbles. Here is the legislation in case you want to read it. (Second Schedule deals with the JREB): MaltaDigitalInnovationAuthorityBill.pdf (I plan on going over the Malta legislation further in a blog post at some point)
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    No marketing, either, so no real speculation, yet. The first wave should be driven by both adoption pressure and speculation pressure. The adoption pressure will bring FOMO from operators. They need to get in early enough to offset future losses for pennies on the dollar once the price appreciates. If they buy CSC @ $0.001and it goes to $0.01, then their payouts are booked at 1/10 their cost. Once CSC goes to $0.005, they will use the same logic again and accumulate more. Vicious cycles of FOMO. Speculation pressure will be driven by every single crypto trader/hodler seeing exactly what we all see. A well-connected team with a functioning project that has a real world usage, no ICO, and an expanding market. CSC is available for pennies, and everyone who missed BTC/XRP/ETH, sure as shit ain't gonna miss this one.