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    Pls watch this brief holiday update from yours truly. Trying to clarify a few things on what hopefully will be a watershed quarter for CSC in 2019! Happy Holidays --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8T7gSdlRGE&feature=youtu.be
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    Merry Christmas y’all!
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    And a Happy New CSCerious 2019 ! ! ! !
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    Your BTC deposit is probably credited to your account at the operator you are gambling with, to ensure you don't get bored waiting and go off to do something else while you wait! The operator takes the risk that the BTC is on it's way to them eventually through the blockchain - but if you actually check the blockchain for your deposit, it won't have been processed to their address in "a min or 2 tops". BTC doesn't work like that. The operator doesn't particularly care - it knows it is likely to get processed to them in the blockchain eventually - and in the meantime, if you win big, you can bet they won't release your winnings to you for withdrawal until your deposit has truly arrived anyway! There is a risk to the operator that the BTC never arrives, of course... Enter CSC and the BRM. Solves all the above operator risks, and truly allows instant deposit (credited on the ledger in seconds) and instant withdrawals (credited again in seconds), all without any operator "processing" time ("upto 48 hours to process" - really?), because KYC & AML is already complete and your actual deposit has been verified received in the first place.
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    Man... It doesn’t matter if you understand or not why a Tier 1 Operator wants to join. The important thing is They do. Actually a Tier 1 Operator will be doing a Sandbox with CasinoCoin as the Malta Gaming Regulator is starting this process on Jan 1st. THIS INFO IS IN THE FORUM. Now, why not using BTC? Well, because ITS FRIKING SLOW AND EXPENSIVE!!!... CSC?? Tx in less than 4 secs and like a millionth of a penny. Why not XRP?? Because it’s aimed for the crossborder transaction. They HAVE an specific purpose. Ripple is working soooo hard at that specific niche. So does CSC and CasinoCoin, the gamblibg industry. CSC is specifically coded for the gambling industry. It was “forked” from XRP codebase but with a few improvements to fit better in this industry. Of course XRP/Ripple or someone through xSpring can try to get in the gambling industry, but would be like CSC Foundation trying to get to Cross Border transactions, they will be years behind. I’m into XRP and CSC only. Right now I’m like 70%XRP and 30%CSC, so belive me, I’m super pro XRP, but also see a huge huge potencial in CSC. I see it as XRP/Ripple in 2014. Now, I don’t get this “Sell me on CSC” thing. You might feel a little harsh some responses you got, but you need to see also that it’s a little lazy to just join a forum and say, “Ok, give me all the info you got”, As almost everybody told you, you need to do deep research and make your own decisions. If you like it great! If you don’t that’s fine. I’m saying this in a good, positive, polite manner, as you’ve been very nice asking everyone. I’m afraid that no one will “sell you” anything here. It’s just up to you. Even the CasinoCoin Foundation it’s in a “No Hype” mode at this moment. They will start Marketing hard and lights and stars AFTER they get the product working on a REAL OPERATOR. They don’t even push it to the biggest exchanges at this moment. I’m also into Sports Betting and I would definitely use CSC and BRM because it will open basically the whole world of betting and I will have it right at my hand. I might take advantage of any “bonus”, special features, tournaments, etc, etc, the different operators offer all over the world. Right now I’m just stuck to a Mexican Operator. I again invite you to do a deep research and if you like the product join us!!! You will love this community!!...
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    "And btc is fast and cheap enough to work efficiently for this space if xrp is not used"
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    Hello again , I had to read up everything there and I will try my best to answer : Concerning Tier 1 operator, these guys are highly regulated and audited a lot any mistake or slip will be costing them a lot of revenue and even license , so why not to add a great layer of transparency at cost of nothing? Brm / CSC is it! Brm gives confidence that any player has done KYC, has user protection and can be audited for money laundering and tax evasion. Big tier 1 operator has the edge over small providing quality games and could have even better promotions, if two tier 1 join or other tier it just creates a healthy opportunity and competition. BTC,xrp, and why CSC ? CSC is using xrp technology, BTC vs xrp it's obvious xrp is the winner so why not xrp in brm copy? Simply because CSC is custom built , foundation said that they literally went and looked what's regulatory and operator need and built on that need .using xrp would require a lot of communication with xrp Dev gurus and any change foundation and BRM would be on mercy of xrp gods when they will push a change and if. So having own custom coin is much better,can work quicker and be way more flexible. have I missed out on anything?
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    I bought some more last weekend at 7 sats. I'm going to make a little paper wallet card for my nephews and give them each 100k coins in their stockings this year.
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    Well obviously Binance will become one of the CSC exchanges since they want coins with use cases.
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    Reputable projects do not annouce what exchange they will be listed at, and at Double C Foundation it's no different. Any Exchange, will be announced when the time is right and there will be no name pre-annoucment. IT's good to have variaty of exchanges avaibalble ,if one is down others will be on so there will be no delisting of CSC from any exchanges.
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    I wish a fantastic year for all of us and Casino Coin!!! May 2019 be the year of BRM
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    Today bought my first CSC!
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    Hello, the new wallet will be using CSC as gas just like tokens on eth uses gas. The new tokens will be purchased from foundation using CSC by operator who wants to for example create loyalty tokens or custom tokens. All tokens will be on CSC ledger Does this answer your question?
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    I will tell you what I know or how i think might be, BRM will be using a 3rd party payment process which will connect with an exchange and buy/sell CSC at market price , how it will be internally it's very difficult for anyone to guess . But processor is the one that will take care of conversion from fiat to CSC and vice versa. However people who don't play or aren't in the permitted jurisdiction might not be able to utilize BRM as fiat exit point.
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    OMG!! Almost page 100!!...
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    HMRC update 19 dec 18 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tax-on-cryptoassets/cryptoassets-for-individuals
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    You know people are bullish when the tax avoidance chat comes out 🤪🤪🤪
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    At $50 1 million CSC will cost a staggering $50,000,000 and anyone new to CSC buying for the first time will think 50 bucks is cheap. And by then, I'm long gone enjoying a few drinks at the Bahamas
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    Accumulate accumulate do I need to say it another time? Yes! ACCUMULATE. These prices will soon be history and will never be seen again, build your stacks now instead of building it at 10 cents
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    Good luck getting help when you've got an attitude like this. First off, choose your post title wisely. We aren't here to sell you on anything. We're community members - not CSC salespeople, and have done our own research. Despite that, many members have gone out of their way to answer you in some detail. You seem to have the answers that you're willing to accept - they're all your own. Since you called yourself dum dum, we'll leave it at that. BTW, it's though not thou !
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    Oh ok. It doesn’t mean the BTC gets to your operators wallet in seconds. It means the operator credit it to you before they get it. And guess what? There you have another reason for the operators to use CSC. With CSC they DO have your coins in seconds!! No more credit there.
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    Is not a hard question and nor are we responsible for "selling you" on the idea of investing. If you require selling or convincing then you are already too dum to be an investor of anything. Investments are made based from your intellectual experience and accessment not from ours. So asking a question and then stating a conditional such as "if you convince me then i will buy" will not get you anywhere because you coming or going will not make a difference in anything in our lives.
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    Doesn't get more official than that! This is pretty big news too; this is official government recognition of the value of crypto in general! This is a huge indicator that crypto is not going away!
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    Speak of the devil...: https://www.coindesk.com/uk-tax-agency-publishes-detailed-guidance-for-crypto-holders
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    What is up guys. I have some awesome news for you all that's been curious about my situation. I have my coins!!! With Daniel's help I was able to recover the .key files backup and reimport my old wallet! Oh and by the way, Windows was stuck at boot because of the Windows update just like I thought! Going to celebrate by loading my bags even more now lol EDIT: Damn Daniel, we did it.