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    Merry Christmas y’all!
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    I wish a fantastic year for all of us and Casino Coin!!! May 2019 be the year of BRM
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    Well obviously Binance will become one of the CSC exchanges since they want coins with use cases.
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    Reputable projects do not annouce what exchange they will be listed at, and at Double C Foundation it's no different. Any Exchange, will be announced when the time is right and there will be no name pre-annoucment. IT's good to have variaty of exchanges avaibalble ,if one is down others will be on so there will be no delisting of CSC from any exchanges.
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    The foundation doesn’t really do pre-announcements. When things are ready to launch officially is when you hear about it. I am certain bigger exchanges with the right fit for CSC will come. It has be stated that by the sandbox going live this will give much more traction is this area.