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    Pls watch this brief holiday update from yours truly. Trying to clarify a few things on what hopefully will be a watershed quarter for CSC in 2019! Happy Holidays --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8T7gSdlRGE&feature=youtu.be
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    At $50 1 million CSC will cost a staggering $50,000,000 and anyone new to CSC buying for the first time will think 50 bucks is cheap. And by then, I'm long gone enjoying a few drinks at the Bahamas
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    Great. Some clarification on things. Keep on doing what you are doing it so CSCerious. A Happy holiday to you too @John Caldwell the Team and the Foundation 🎄
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    https://www.timesofmalta.com/mobile/articles/view/20181209/business-news/gaming-authority-ceo-we-need-to-step-up-compliance.696220#.XBPcRouyGmg.twitter “Cryptocurrencies will eventually be regulated and once they are, things will change and they will become normal business.”
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    What I am reading is fire... 🔥 At 10 cents 1 million csc will cost a staggering $100,000 and anyone new to CSC buying for the first time will think 10 cents is cheap.
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    What is up guys. I have some awesome news for you all that's been curious about my situation. I have my coins!!! With Daniel's help I was able to recover the .key files backup and reimport my old wallet! Oh and by the way, Windows was stuck at boot because of the Windows update just like I thought! Going to celebrate by loading my bags even more now lol EDIT: Damn Daniel, we did it.
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    Ok... Give me a minute...
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    We need approx $2800 to eat through 8 and 9 sats on STEX. If we can get 10 people to spend $280 we'll touch 10 sats. Who's in?! 😛
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    Thanks John!! Have a great time on your Holidays too!!
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    CSC has two main things those answering a question is it security or not. 1. No ICO 2. Non profit organisation. These two main factors makes CSC NOT A SECURITY!
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    volume is tricky atm. last Price doesn't mean anything. For the last Price I'd have gotten half a mil more than I actually got. Lol, my market order just jacked up the Price from 0.00072 to 0.001049.... geez I hope I'll return to this thread in not too Long of a time and laugh that for a bit more of the money I usually spend on a dinner for two with a few Drinks upfront, I actually bought almost a Million CSC
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    By what month in 2019 will csc price start to increase?
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    I bought the Bahamas already... I was thinking about a new name for it Aha Casinocoins islands
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    @Deividas let's hope so... Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
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    You registered 3 days ago... It has taken people years to fully understand what's at stake... Just keep researching and let it sink in... FOMO is real ...
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    At 10 cents 1 million csc will cost a staggering $100,000 and anyone new to CSC buying for the first time will think 10 cents is cheap. This is a golden window of opportunity to buy the same amount for a few hundred dollars.
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    Accumulate accumulate do I need to say it another time? Yes! ACCUMULATE. These prices will soon be history and will never be seen again, build your stacks now instead of building it at 10 cents
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    I'm impatient. Bought into the 7s. If you've been around for at least a year you can sense things are starting to happen. More people joining up, sandbox about to start.....just lots of positive energy. My point is grab while you can. This price will be a distant memory in 2 months.
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    the day btc is at 60k, if that ever happens, CSC will have CSC/fiat pairing on multiple exchanges, and will be worth much more than $0.09 I believe. Plus, btc dominance in terms of pairing might shrink and XRP take over, so even without CSC/fiat, the XRP price in USD might be of much more importance than that of BTC.