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  3. Hey Pickle Rick Jump in discord someone maybe able to help you. : https://discord.gg/qcMV9Dj
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  5. https://focusgn.com/vegas-cashless-gaming-could-clear-way-for-casinocoin
  6. CasinoCoin is becoming more active on twitter, these are some good accounts to follow to stay up to date! https://twitter.com/lazzareo https://twitter.com/Ermac_CSC https://twitter.com/mass_adoption https://twitter.com/HolyK1cks https://twitter.com/robbiemknight https://twitter.com/daniel_wwf https://twitter.com/CasinoCoin_info https://twitter.com/CasinoCoin_CSC https://twitter.com/InsightCasino https://twitter.com/VergeCanada https://twitter.com/crazy8tokens https://twitter.com/CryptologistUSA https://twitter.com/crypto_eyes https://twitter.com/YoungHashrate https://twitter.com/cryptodeej https://twitter.com/CasinoCoin https://twitter.com/ScheckTwit
  7. (Note: im an active community member and this is my opinion.) You make some very valid points and perhaps the CasinoCoin Foundation could've vocalized it better, but the BRM is definitely in a, "Soft Launch". They wanted to push the BRM out early to gauge the amount of players ready to play for potential ops to see, test KYC integration, and find bugs. This was in no way a finished product, but they had some serious interest from some potential ops who wanted to see a player count. Bugs have been found and will be fixed and the payment processor to buy and sell CSC in app is being integrated right now. The foundation later told us in discord they were hoping for 500 signups, but got 2000 instead and were very happy with the results. They also found bugs that weren't found during initial testing. These issues will be resolved before a casino goes live with the product and they start marketing fully. Hope this helps!
  8. First - why is BRM released to the general public? BRM is alpha testing quality at best. Having text that says something like "don't click on the signup button" is ridiculous in a released product. Also, releasing before in-app CSC purchases are available is terrible (simply pointing people to exchanges is poor design at best). Do you want to change the gaming industry or not? Seems like your just giving it a shot rather than taking this seriously. I wanted to purchased several million CRC, but after seeing BRM, I am hesitant. PLEASE let people know that BRM is not fully functional yet and is beta software. It's great that KYC works (I am verified now), but with no real functionality I almost feel like deleting the app from my phone. Please finish BRM ASAP! Also, FWIW, I linked my desktop wallet to BRM and again, no apparent functionality resulted! If you want to put a dent in the gaming industry I suggest that you get BRM fixed ASAP! It's not all about pretty colors, the functionality needs to be on point and work flawlessly. Maybe consider a testing team to bring BRM into a state of usability. You also may want to consider making your team stronger - you need more devs and a real CEO type (like Brad Garlinghouse).
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  10. https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2018/09/18/regulated-online-casinos-vs-unregulated-markets/
  11. 2 excellent videos. This really is a game changer!
  12. The thread I was talking about was under Technical discussion. See the 4th topic down, Casino Coin wallet won't open. It has 45 posts that should give you a good idea of what to expect. In my case, I took the hard drive that my casino wallet was on out of the computer, and replaced with another drive. Then 6 months later I put the original hard drive back in the computer with my casino coin wallet. When I pulled the drive out, I actually forgot that my wallet was on it. When I replaced it 6 months later, it would not recognize the original install date and the icon would just keep spinning around. And I had not exported my .keys file. Anyway, that thread may give you some ideas. Just be careful with the .keys file in your User folder. Register on discord and everyone will be glad to help out. The new wallet is so much nicer. I have already recovered the new 5.0 wallet twice with the 12 words and it works perfectly. I recovered my desktop to my laptop, so I have the same wallet on both my desktop and laptop. And then I have a second wallet on my android so I can move my coins from one wallet to another without going to an exchange. Good luck.
  13. There is a thread on here that many members used to talk about the older v 3 & 4 wallets. The new wallet is v5 with 12 word recovery and is much better than the older ones with the 8 word recovery. I lost 2.5 mil csc over a year ago and by luck I was able to recover it all after 6 months. My csc files were not corrupted making the recovery easier. Another member had a million or more and because his csc files were corrupted he could not recover his. So be careful and read over the link to the thread and try to understand how csc files are distributed and you will have a better understanding. I haven't been on csc chat in awhile as everyone has migrated to discord to the csc server. Good things are happening soon with csc. I will search here and find our old thread where we gave our responses to fixing the old wallet. This thread is not the thread started by LeGonze but find that one and read that one, that may help. It did not work in my case, but your case may be different.
  14. CSC CookieMonster posted something on twitter that mentioned an announcement coming tomorrow. It showed the website crazy8token.com. I can't browse or ping that URL right now but if you google it, it comes up as a website URL. On the image CSC CookieMonster posted, it was the website loaded and all it said was "Crazy Times. June 4". There is also the steady bot buys. I've been staking some XRP on Bitrue's power piggy program. It enables me to buy around 2500 free CSC every week.
  15. Pumps come in cycles I guess. As for now, we all depend on BTC. That's the reality. But, the good news is, that CSC hasn't hat true pump and kept the newly reached level. By that I mean what e.g. XRP did from 0.006 to 0.20. So, the first pump is the biggest on %wise. And, mind you, CSC has only 40b supply, which is 2.5x less than XRP back then. but even if you factor in the escrowed XRP, I don't see a reason that hype and speculation can't push CSC into the $1.0 range. That being said, I will get out before that, probably upwards of $0.20 and below $0.50.
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