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    After waiting almost a week, i'm finnaly a shark! I want to thank the persons wo sold their 5mil csc to me
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    I just had this massive overwhelming feeling about CSC’s price. Surely it makes sense st $1. When people gamble with CSC on the sites they will psychologically want their CSC to roughly equal $1 so they know how much they are gambling. I know it makes no sense as the price will be dictated by supply v demand no my some psychological number but my Wookiee fur stood up when I thought about this so it must be true!! This is the Trading & Price Speculation Club after all. So when $1?
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    Will it be possible to transfer CSC to the Nano Ledger S at some point?
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    Soon with XRP hitting 589 we are all going to PAMP THIS BABY UPPPPPP
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    I usually start to say weird stuff too if I drink way too much...
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    Nice one Brother!!... I will get there soon I hope!!... Cheers!!
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    My thought too @LeGonze It must have been a shout out from one brain cell to the Rest of the World. We are here @BumFuzzle anything else on your mind?
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    What are you talking about??... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Very enlightening, but so full of sh*t too. Paper Wallet is the same, bro, Lighten up.
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    They're targeting esports so not competition.
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    Hey just want to clarify that its not a bait and switch, stex.exchange had been working for over a year putting the exchange together and before they got to do some PR, stocks.exchange bought out the stex.com domain and stex.exchange had to rebrand to 50x.com just recently. But yes stex.com is the one with CSC currently listed on it.
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    They donΒ΄t FOLD! So you donΒ΄t FODL. HODL.
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    I am working on that. It will be available the "hacking" way before it works the official way. It's a question of paying for the integration. Someone tossed a new number and it ranges from 20k to 40k
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    You DO NOT want your CSC or even any other coin on ledger shit. First they charge 50,000 for the priviledge. Next YOU do not control the secret keys to your wallet so not your coins. Why is it all of you are comfortable with that? Read the news about the ledger shit servers going down and noone being able to make withdrawals. Learning how to use a paper wallet js absolutely free and a 1000x more secure.
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    Agreed, this would b great!