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    http://www.igamingbusiness.com/news/bettor-faster-founders-launch-startup-mentoring-programme iGaming Business Bettor Faster founders launch startup mentoring programme The founders of UX design studio Bettor Faster have launched GamblingStartup.Ventures, a new mentoring programme for those looking to launch a new business in the industry. Also signed up are AI-powered video tracking technology provider SkillCorner and Casino Coin, which offers a blockchain-powered currency for regulated casino play. Small mention of CasinoCoin.
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    Since you seem to be a Cineast @CasinoCoin here is a little something for you. The era, the car, the music, the actors, the movie, it is in my crazy mind a kind of description of CSC. Enjoy and I hope all other Club Member will too. Have a nice weekend.
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    Congratulations you win 3,000 CSC!PM me and I'll send you the CSC.
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    Here's another puzzle to solve. As with the previous one, you need to identify each film and note down the first letter of each one. Rearrange the letters to form TWO words that are related to cryptocurrency. First person to post the correct words will win 3,000 CSC. Good luck!
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    That's one of my favourite movies!
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    I just joined the chat and wanted to say cheers to the community. Long time XRP hodler and been a lurker on CSCchat for a few months. Filled my bags and ready for the ride!
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    Thats great Brother!!
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    So far we have done a pretty good job on not leaking who we will work with. I assume it will be out in the next weeks, latest when the applications are public.