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    Hey people, Just wanna say this site is Awesome! 😎 The community is growing daily over 250 members now. Lots of Good News and Progress from the CSC team. Also got 2 new Exchanges after Cfinex shut down. NU·EX and STEX Thanks Again to @CarloRossi & @honeybyte For making this sh!t happen! and to the Mods @Wenusch @Toastedcoins @Chewiecoin @Back2TF @Nate Twitter: #CasinoCoin #BRM #CSCcommunity The Ball is rolling :
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    I have traded 75% of my XRP for CSC. Simple math told me that CSC has a much larger potential upside (downside too). But I believe in the use case of CSC and see similarities to XRP a year ago. CSC reaching even just 1 cent will see a huge ROI for us early investors. Besides, 50 million CSC just feels and sounds better than 30k XRP! Cyn - The girl who believes 30 cents by March 2019 !
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    Some of you may have seen this posted on XRPchat, and for those who hadn't - here is a little story about a recent experience: "Let me say something about STEX ... the other night, I registered, and moved a pretty decent amount of CSC over to it. Thing is, I somehow managed to make that mistake - omitting the destination tag. I copied and pasted it into the submission window in my CSC wallet, but must've cleared it somehow before sending. STEX was having some issues, but I opened a ticket as soon as I was able to, and support got back to me within a few hours. They asked me to provide verification, in the form of a picture of me holding my ID, and a piece of paper with the date/STEX written on it, etc... like you'd have to do for verification on most exchanges. I was going to ask them if they could return the CSC to my wallet, but they went ahead and loaded them into my new account. They didn't have to do any of that, and they were great about it. So, kudos to them. In the interim, I'd also emailed the CSC foundation to see if somebody could verify whether or not I left out the destination tag. @Daniel Keller emailed me back within a half-hour it seemed (this was Sunday night in Boston) ... he checked their servers and provided me with a link to CSC Charts, similar to XRP Charts, and I was able to see the transaction that way. Again, couldn't have been nicer about it. So - my two cents - I have an enormous amount of respect for both STEX and the team at CSC." Thanks again Daniel, and to both Artur & Kirill from STEX if they happen to be lurking here
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    XRP Chat was cool for a while, a few too many angry trolls and fudsters for me lately... Not much value any more for me. XRP and Ripple will be what it be, great coin, company and use case. Now I just Hodl and lurk over there. Way More fun over here, where wild dreams abound! Cyn
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    Hi Team CSC. It's time for me to talk dirty again... This has all been said before, it's pure speculation, but I believe this is very possible and worth repeating for the Newbs. There are 4 main factors that will make the Price of CSC appreciate. 1) CSC BRM becomes live in the Malta Sandbox (beta test) 2) A Casino operator starts using CSC through the Sandbox. 3) A Major exchange adds CSC. 4) A Bull Market returns to Crypto in General. (rising tides) Each one of these will increase CSC value exponentially by at least a factor of 10, each time. Current CSC price $.0004 cents. Sandbox in early January $.004 cents. Casino Operator announced mid January $.04 cents Binance lists CSC in February $.40 cents If a Bull Market coincides with the above Trifecta then CSC prices of $1.00 or more are quite possible! Okay, so that's My little dream scenario to help reassure some of the more skeptical investors and to FOMO the crap out of everyone else! Cyn
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    I just had this massive overwhelming feeling about CSC’s price. Surely it makes sense st $1. When people gamble with CSC on the sites they will psychologically want their CSC to roughly equal $1 so they know how much they are gambling. I know it makes no sense as the price will be dictated by supply v demand no my some psychological number but my Wookiee fur stood up when I thought about this so it must be true!! This is the Trading & Price Speculation Club after all. So when $1?
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    Of course talking about 598 it’s retardness... The real number is 589... That’s fo sure!!
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    Welcome CSC newb. 😆
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    HAHAHA. refugees club. a place for XRPer's to go to continue the insanity. this is the best board yet. when xrpchat went down i literally looked around the room and tried to find a way to communicate to everyone that i was still alive
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    Announcement: @Everyone As I always try to do, I wanted to warn you when we make sizable payments out of the Foundation wallet. As many of you know, we took a loan from an angel investor to start the Foundation and fund initial development. That loan is now due, and we will send a single whopper of a payment out of the Foundation in the next 24 hours to satisfy that debt. The good news is that once that payment is sent, The Foundation will not have any external debt. It's notable to mention that we know the investor, and he is not intending to sell for a long time and has full faith in CasinoCoin's potential and in the team's ability to execute. We continue to be excited at what the next few months hold. Thanks as always for your patience with the project. We'll do a general project update next week and talk about everything we can. ----- A few more things JC said on Discord : HI, We will be registering under the new DLT framework in Malta, but what we need (nongaming) is not nearly as ponderous as the gaming one. We just got told this week by cough another big gaming jurisdiction that they don't think we need any licenses. Just have to be represented in the jurisdiction (ie: have a local rep who can be sought out should something problematic occur). In Malta, for example the casino will be run under our partners existing license. We're just another way to fund. IOM is trying to be more aggressive and we are still super connected there. Not a 10 day period of time passes where Duncan or I don't speak to someone in the IOM Gov't. We have pursued licensees there for well over a year and nothing has popped up yet as workable (either the vendor wasn't keen or the Gov't wasnt). I can say that is starting to change...as are all of our discussions. They are in a tough spot, cause they still have to consider the FCA and what their view is before making any moves. So, it's not completely in their control. -
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    $10 would make much more sense!? At least for my holdings. 🤷‍♂️
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    Hi @LeGonze, I was just *ahem* conveniently reminded that I did not really answer the Deposits issue. We are compliant here, but I don't want to fully answer this at the moment as I feel it's a little bit too revealing as to our model/sauce. Suffice it to say this has been thought through by the regulator and also by us and our partner. It will be as easy as it can be on the player and will keep the operators burden as low as possible. Thanks, John
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    Thank you @legomaracas ! I do hold a bunch of XRP and have an exit strategy/price in place no matter what happens. I don't follow the day to day rumors, partners, hype or FUD, I just Hold and will wait. It's sort of like ground hogs day over there... XRP will succeed or not, Que sera sera. I stay here for now, better humor and less frustration from angry people who are down 90% ! (That may come here also...) Fun or done... Cyn I do strongly believe that CSC will succeed and make a lot of us very wealthy in time... And I can't wait to meet and party with all of you nouvous riche snobs!
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    @Zenkert I feel the love over here... XRP is more like a swinging D!ck contest! I can't compete! Cyn-sad
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    While it is true that the Ledger devices do not reveal your secret keys, you can access your digital assets on another local wallet without it (XRP at least). I and many others do so as a “backup” to the Nano S failing and not being able to get hold of another one in sufficient time. I simply use Ian Coleman’s BIP39 tools to enter my 24 words and choose the digital asset I want access too. I then use the Private Key it reveals (not the same as the secret key) to sign my offline transactions as I require in tools such as RippleRM wallet. All offline on a safe computer, of course! Given CSC ledger is built on the same principles and codebase as XRP ledger, you can do the same for CSC too, albeit there is no Nano S support for CSC right now. I’m working on such a tool that allows the above but for CSC and XRP together. So while you may not get your secret key from a Ledger device, you can nevertheless perform operations on your assets independently of the device itself, so long as you know your 24 words. Magic.
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    After waiting almost a week, i'm finnaly a shark! I want to thank the persons wo sold their 5mil csc to me
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    I've seen the future..
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    Hey guys!! You want to know why there are Really Big Wallets of CSC?? Look at this guy, Austin "OSO": He said he was mining 1000 CXX coins (CSC Previous coin before the Coin swap) daily for a few months!!... So, let's suppose he mined from OCT '17 to FEB '18, that would be like 4 months!! Doing the math, that would be like 122 days, that would be 122,000 CXX. Then when he made the swap he got 1000x his amount, so he got 122,000,000 CSC. These numbers are hypothetical, But I think it might be a pretty close number. Source: https://casinocoin.org/community-spotlight-an-interview-with-oso/
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    I am just an OLD BULL from XRPChat and I do not think that much @BlackJack But if you summon things up Trading Fees and Withdrawal cost I guess it ends up around Zero. Plus. I do not like, like @NKHund said, to go through BTC. I buy XRP with FIAT and transfer to NUEX and buy CSC there with XRP. (Closed Ecosystem, supporting the ones I really like).
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    Don´t be this guy . . . no CSC . . . no friends . . . only Buttcoin left and all alone in this world.
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    just wanted to post in the refugee club one time before going back to the revived XRPChat.
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    Sorry if this thread is not allowed, but XRPchat just seriously kicked the bucket and we can't all just hang around on Twitter and talk about it.
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    To hell with XRPChat. I FOUND THE BIKINIS!!!!!!!!