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    CasinoCoin is currently waiting for the partnered operator to submit the application to the MGA sandbox, once that has happened and it is approved the foundation will release the BRM and you will be able to download on Android/IOS from the respective stores. Once you have installed and went through the signup process (KYC/AML) you will be able to play. Here is some good FAQ: https://www.mga.org.mt/vfa-dlt-sandbox-framework-faqs/ Join the discord for more information from the team: http://casinocoin.chat
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    Moonboys are all around. I am a grumpy old one
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    Haha it is. Soon as it's released Ill be downloading it
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    Does anyone know how to apply, to be able to use the BRM in the MGA sandbox test? To be one of the players that can gamble. Thanks.
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    Hi, I Just noticed a bot buys every 10 min on Nuex (cscbtc). Any commets on this?
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    0.30 by march is a little extreme. Sure it would be fantastic! I think 0.30 is more of a 2020 thing.
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    Given the sandbox will use real CSC in testing, who knows. $0.005 is a win!
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    I would like to know this too. I would LOVE to test it out!
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    Saw this on discord. Excellent questions and answers from the Foundation.
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    But when Binance? 😛