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    I just joined the chat and wanted to say cheers to the community. Long time XRP hodler and been a lurker on CSCchat for a few months. Filled my bags and ready for the ride!
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    Really great that you joined us @XRP2CSC Make yourself at home and have fun. Cheers
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    Let us all have a nice ride @XRP2CSC btw Great Username and warm welcome to the Chat 👍
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    but but but it wont be possible 😛 unless we reach bilion volume, your 1 mil csc at 1 USD wont make much of an impact 😉
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    Welcome my friend!!
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    How much csc did u buy?
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    Thats great Brother!!
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    Welcome aboard !
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    No need to shout @CasinoCoin we all know that
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    More of a pump and dump than a bull run I think.
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    When it comes to compliance Casinocoin is leading the way.
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    but... but... but.... I just wanna sell it all at once at the same price and retire the same day 😄
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    Below are 15 still images from various films. Identify each film and write down the first letter of each film. Once you have the first letters of each film rearrange the 15 letters to form 2 words which are related to Casinocoin. I'll send 3,000 CSC to the first person to post the correct answer in this thread. Good luck! (click on image to enlarge)
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    All you need is the exported file,inside that file you have secret key. Either the file or the key inside can be used to restore your wallet . Try using the export file to restore your new test wallet 🙂 doesn't need to be activated
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    agree as long as you have the private key ( string starting with ss) you are good to go. No private key no ownership of the coins.