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    SNTVT and NOIA are going on a run very soon both going live. Both can be bought on Kucoin. 👌 https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/noia-network/ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sentivate/
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    Did we get an indication which exchanges are in scope?
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    Value will go up once CSC is on a major exchange such as Bittrex. I'm not complaining about the price. Daniel is doing his best and I'm willing to wait.
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    I think 10B will be added slowly the rest locked up. New total will be 65B.
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    This from my post above: Additionally, this move is unprecedented as far as I know. Yes, I know that projects like VeChain increased their supply by a lot from what it was, but they did it for other legit reasons. And, when they did it they allocated additional tokens to their holders accordingly to offset the change in supply. Here, they're almost doubling the supply, which will tank our holdings to zero for sure (not that's it's not already zero). They clearly didn't give their holders a second thought. I think they're just delaying their demise. I say that because I think if this project still had legs some of the many "heavy hitters" they HAD on their board would have taken more of a vested interest in the project. I'm afraid that even if they somehow rise out of the ashes from all this, it won't be in my lifetime. They may very well find themselves in trouble (at least in the US). It's true that holding a coin is not like holding a stock in that you don't have ownership in the company, you don't get a vote, blah, blah, blah....However, that doesn't mean you can screw people raw and there are no laws to protect people who bought the coin. In my view, we should at least rise up and e-mail the foundation stating our position. If they don't change their position and at least allocate a potion of the additional supply to offset holders losses that will be created by the additional supply, they will find themselves facing lawsuits, which will destroy them. And by "they" I don't just mean the CSC Foundation. I include Caldwell and the others who we're working on their exit while at the same time giving holders false hope. Other coins have found themselves in deep legal shit for a lot less. We as holders may not technically have a say, but if CSC wants community support they need to step up. Let's put the pressure on; we don't have anything more to lose anyway.
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    I can understand your point of view. The 25billion injection is far from ideal but the way I see it is if they can sort out the funding and the liquidity problems then they're back on track and in a better position than before. Daniel should have been made director from the start in my opinion. Smart, hard worker and the king of multi-tasking. Getting CSC on any one of the top exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, Kraken etc. would be helpful, target the low hanging fruit instead of going for tier 1 operators who I don't think are ready yet, get CSC integrated on the Nano Leger, get it marketed properly and I don't see why the project can't be successful.
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