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    CasinoCoin was created with gambling in mind, it is custom build for that purpose with BRM, KYC, AML,user protection, GPS tracking, a unique Explorer for regulators build in. CSC is made for white labeld regulated gaming, currently most of casinos that accept BTC or other alt coins are not regulated therefore even if xrp becomes a standard in banking , it's not meant for gambling CSC would be the best choice for that, CSC is the right tool for online gaming.
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    @XRP Different projects, different use-cases.... You should know better šŸ‘
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    Honestly I don't see how this is disagreeing, because you are right. The current exchanges currently might not be able to handle the volume and we will need a better options in near future, volume after all will be generated due to utility of CSC while using BRM. However my concern is the perception of binance or any other high volume exchange, that if CSC gets listed on binance as per say, it will be more valuable and get instant volume. And that thinking is based all on purely speculation , hence me saying we don't need any exchange for those to occur since volume and price wilk be driven by players not traders , it's the players who will initiate volume.
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    Hang in there. as long as CSC grows as a foundation/company/usage so will your profits. some people in XRPchat remember when XRP was at .009. Imagine buying CSC at .0003 and someday seeing it at .40! you never know
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    Thanks. I do know how to transfer funds, but i was asking more along the lines of once people are ready to sell.. WILL they be able to? @Rey got it right with liquidity.
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    Thanks for sharing. I respectfully disagree. Not targeting Binance per se, however I think that CSC needs enough liquidity to succeed. That means enough supply and demand available (volume) as well as enough fiat available via exchanges or other liquidity providers. I honestly doubt that the current exchanges that list CSC are even close to capable to meet those requirements. As soon as more (and bigger) exchanges start listing CSC, PnD schemes are inevitable (as long as the crypto market isn't properly regulated). You can try to prevent PnD schemes, but the way it happens right now, listing on minor exchanges without much volume, won't work in the long term (just imho of course), it only buys time as the asset is not easily available and therefore impacts supply and demand. I'm very curious to see how the market place for CSC will develop. Exciting times ahead!
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    The only reason is because volume is so low. They're hoping for one person to dump hard on the CSC/XRP pair. They're hoping for luck, that's all.
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    Also I don't suggest trying to day trade with the BRM coming so soon and the Sandbox testing started... You may find yourself with much less CSC then you started with.
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    I have bought at every level between 4-10 sats. And I am continuing to buy (And honestly I just buy whatever the current market value is). Anything under 50 sats is an absolute steal.
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    Here I am bitching about this not knowing you bought at 10. and I am trying for 6 sats, it may not work but if it does fine, if not I still have my xrp. Yea I have decided to accumulate as much as I can but it is such a slow process, everything just sits there unless you pay market and I don't want to do that, yet. I know you will tell me 8 sats is probably good and it probably is. May just have to re-think in a few days and go for 8.
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    My first purchase was at 10 sats, months ago. It dropped and dropped to 4 sats, then returned to 10 just to drop a little more. Due to the extended bear market we haven't seen the surge that a lot of other coins have seen in the past. We will get our surge. CSC is VERRRRRY unknown currently. Patience is your friend.
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    Thanks, if just seems like every time I pocket a pail of csc, the value goes down or remains the same. How come I always feel cheated when I buy these damn coins or any coin. LOL. I do manage to trade even most times, one time I would like to trade and make a few bucks.
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    You get the same amount of CSC then as you would now. Just the value of those CSC will be greater as XRP has risen.
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    The current exchanges are great. No real need for Binance but once CSC is in use and players are using the BRM then a listing on one of the major, trusted exchanges would be good. Binance would be a bonus and I believe CSC will become a top 30 if not top 20 coin on CMC in future so I'd expect Binance to list it then.
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    I never believed the 'Happy problem to have' scenario. It's happy right now because we arent in the situation yet.
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    Oh wow. Wish I knew! Have many friends out that way. Iā€™m thinking summer 2019 is my next trip to that area. Definitely grab a beer and pay with some CSC profits šŸ˜
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    Actually I doubt if that's the problem that @XRPto50dollars is addressing ... guess he's targeting liquidity. There's got to be sufficient supply and demand of CSC available as well as enough fiat available on the exchanges (and other liquidity providers). This is an issue e.g. Ripple is trying to solve (i.c. XRP of course) as it's a big issue when targeting FI's ...
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    I wish I had this problem now.... However just as mentioned, just like people are willing to buy the are willing to sell that's where money is coming from not the exchange itself, it's not financing your trades other traders do.