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  2. It's an interesting perspective….. I do not think XRP is shit But, when you have people tied into ripple/XRP community telling you to invest in there product; And people do not see the returns they want, I would think people would see XRP as a (scam)…..( I don't not believe xrp is a scam.. other's that lost money might) I've only gained This community (CSC) "for instances" hasn't really prompted anything, with very little expectation... ………. No-one is angry at them----- can't explain that
  3. Jack-of-Spade

    XRPchat refugees club

    @Venom is right.. nothing to do with CSC and what they have accomplished
  4. Jack-of-Spade

    XRPchat refugees club

    I know the CSC community are not MAXI like other communities, hahah!!! But, maybe.. get rude of this thread..... Does BTC have an ETH/Monero refugee camp??? Does XRP even have a refugee camp???... or do they just ban people?
  5. Globalcoin.. is that called "Libra"
  6. Would not say XRP is shit. It's just going to take a lot longer than people think.
  7. Jack-of-Spade

    Daily sports plays..

    A Masters Champion and a Tour champion qualifies for the FEDEX champion @PGAtourGolf...….. No-one won more than 2 majors tournaments in 2019; Xander won 5 tounrys, (THAT'S IT).....(IS HE YOUR CHAMPION))??????????????????????????????????????? It should be an open field... with ALL THE WINNERS of 2019 >>Not that hard to excluded the Masters champion. LOL The new rules have set in... please be advised....The fix is in
  8. Jack-of-Spade

    Daily sports plays..

    The fix is in, at the (@PGAtourGolf) in American golf………….. Everyone please be advised and aware..... (( RE-place ALL BETS!!!!!!! ))) ☝️ ---- A.S.A.P
  9. Jack-of-Spade

    Daily sports plays..

    Complete horse shit @PGAtourgolf ...… This has been two years now in the golfing world watching "The GOAT" Tiger Woods not only winning (Back-to-Back) Tour championships 2018/2019 ; But possibly (Back-to-Back) FEDEX Cup championships.... again, 2018/2019--------NEVER BEEN DONE----- We are watching you.. Shame on the golfing world.
  10. could be even slower, could be much sooner. might never even hit .83 how long would it take you to make $4 million dollars at your day to day job? looking at it like that.. 2028 really isnt that far away
  11. Source : https://casinobeats.com/2019/08/19/digital-wallets-to-become-preferred-payment-method-for-online-gaming/
  12. U really think csc will appreciate that slow?
  13. that's what I think the price will look like if there is zero speculation.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I find it completely and utterly hilarious that ppl get upset with how Ripple is utilizing/selling/distributing its XRP holdings. Ripple has always been clear that it would utilize its XRP holdings to build out the RippleNet ecosystem, xRapid platform, and xPring initiatives. Ripple doesn't owe any XRP holder anything!! Ripple is not in the business of making you rich. Ripple's loyalty is to its investors, partners, and customers. You know, those private equity holders of the Series A/B stock, RippleNet members, and xPring participants. Nowhere in the equation exists the retail XRP investor. It's high time people accept responsibility for their investment decisions. You chose to purchase XRP of your own free will, remember that. Just because your ROI didn't pan out the way you wanted it to isn't the fault of Ripple. It's how the cookie crumbles. This is an extremely volatile and nascent market place with many ups and downs and periods of growth and stagnation. XRP is an agnostic utility token used as a bridge-asset for cross-border/domestic payments, owning XRP gives you no rights or ownership in the private company Ripple. Yes, you may have purchased XRP via exchanges in hopes that the value would rise as more and more banks and FIs begin to utilize xRapid for liquidity, however, this is pure speculation and betting on your part as a holder of XRP. As an XRP holder, you are just along for the ride. Ripple is following its plan to ensure its success. If that plan ends up making the retail XRP investor money along the way then it's a plus, but that is not guaranteed. With that being said, the top executives from Ripple know that in order for Ripple's vision to come to fruition the price of XRP needs to appreciate because it helps their overall strategy and plan. So, they are acutely aware of the need and importance to have XRP's price increase. Stop blaming a company that didn't promise you riches in the first place for your decisions. Grow and Man up!! Take ownership/responsibility for your actions!!!
  16. just to give an example of how unrealistic crypto investors expectations can be: this is a standard, normal return for an average investment. 1,200% over the course of 10 years 120% every year if CSC follows this: 2019: 0.00065 2020: 0.0014 2021: 0.0032 2022: 0.007 2023: 0.016 2024: 0.035 2025: 0.078 2026: 0.17 2027: 0.37 2028: 0.83 who wouldnt be happy with CSC at .83 CENTS if they had to wait a measly 9 years? if you own 5 million CSC right now, it would be worth 4.1 MILLION dollars in 9 years. would you complain??
  17. have to start somewhere, even if starting up is ugly
  18. Hashish

    Community Relay Nodes/ Community experiences ?

    I can't wait to get my own node!
  19. XRP is utter complete unequivocal trash and nothing more than a tool to fund projects for Ripple at this point. No use case, MG is doing 90-110k a week in xRapid, volume on the ledger is weak, yet they dump, give, gift, donate, worse than Enron. XRP will be aub .20 by 2020 and management is selling daily!
  20. Last week
  21. Hard to get around that one @Mr X How about this one ?
  22. Zenkert

    Is CasinoCoin the future for crypto gambling

    The word is spreading. Good stuff. Thanks for the find and for the post @Venom +200 CSC
  23. 100% But I sold all my XRP I think CSC is gonna do a lot better in the future.
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