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    Can we start at Dummy Guide to keep CSC safe, to help people not loosing their precious? With instructions and more important, the common pitfalls. It should be pinned.
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    Here by a CasinoCoin brochure from ICE, I believe this was used for ICE 2018. https://www.docdroid.net/6NHv0n0/casinocoin-ice-brochure.pdf This the current brochure which is more extensive: https://casinocoin.org/doc/CasinoCoin_Presentation_en.pdf
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    the only options to get your coins back would be: - find the .keys file if you exported it manually or since 4.1.2 the wallet does it automatically to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents (don't have unix/mac path in mind) - have a backup of the .casinocoin folder - Use something like Kali Linux to clone the disk and run some recovery OR go to some professional to do it
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    Team said in there resent blog update, 'We continue on our stated path of prioritizing product development and then addressing exchanges at the appropriate time, and as opportunities arise.
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    I doubt so, where would the volume come from? I don't see BIG volume coming from the current exchanges. We might see a movement in price but I doubt thats more than 15sats, we need bigger exchanges for a bullrun. *Yes there will be volume coming from the BRM but I don't think that will be enough for a real bullrun, especially within the sandbox with restrictions.
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    I think that would be a very good idea.
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    Yeah. Seems to be that there is need for guide how restore wallet and precious CSCs. People might be new to crypto and want to invest such a great thing what we have going on.
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    In the second brochure it says: "Users will benefit from a simplified registration process that, once completed, provides a seamless, secure and trustless online gaming experience." I know that in blockchain parlance "trustless" has a positive meaning. But since the foundation is not only about the cryptospace it seems to me that this isn't the best choice of words. Just my 2 Chips!
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    If you're thinking of the same person I'm thinking of, he has quite a bit more than 250m. #theultimatewhale
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    It's very unfortunate, but as you said in the edit it's common issue if you neglect to backup . Crypto is based on concept of an individual being responsible for their own money ,keys, coins. No one is able to edit,or retrieve anything from the network itself. Good luck ! What you can do for the future, is set up Google drive and automatically backup your key folders, it's not as secure option but definitively better than not backing up . This thread will be locked and tagged as solved.
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    It's a real shame because that wallet belongs to me and I paid my hard earned money for it 😞 I purchased the coins around 1 year ago and have waited patiently for the release of BRM. Timing couldn't be any worse as people are now expecting things to develop imminently and I don't have any fiat to buy more just yet. I wonder if @Daniel Keller can possibly do anything to help retrieve my wallet? Edit - ignore the above rant. Losing private keys seems to be a fairly common issue in crypto having researched similar issues on the Internet with no chance of recovery. I'll just have to buy again in small chunks and hope this thing doesn't take off until I've accumulated my initial value.
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    Do not underestimate 2 Mill CSC. Imagine owning 2 Mill XRP bought at the price where CSC is now. I shure understand your concern @Ed101 and I really hope you will be able to get your CSC back.
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    A data recovery company could recover your files if you're not able to do it yourself. This one has a lot of good reviews https://www.securedatarecovery.com/services/hard-drive-recovery
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    Got to love these prices. Double stack now. Too bad that cant change poll....
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    The bull will wake up, the gnashing of the teeth will go through the cryptosphere when they find out they missed this gem. $1 in a few months* *If we get bigger exchanges.
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    I need 5 MIL more and I’m done buying. Have my XRP and TRX stash complete just need to get CSC there and I can start looking for something new to dabble in. update: looks like I hit my 5 MIL more but unfortunately I bought an extra 50k more. I guess I’m going to have to make it an even 5 MIL more and buy another 4.95 MIL dang
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    So.... price action is boring. Did early XRP investors feel like that? Just boring accumulation? paycheck by payckeck?
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    Imagine having 3Mill XRP bought at the CSC Price as of today, with that underrated XRP Price right now. Boring ? ? ?
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    There are a few people that bite their tongue right now, cause they are under NDA and currently testing it... Whoops.... I never said that...
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    BRM is NOT a platform with games on it.
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    Just over 2 million which for me was a lot but a drop in the ocean for most. I guess I'll just have to re-invest and move on. Harsh lesson learned.
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    Its fairly simple, you formatted your hard drive and lost your keys. The phrase won't help you out nor the address or balance will. Without your private keys you won't be able to retrieve them... I am sorry for your loss
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    The majority of all slot machines in Las Vegas will support csc coin by the end of this year. Csc will be around $10. My resignation letter is already written. Just needs to be signed. I started to count the days.