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    1. With regards to marketing -- we're taking a soft approach with this, and will be treating the sandbox as a beta launch. The marketing activity will reflect that. It wouldn't be prudent to launch a big acquisition campaign that targets a product that may still require some tweaking, which is the whole reason for the controlled sandbox environment. What you can expect to see are some promotions, content, PR interviews etc that will coincide with the sandbox/beta launch. And when we're "out" of the sandbox, we'll start working on larger acquisition campaigns and activities. - Luke Lichtenstein, Marketing & Operations The team have said BRM comes first, once released it will be time to add more exchanges. 2. Operators will buy on the market. 3. The BRM is the bridge, you open your BRM and choose your Casino. Everything happens with the BRM, its your wallet. 4. The BRM is built with none crypto people in mind. It will be very user friendly. With the BRM you won't be using long public keys you just click the operator and you deposit required amount, same goes for withdrawal.
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    Thank you.. The BTC withdrawal matter has been resolved. Thanks for the reassuring words. Hopefully stacking these CSC pays off in the long run. 🙂
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    We haven´t heard from @pepsifaza He never explained the solution to his problem. WE supported him and now he is gone. 2 users with STEX problems does not make a Hen. But you never know, do you? Adding: Sharing a solution to a problem is important, even if one self was the one to blame. Not sharing does not help the community and educate other users. That why I consider it a shame that the above named user has not shared the solution.
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    1. What happens after BRM release.. whats on the agenda for the organization besides signing on more operators.. ? new marketing campaigns, new exchanges, etc... ? 2. Will the operator be acquiring coins directly from the CSC foundation or will be they buy on the public retail market? 3. How will the user experience for an online casino look like.. Will the user have to log on to the BRM --> then access the online casino platform via the BRM or would the BRM just be an app where users would buy CSC initially and then transfer their coins to a platform? If its the latter, I hope the transferring of coins will be as user friendly as possible.
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    “Malta is one of only four countries on this list that are part of the Schengen Area, and one of only three that are also part of the European Union. Malta has developed some of the EU’s most tax-friendly programs for both individual residents and corporations, with corporate tax rates as low as 5% possible for non-resident companies.” https://nomadcapitalist.com/2017/07/26/low-tax-countries-living-europe/
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    This is just my view based on the information I have seen. In one of the YouTube videos JC said ' The BRM will be released when we have a LIVE operator in a regulated jurisdiction.' Because its still laying the ground work in order for the BRM to be used its going to take awhile. Governments move slow. Malta is actually moving very fast. But still will take time. Just a waiting game. I think the BRM will blow up. I think it will grow rapidly. But can't move till all the little details are done. Regulator, Operator and Game Developer, Payment Processor. We really need another Fire🔥Side chat. Anyone else agree?
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    I think that's wise. I've never encountered any problems withdrawing from STEX but reading about these problems is a little concerning.
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    Something is going on with Stex at this moment... You are the second person having withdrawal problems this week. Maybe it's time to try Nuex at this moment. I've been using both, Stex and Nuex annever had a problem, but with the recent problems on Stex lately I will stay on Nuex for the next purshases.
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    Hey @Rey. Thank you for the reply. I placed a support ticket.. and never head from them. However my BTC eventually went through.. so they must have pushed it through on their end. I've since tried to withdraw my CSC bags to my wallet.. and now im getting another type of error. "withdraw error". According to Stex.. they said that they will return the coins back to my wallet in the event of a withdraw error, so ill just wait. Not exactly sure what went wrong in my attempt to withdraw my CSC. I did a test of 30 coins about a minute prior to withdrawing the entire amount and the test of 30 coins went through but the second withdraw did not. Thank you again.
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    Just contact their support. I am sure they will solve the problem. Stex is really a good exhange with a good support team! Good luck
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    I think it makes him a BatBull...
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    They haven't gone down to $0.006 to this day, thankfully!!... But doesn't mean that XRP will NEVER come down to those prices again. It COULD happen, someday, some year, theres always a possibility. Anyways, I know what you mean. Belive me, at these prices I've been buying XRP and CSC like crazy!!...
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    I'm no economist and just trying to understand your reasoning, but I didn't think you could just transfer Europe's market cap of online gambling to CSC market cap. Would this not be more like an expected yearly volume? Isn't your $ 29.06 B is the total money going through the gambling industry in a year, so surely CSC isn't 'taking' this share as its own market cap if used, it's just being used to transact in and out of the platform.
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    Not really. Nothing has ever been done like the BRM before. Crypto blogs and casino blogs will write about it. Word will spread. Many Casino operators are also watching the Sandbox test take place, to see how the BRM works. It's a very revolutionary product.
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    Dec 15 you asked me in a PM about the BRM and your paycheck arriving not until . . . Today you asked me in a PM about 6 sats. Now you asked the same question in this Thread. And you still haven´t bought any CSC. That is fun IMHO.
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    Team said in there resent blog update, 'We continue on our stated path of prioritizing product development and then addressing exchanges at the appropriate time, and as opportunities arise.
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    Actually once an operator is announced there will be a "mini" bull run but the real price movement will come when one or more operators announces they are using CSC. That's when a major bull run will happen.
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    💲0.05 EOY
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    What is a "market cap price" ? I never saw that term before ... Market cap ONLY displays the product of circulating supply and latest price ... so the term actually doesn't mean much at all. Liquidity and trading volumes are much more important imho ...