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    Besides csc only xrp. I have had DGB and VET but sold all of it for csc a couple of months ago. That was a good choice i tink 😉
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    Hey guys, as many of you know I am the sucker that has 9.8 million CSC stuck on bitflip. Today bitflip put out a new update. It looks like another exchange bought them or something and everyone’s funds are migrated over there. I am all set up on the new exchange and now trying to get my csc the heck out of there. A little confused on the process. Can anyone who is a little more crypto savvy than me translate the instructions/new info? Here is the update: BITEXBOOK is BitFlip’s assignee Hi guys! Negotiations have been completed, and a detailed balance management algorithm has been developed, and we are ready to make public the name of the successor - BITEXBOOK. During the bilateral negotiations we reached an agreement according to which StreamCapital Group company (BITEXBOOK cryptocurrency exchange) becomes a legal successor of the rights and duties of BitFlip exchange. The BITEXBOOK Exchange undertakes to fix BitFlip customers balances in its system by issuing debt tokens in the equivalent of the currency in which balances have been remaining on BitFlip customers’ wallets (tokens are issued with the “bf” prefix). The redemption (redemption) of these tokens in a 1: 1 ratio will be made at the expense of commission income in the amount of 100% of the BitFlip client trade. In the future, the management of BITEXBOOK is ready to send additional reserve funds for the prompt discharge of debt obligations. In addition, we plan to negotiate with the management of some coins, offering them to help compensate for the losses incurred by the BitFlip team. To migrate, click on the BitFlip link or click here - https://bitflip.li/migration. Detailed migration instructions are also available here. Your BitFlip team.
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    Is this it. Is this the..... CSCeppening?!?!?! We touched 9!
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    I think it was a good choice too @RMCSC My HODL´s are XRP and CSC, but I also play around a bit not to loose interest in the Market. MDA I have for the mission of the project, well not entirely, cough, cough, it does some moves on it´s on and it is possible to get some gain, keep the original investement and use the gain to buy more CSC.
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    Nuex is awesome brother! But yeah, sometime you need to do some maths on the XRP/CSC pair. Sometimes there are no good sell orders. Sorry to read that though.
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    I am a little curious about what other Coins Chatmembers have, more than CSC ? I have XRP and Moeda [MDA]. And some Fiats waiting at my exchange if the market drops further.
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    Sure, let's have a party ... And let's just forget that BTC was twice a high last August ...
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    I'ma greedy bastard. I overshot my goal by 200% already but pffff. want more
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    @dabiggapicta At Nuex I only buy with XRP. It is great to skip one step of the process ( I have no BTC ) I buy XRP at Bitstamp with fiat, transfer to Nuex, to buy CSC. And I also found out that buying with XRP there. Do not look at the sell orders. Place a buy order where you feel comfortable. Most of them get through - it is like gambling - sort of.
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    ... well VTHO are more worth than CSC right now. I do not know if should laugh, or cry, or have a mental breakdown . . . ...
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    Yes sir, since even the price of instant ramen noodles exceeds the current price of VTHO ... oh well ...
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    Have you kept your VTHO? I have.
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    Have to admit that it ain't easy to say the least ... bought this summer around $ .016 ... current price is app. $ .0037
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    Still belive in VET do you? I had VET´s sold with a loss, just like my CRAZY gamble on BCH before the ABC/SV fork. That was my absolute worst move in DA ever So far -
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    Right now about 85% of my stash is XRP, app. 10% is CSC, 5% is VET (maybe I'll add NEXO and BAT some day, though I think I'll keep it to the current bucket).
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    This is very big news, maybe not so much for "crypto people" but for "gambling people" and will be noticed even right before the crazy holiday season. Compliance means more than KYC and sadly most projects don't fully understand that. Compliance is one of the key issues for regulated & licensed gambling. We are happy to have Antonio on board.
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    Should I be concerned? 😄
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    its difficult now a days to really know. who's to say @DanBilzerian didn't create an account here because of a CSC issue and never saw a need to be here before? of course, you never know. maybe he's phishing to see who is computer literate for some reason to HACK OUR CSC!
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    I get some kind of FUD / Fishing feeling in this thread, after reading again. I might be wrong. But it sure feels so. A member with no reputation with a naked AVATAR sorrounded by women. It feels bit strange. And the subject too. Usually my Gut feeling is correct. 85% correct. Bitflip was one of my Gut feelings. Beware of posters now that CSC is getting Traction is my humble advice.
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    bought against XRP at Nuex. what a ripoff. couldve gotten half a million more, even at 7sats with NLEXCH. Nuex sucks, They quote insane prices. should've calculated better. That's 1 million USD at 2 USD per CSC. what a shitshow.
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