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    Am I missing something? The team is looking to add an additional 25 BILLION CSC!? I'm going to need someone to hop in the comments section and alleviate some pretty glaring issues that I, as an investor, have with this. How are we expecting to see the price climb with utilization if we're diluting the pool by injecting billions of additional tokens?
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    Should be a video update this week from the team.
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    This is why decentralization is so important; so things like this can't happen. They are changing the CSC Ledger code to create more supply. Also, I understand that perhaps John will continue to have a small role, but if all that's left is going to be the technical staff who is going be working to move this project forward to the mainstream? Additionally, this move is unprecedented as far as I know. Yes, I know that projects like VeChain increased their supply by a lot from what it was, but they did it for other legit reasons. And, when they did it they allocated additional tokens to their holders accordingly to offset the change in supply. Here, they're almost doubling the supply, which will tank our holdings to zero for sure (not that's it's not already zero). They clearly didn't give their holders a second thought. I think they're just delaying their demise. I say that because I think if this project still had legs some of the many "heavy hitters" they HAD on their board would have taken more of a vested interest in the project. I'm afraid that even if they somehow rise out of the ashes from all this, it won't be in my lifetime. This move also doesn't make sense. Simply creating more coins isn't going to necessarily bring money into the foundation. Who's going to buy them? I might be missing something so perhaps someone smarter than me can weigh in here. So that my post doesn't come off the wrong way, I knew that a micro project like CSC was a big gamble so no sour grapes here. I just don't like how they're handling this with regards to the retail token holders holders. They've been "dark for a while and I think that many of us assumed that it was because they have always touted their "no hype" stance and would only give news when there was REAL news to give. While I always appreciated that, the fact remains we trusted they had the things they outlined in their roadmap and talked about in the community "in the works". The reality is that what they've been working on is "jumping ship". Note that John and Duncan are stepping down with "immediate effect". Also note they're keeping the technical staff, but their Technical Director is leaving. As far as what we're to do with our CSC; I guess we can either sell them now for what little they're worth or we can accept the loss and hold them, maybe we'll get lucky. If you choose that later, their bombshell statement says they'll get back to us in to weeks.
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    Hate to bear bad news, King Solomon just did a vid covering and he said they laid off all but technical staff, needed the influx to cover. I came here looking for more details as well.
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    Just like XRP when it was at $0.006 these low CSC prices won't last forever. HOLD!
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    A true visionary... "Rome wasn't built in a day..." "Good things come to those who wait..." "Build it...And they will come!" Things are happening guys, working with regulators and convincing operators takes time. The future is bright for the CasinoCoin Foundation and CSC.
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    I thought my bags we full 12 months ago. Doubled my holdings in recent weeks. Looking forward to a string of news.
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    JackpotWeekly.com covers all the latest news related to CasinoCoin, Crazy8Token, TrustTracker and gambling industry innovation. On top of that, you will also find the latest game and casino reviews and a tonne of promotions and latest casino offers.
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    Hope you're right! All been very quiet 🐄
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    by now... seems 1 sat till eoy.. so price depends on bitcoin for the next moths .. years(?).
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    Love the video! 👍
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    A lot to read between the lines in this message, but one glaring item to me is that it look's like they are going to try to get into unregulated side of the gambling world. Anyone else get that? If they do, I'm not sure of the implications that has on us in terms of the legality to own it; especially in the US.
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    All the connections to casino world has gone. The whole thing has gone to shit.
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    I forgot to mention that it would go a long way if Daniel (or someone at least) came back to this forum to clarify or at least ease some of the concern. Kind of like when he and others from the project we're here when this forum first started and everyone was excited.
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    Could be the announcement that today they start the process of injecting 25 Billion tokens into the pool.
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    We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful. - Warren Buffett
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    Look forward to the AMA
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    https://casinocoin.org/casinocoin-foundation-update/ hmm
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    Should be an update very soon.
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    Yet another excellent video by CSCorvette. Really looking forward to being able to transfer CSC to a Nano Ledger.
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    General Introduction: CasinoCoin FAQ (from CSC website) CasinoCoin Blog (from CSC Website) CasinoCoin 2019-08-21 Presentation Deck (pdf from CSC website) Blockchain in Casino Industry: On the Verge of Eruption (IntellectSoft Blog) Wallets here & Exchanges (CMC rank by Adjusted Volume as of August 5th, 2020): Bitrue (#32) - Stex (#62) - Folgory (#20) CasinoCoin Discord Link CSC Official Twitter CSC Observer CSC Ledger Explorer CSC Stats and Rich List - Showing accounts, rankings, etc... Audio & Video - Foundation: What is CasinoCoin? Intro Video (from CSC Website 1:24 mins long) 2020-04-09 CasinoCoin welcomes Mark Wittenberg to advisory board 🎲📢 2019-12-11 John Caldwell's 2019 Recap 💪📢🎲 2019-12-06 John Caldwell (Dir. of Advocacy) Holiday Update and 2020 Outlook ♥️♠️♦️♣️ 2019-06-26 John Caldwell (Dir. of Advocacy) video announcement of token wallet and #2 USE CASE (2:53 mins) 2019-05-21 John Caldwell video update from GE2 Macau (Y) 2019-05-10 Crypto 101 Podcast with John Caldwell (begins at 33:10) 2019-05-09 SQPR Skype Interview of John Caldwell (Audio of moderate quality) 2019-05-02 John Caldwell Welcome to CasinoCoin! 2018-07-13 Lead Developer for CasionCoin Andre Jochems AMA why CSC chose Ripple source code (video starts at the explanation) 💡 Blogs & Video - Community: Video - YouTube Channel by @cscorvette123 YouTube Channel by @MrUseCase1 @DMLogic Video1 CR8 Video 2 CSC Blog - Medium Blog by @HolyK1cks 2020-02-23 Blockchain Business Magazine live-stream with CSC Board of Trustees John Caldwell and Duncan Cameron (1 hour 20 minutes) 🎯♠️♥️♣️♦️ 2020-01-29 XRPL Labs will launch XUMM wallet & platform for CasinoCoin 💥 2019-12-30 Community Member Rob Cash's YouTube video (42:00 minutes) of Presentation Deck posted above (2019-08-21) Websites: 2019-12-04 Casino Gambling News: ‘Landmark’ GoodGaming & CasinoCoin deal will power next stage of growth 💥 2019-11-22 Crypto Gambling News Cammegh Roulette Wheels going live with CasinoCoin 2019-11-15 Aver Partners with CasinoCoin To Offer Frictionless KYC For Players 2019-11-02 Whitebit exchange announces adding CasinoCoin to the exchange 2019-11-01 CasinoCoin, and why I Invested, a Medium blog post from an active member of the CSC community 2019-10-10 Introducing Brandon Knowles, CasinoCoin Foundation advisory board member 2019-09-23 Oliver Wu joins CasinoCoin advisory board 2019-09-11 Aruze Gaming Executive joins CasinoCoin Board of Advisors 2019-08-14 Crypto Gambling News 2019 Loyalty Programs with Duncan Cameron (Y) 2019-07-24 Crypto Gambling News 2019 Best Gaming Altcoin ROI to date (Y) 2019-07-19 Crypto Gambling News Picking the Right Blockchain & Interview with John Caldwell (Y) Click for 2019 Articles and Releases (January - July) Click for 2018 Articles and Releases
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