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    Hey all, as you might know, we are currently running a closed beta test with a small group of people for the Bankroll Manager. I am looking to increase that group and get a few more people in. If you want to help us out testing the product and killing some bugs, this is your chance! There are a few rules that will apply to the test: 1) Only sign up for it if you really have some time to do it. It is most likely an hour or two with every release. 2) You will have to sign an NDA and you won't be allowed to speak to anyone outside the test group about it. 3) During testing, you will have to use your real Data (Passport, ID etc.) for KYC. 4) You will need a Discord account. In order to show your interest send an email to: daniel(at)casinocoin(dot)org Subject: BRM Beta Test Message: Your Full Name, your Discord nick (Example: @daniel(wwf)#1337), your cscchat name (if you have one), your telegram name (if you have one), your device including Android or iOS, AppleID (if you are on iOS). The following sentence: Notes: - If you have no Discord Account, get one first. Discord is mandatory for the test! - Please NO additional text in that email - if you are barely able to operate your device, we want you! - the less technical you are, the better! Of course, skilled people are welcomed as well πŸ˜‰ Message body example: Spots are limited so not everyone will get a spot. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me here or on Discord.
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    I can see CSC doing at least 50,000% too.
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    Agreed! That would be absolutely marvellous although I’d rather it was at least Β£1 which is more than a dollar πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Note to self: MUST BUY MORE! πŸ˜‚πŸ€‘
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    XRP was $0.003 in Aug 2013 and hit $3.40 in Jan 2018 so in 4.5 years it’s appreciated 113,000%. In a 12 month period from Jan 17 to Jan 18 it appreciated 56,000%.
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    Make the wallet dynamically change color scheme, depending if CSC is up or down the last 24 hours, based on the price at the exchanges that are listed in the wallet. Red when down. Green when up.
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    This test is for mobile devices, yes @Zenkert
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    Problem with FSC's is: Almost always the same questions. If you got 10 to 15 good unique ones, ill get one set up.
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    Stable at a dollar will do nicely. Makes it easy to work out what you're betting.
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    No, they are copying the csc idea but it is just a hype scam, i asked a couple of questions in the telegram full of fake accounts and within a couple of hours the ceo said they had given up on the idea of crypto and were just developing a fiat wallet, so no competition at all, bitwin 2.0 also looks equally shite
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    @Daniel Keller is this increase of additional beta testers of the BRM, only open for using it on a mobile device?
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    Forgot to mention, i will collect people for about a week πŸ˜‰
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    Hi @OOL Very hard to get OOL in this chat so far
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    Varius World Tech (Official) https://t.me/VariusWorldTechUK Theres been no other activity, just scroll up a couple times
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    Yup, id upload screenshots but cant work out how on here
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    It feels like it’s ONLY the bots doing all the CSC buying everywhere. No-one else. Well, at least that pegs us to BTC lol. CSC = stablecoin 😊
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    What’s the point in having a page to answer questions if you direct them away from this page lol. (Sarcasm btw)
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    I think it makes him a BatBull...
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