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    Too many people can't see the bigger picture and they sell far too soon. CSC and XRP are long term holds for me.
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    We are looking for more testers regarding the super secret stuff we do. You might have heard of this secret channel called #preview on Discord. That's where all the juicy stuff is happening. We gonna handle this kind of old-school, so you will have to send an email to daniel(at)casinocoin(dot)org in the following form with the following content: Subject: Preview Group Text of the E-Mail: PLEASE DO NOT ALTER OR ADD ANYTHING ELSE! No blessings, no questions, no cheers. Just the stuff above! Thank you! NOTE: Discord is MANDATORY. If you don't have an account, you can't join. So get one, if you don't have one and join casinocoin.chat (invite link). If more people want to join than w are planning to add, people will be randomly picked! Once you have been picked, you will have to go thru a manual KYC and you will have to sign an NDA. If you don't like that, please do not send an application.
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    k. when XRP hits $1 again i'll repost your post
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    Couldn't agree more. Invest for the time frame of years, with money you can afford to lose and potentially flush down the toilet. Have a plan for when you sell, don't forget to pay your taxes if applicable. If you do get rich, hire a lawyer and get a good tax advisor/ financial advisor to help you with a plan for managing the money. Set some aside to blow, donate some, but be very careful about who in your family and friends you tell/give any money to them. Congratulations, have fun! Be mindful of how quickly the money could go if not managed or invested for long term growth. Remember, you can't take it with you when you die, so have a good will/trust.
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    It's getting some good movement today on Bitrue!!! Glad I found this "Diamond-in-the-Rough" a few months back. I will say that I was very skeptical of CSC initially. I'm not really into Poker/Casinos per se, however, after I looked into the platform and did a bit of research into the industry and the players involved with the CSC foundation, I became very intrigued. CSC reminds me of XRP with respects to how undervalued the token is currently. A lot has to do with the fact that CSC foundation is relatively small at the moment. However, as they begin to scale the organization, onboard new partners, and are listed on other exchanges, this gem won't be hovering around $0.001c for long. It's almost like me getting into XRP when it was around $0.006c way-back in the day. Can't wait to hear more from the team and see how this platform transitions over time.
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    Since Casinocoin has gained a lot of praise and attention in the past couple of months, and having seen a lot of money being dumped to keep the prices low, and knowing that the majority of CSC fans are hodlers for long term... I am now 100% convinced that the dumping is being orchastrated by a competing entity who wants people to move away from CSC to their own shitty coin... IT WONT HAPPEN... Dump down to 1 satoshi and we will keep buying more 💪
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    Great stuff! So many good things happening.
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    I dont agree. CSC isnt being held down. Please remember, CasinoCoin did not go the ICO route which they easily could have. John Caldwell specifically said in 2017 he wants CasinoCoin to grow based on utility not just taking peoples money and running with it. I believe CasinoCoin will succeed in the end.
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    Wow, you got hit pretty hard on XRP hu??... I'm sorry if that's the case but I totally disagree with your statement. XRP will have a new ATH. You just need to wait and be patient. The bull market is barely starting... Maybe next year XRP gets parabolic. Maybe this year. Nobody really knows. But it will happen.
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    🙂 I know ZERO people that still hold XRP. The #XRPARMY, HODOR, Galgitron (pump), Tiffany (Ripple bf Nik), the Bobway plant on XRPChat, this is a bunch of businessmen gifted a coin, who are multimillionaires due to an organic gift and it does almost nothing in its current state. They sell XRP and BUY their way into deals frontloading or gifting XRP to make it seem like someone loves xRapid the illiquid brainchild of DS that only works in some magic world with active XRP rails which can't become active because no one uses this coin for anything. Crypto people love projects that don't smell like scams or don't smell the "entitled screwing the average person" and that is exactly what Ripple smells like. Sell XRP is all they do! All the expansion, hiring, growth is due to the dumping of XRP killing the Hodlers. The pain will be long as CRYPTO grows I would bet all the crypto I own XRP underperforms for years and years if not failing. Demand will not outstrip supply in this leaking vessel. Forbes may not be right, but they are not far off. Smells like a pig, walks like a pig, looks like a pig, probably a pig.....no other crypto has all the RED FLAGS like Ripple.
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    No one is holding the price down. Those who know the Coin and believe in the Project have bought and most of them are HODLing. So there is no real trading action going on. Next step is Tokens (Cammegh is first and official) and a Operator announcement and more buyers will enter and push the price up. Be patient, or bail out
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    I just hope that all of the "XRP is great pundits!" realize the fallacy in thinking XRP will hit ATH again with their dilution machine running full bore. When 6-12 months from now Moneygram still can't do diddly with xRapid (no corridors egg/chicken self fulfilling prophecy fallacy) hype and Galgi-pumps tracker shows squat for weekly remittances maybe people will wise up! Add the other incessant pumpers of XRP that live, breathe, and pump XRP every hour of everyday! 100 billion coins solely used to fund operations and do pittance in remittances will not bode well for a coin price! $1 never again! Quote this in future XRP pump is trash!
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    A nice new truck perhaps... Something similiar to this.
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    The Best Gif Ever!!!...
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