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    I only use bitcoin, it reminds me of the oldtimes when you had to send a letter to your mate instead of a whatsapp message.
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    Same place where I buy my rolex watches and lambos.
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    Right answer! Good to see you bull ... hope all is well
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    Easy, just use two fingers and press both Buttons.
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    With the holidays fast approaching, don’t forget about those that mean the most to you Rey.
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    Two questions in one, and underneath is a third question. 1. What other people use, how can I know that? 2. I have Google Authenticator on my Mobile. I use it when I log in on my Computer to Exchanges. 3. The answer to the third question is what is the alternative? So the way I use 2FA with Google Authenticator is not at all sms related. Or text as US residents might call it.
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    Any kind of Porridge, is good and very Healthy.
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    Soup cooking is very a Damn good way to get a lot of food for almost no money. I often cook a Gulasch soup that lasts 4Eever. 3-4 hour invested in cooking. And then portion it, freeze it and you have a lot of food too eat. Just a note, soup matures over time. So I let it rest 24 H in room temperature before I eat some of it and then freeze the rest (Fish soup excluded in this . . . LOL )
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    I don't eat them often, but they are a quick cheap meal. I like to make BULK food and eat it over the course of a week. Spend 10-15 dollars and have 10 good quality meals. I made 3 pounds of taco meat and will have tacos, nachos, burritos, and taco salad until probably Monday/Tuesday 😛 Then I'll do something like Mississippi Pot Roast (one of my favorites) or a few gallons of chicken veggie soup or something of the like.
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    @BiffTannen is here. Welcome my friend. How is Time Travelling? Any Manure - disturbing the space time continuum ?
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    Good to C U 2, dear sire Count I am fine and you?
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    Some might prefer Lada, I rather use Bugatti.
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    Nuex for sure. Best place to buy CSC using XRP. https://www.nuex.com/exchange/market/CSC_XRP
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    @Daz : Great insights. Can you please create a fresh topic and post your insights about Authy etc viz Google Authenticator. Maybe the mods can pin it later. Thanks for the research.
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    Late Night here @Daz I want to Thank You before hitting the Hay. Your latest contributions in this Post of mine is very valuable. Please excuse for being a bit pecky in the beginning, I did not mean to do any harm. And you proved that being pecky brings out the best in you Mille Grazie!
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    My apologies, I didn't think anything of it. I'm genuinely interested. I guess I went off on a bit of a tangent when doing some research. Thanks for the nudge back
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    So why run away with the OP and mention Hydro @Daz ? Stay grounded is my advice, you are just confusing people who have a real interest in this issue.
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    You need to have that code which usually shows up along with the QR. And store that somewhere. Without it, it's impossible to move at Google 2FA to a new phone. You have to contact the site and get them to help. Some of them have an option for lost 2FA. It's not uncommon for that to happen.
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    My bag is filled, was yesterday - 3 times what was my intital goal. I look for other opportunities now. I will HODL my CSC now.