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    you greedy son of a gun hahahahaaaa May it be filled!
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    Yeah, really a nice time to enter. Well done! I'm convinced that anybody who bought in this year will see a very nice ROI in time. Cheers!
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    I nearly pulled the trigger back in June when Djem first created the CSC club over the road. Lack of volume and wallets held me back. Funnily enough, was 5 sats back then - and then the rise to double digits almost triggered FOMO - and now I’m in at 5 sats and more bang for buck - perfect 🙂
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    Hey @Flintstone It's really awesome that you joined us at CSCchat! Good to see you here! We're in for some exciting times ...
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    Yes, the mobile wallet has been forked from toast. Toast is pretty well known and eased up things for us a lot. Now that we have it available on the app store as well, we will put more time into it again. 🙂
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    Volume ain’t too shabby at the moment 😀
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    I’ve been waiting for this before pulling the trigger. Now I’m the proud owner of some CSC. App works great, thanks 👍
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    Nice!!! I'm waiting for a order in STEX at 4 sats... Hope it passes this week 🙂
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    @Wutang2889 : He clearly says there is no release date as of now.
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    I saw this as well ..
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    STEX if you're using BTC. NUEX if you're using XRP.
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    Same place where I buy my rolex watches and lambos.
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    You can convert your CSC into BTC on STEX or NUEX and then send the BTC to your Uphold wallet and then cash out in either USD, Euros or GBP. You can transfer funds straight to your bank. The bank transfer fee is $3.99.
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    50 sats. my mouth is watering.....
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    Ah, OK, well, as you might know in software development the term "Fork" is also being used.
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    Yep, that's the one. I really like it. If you want to receive CSC in your wallet go to "Receive coins" and right click on your account in order to copy.
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    With CSC in our hands, it's hard NOT to go all-in!!!
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    Wow... It looks pretty...
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    This looks awesome! Want this red one?
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    Yep, thread has been pinned and locked. When more exchanges get added we can update. Nice one @BlackJack
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    This is.... one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
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    Microgaming’s Lydia Barbara joins CasinoCoin advisory board http://www.casinobeats.com/2018/07/25/microgamings-lydia-barbara-joins-casinocoin-advisory-board/