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    I agree with @Zenkert... @Tonnie... I have mentioned this to a few people before and I will mention it to you as well.. • Gambling has been around longer than written history.. Only real use-cases will survive in this new REAL world.. keep that in mind when browsing, and keep your chin up as well Only time will tell who's going to throw the last punches..
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    Just a notice, that is becoming more and more tiresome. Say I own a stock any kind of stock. I can sell it and buy another stock. But with Crypto - first you have sell into another Crypto and then buy the Crypto that you want. This business have to mature. Did a test today at Binance with my Moeda [MDA]. I have to either go trough ETH or BTC . And then I have my ETH and BTC to buy what I wanted to buy. BTW I did not sell cause I like my Moeda. FREE the Trading Pairs on all exchanges. This is just plain stupid madness.
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    @Yellowmellowsub diversify my friend! The all-eggs-in-one-basket may not pan out.. spread the wealth!
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    Yeah, it is very tiresome.. when this leash loosens grip.. Life hopefully will be a-lot smoother
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    Yeah. Also pretty cheap on XRP sell side.
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    @Zenkert thanks homie! @Tonnie how's your research going???!
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    @Tonnie It is posted correctly in - Gaming Industry Discussion (Non Crypto) - so it has nothing to do with CSC.