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    A word on exrates: We didn't pay for the listing. However, like always: We do not endorse any exchange. Simply because we can't. I have looked into the issues that have been forwarded to me. Withdrawals not working: This has been fixed today. The minimum amount and fees are out of this universe, I already contacted them about it. Support page not working: Link in the menu is giving a 404, but the chat in the lower right works. I told them about the broken page. Crappy Design: Ill give you that one. But it works. Fake Volume: There is the chance that this is correct, like most top50 exchanges. Social Media: Bought likes, replies and follower. Seems like. Depends on you if this matters. And here comes the very important part, which makes me wanna freak out and bite into my desk: I could not find a single propper scam accusation. Please link me one if you know one. Watch my lips, I will talk real slow: This is still crypto. He said, she said doesn't work! Just because of some random dude on Reddit, bitcointalk or xrpchat (holy moly i said it!) calling something a scam, it is not becoming a scam by default. That's not how it works. Here is how a proper scam accusation looks like https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2248106.0 This topic was written by me and explains in detail what happens along with proof for people to verify. You should be able to spot the difference between this and "yAdA yAdA aLl mY cOiNz GoNe!!!!!!!!!! ImMa cHaRgIn My LaZar!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So if someone got "scammed" I expect at least that level of detail along with facts that can be verified. If there are proper accusations, please point me to them. Again, please note I am not defending exrates I am just stating what I see. What I have tested myself: Deposits and Withdrawals Trading works. Support does its job. All issues I did make up for support (lower right) have been resolved. Fiat Deposits via Perfect Money. Referrals are working. Basic Security Stuff, in place and working. Their API is nice. I am posting this just to reply to all messages I got at once and I am happy to have a serious convo from here moving forward. I am not endorsing exrates. If you have any doubts about any exchange, do not deposit any coins or fiat and always stay away! No hard feelings, just want to make sure we are all on the same page and talking about this on the same level.
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    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell https://youtu.be/GYP0zty4HSU
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    You always should have doubts! Let's just verify them and see if they are legit. If yes, let's take action. No one should read my statement and be like this:
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    Hi @John Caldwell and @Daniel Keller!! Thanks again for the effort. We know that you guys and all the team is working hard to get this thing right. I just wanted to tell you to not listen to negative people on any Social Media Channel. There will always be those type of people. They just want to be Billionaires in 2 months. It's insane!!! Belive me, the true supporters of this project will wait and will be patient because we know this will take time. Just keep working as hard as you can!! Thanks again!! We will be waiting for the next announcement!!
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    Well my example of today deposited 200$ to the website and cost me 21$ in fees so I payed 221$ to be able to gamble with 200$. When I cash out I either need to do it via check which comes from a different country and I can only withdraw 3500$ at a time and is hard to deposit at my local bank. Usually takes 3+ weeks to get the check and then almost a week for it to hit my account once I deposit and deal with Bs questions at my bank. I can withdraw via bitcoin but this takes about 2 days for the site to review my withdrawal then almost a day to hit my coinbase account and I have to deal with fees leaving the gaming site as well as selling the btc at coinbase fee and then have to withdraw from there to my PayPal or bank. I get it quicker with PayPal but have to pay the bank transfer fee if I want it immediate and again can only do 5k like once a month directly to my card which takes like 10 mins. Ive wanted to try other gaming sites but honestly don’t feel like going through the hassle of being approved. It would be nice to just get approved once and be able to deposit and withdraw in a matter of seconds on multiple gaming sites, without getting destroyed by several high fees and everything being quick. If I didn’t own so many CSC I’d honestly be more excited about the gaming experience than making a profit off my CSC. When I do get to use it to game some of my stack will be purely for gambling and the other for investing. Just have to make sure I can keep the two separate. I’m telling you this will make a huge difference in experience of a gambler.
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    hello everyone just joined the CSC revolution
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    Your mind change your life, not CSC.
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    ✨Congratulations to @FatMatt The Final Price at 24 Feb 15:00 GMT was 0.0002328 FatMatt Price was 0.0002333 Please post your CSC wallet address and tag if needed and you will be sent your 25,000 CSC 🏆
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    Why don’t you give a million of your CSC away if 25k isn’t good enough.
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    CSC/USD has just been added to exchange exrates. https://exrates.me/dashboard
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    MegaNerd I see you chat so much shit on the forum. Do you even know what the BRM is?
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    Found this in Bitcointalk.org Confirms my gut feeling about the exchange and the tweet from them adding CSC, that felt a bit off topic.
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    Closed. Mails likely to go out today/tomorrow. You will get an email in any case.
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    Yes would love for price to increase of CSC but damn I just want to be able to use it. Sick of paying a massive fee when depositing money on my gambling sites.
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    Reminds me of thiis @QuizPops Bitcoin Pizza Day May 22. https://qz.com/1285209/bitcoin-pizza-day-2018-eight-years-ago-someone-bought-two-pizzas-with-bitcoins-now-worth-82-million/
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    Sometimes my card gets declined as well because the processing changes and is from different countries so if I deposit more than once or twice I’ll have to call my bank to get them to release the funds or take the hold off the account once I verify it’s me making the payments.
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    Zerp_Legend from XRPChat here Been a fan of csc since last autumn. Just registered here because I actually wanted to warn you guys about exrates. Probably a scam exchange. Let shope they at least pamp csc for us 😉
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    CSC cant really go much lower lol
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    For a while I thought I had my first OOL [ Out Of Likes ] moment in CSCChat. But the like appeared after a second. Sheyt I want to be the first one to get an OOL i this chat.
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    When you wake up and see the price of CSC is at 50 cents...