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    Market looks like sh*t right now. Really need a news update. This week would be good!
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    BRM without a question... Binance is great, Extremely respectable.... BRM is internal.... it's like The death Star "Binance" versus Starkiller Base "BRM"
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    Should be getting a new blog post for February hopefully along with a progress update video. Not expecting any big announcements just yet but an update would be great.
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    I felt sad and lonely until I read this. 😄
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    $3-5 next year, screenshot this and hang it above your bed
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    @Ermac you think a few yrs.. When BRM is released, I can see massive amounts of coins being moved, daily.... maybe not at first,
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    @Zenkert Their better be vodka in that... 🥃 ~🎲🍍
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    Don't bother Sis, He's the one that just came here asking everybody to sell CSC to him, remember??...
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    And XRP will never hit a dollar. Your an idiot.
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    What's the matter? You seem to have joined CSCchat in late December 2018 ... getting impatient yourself because we haven't mooned yet? If demand increases due to usage or speculation, the price will go up and so will the number of accounts. It's inevitable that the distribution will proceed. Just don't expect it to be today or tomorrow. If you're just in the game for a quick buck, think again. Good luck.
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    FUD ... since when does 45.29% + 14.89% equal 80% ? The 50 biggest wallets contain app. 60% ... 60% isn't that much different from many other projects, e.g. Ripple owns an equal large amount of XRP. Last but not least, this stage of distribution is fairly normal considering the very young age of the CSC project. Normal market dynamics will apply to CSC just as much as to other digital assets.
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    Thanks to all the SPAM on XRP-chat
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    Coinmarketcap...... ...🔮🎲💸...🚀!!
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    I happened to mine it from the beginning by chance. Saw the swap info by chance last summer and recovered my wallet.dat file and swapped it out.
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    June 20 2018 when Djem/T800 posted here https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/24728-casinocoin-talk/
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    Bitcointalk in the early days.
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    LOL.. When Moon 🌑👽
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    Problem with FSC's is: Almost always the same questions. If you got 10 to 15 good unique ones, ill get one set up.
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    @Zenkert 1 or 2k out of 11 billion... We are way early to the party. Wouldn't trade ANYTHING else to be in the position I'm in now! Cheers to us, and me "The half drunk guy already" lol 🍻🍻