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  3. @Ermac Is this related to all of the KYCSet transactions by cfciErynU9ots5nFm5Nt1krrvMswkAGx5j? Can you tell us more about this transaction type?
  4. Hey everyone - The Bankroll Manager (BRM) is now available for download at Apple’s App Store -> https://apps.apple.com/us/app/casinocoin-brm/id1501264120 For now, you will not be able to sign up at a casino via the BRM. But by pre-registering and completing the KYC process, you will help make CasinoCoin a far more enticing proposition to operators. The best way to get casino operators interested in CasinoCoin is by showcasing the passion and power of our community. Here’s the plan: 1. Build a pool of players who have downloaded the BRM, registered and completed the KYC process. 2. Approach operators with this pool of passionate CasinoCoin users who are ready to start playing. 3. Onboard some leading casinos. With this in mind, our fantastic community - led by @osoand @Toastedcoins - is celebrating the launch by running its own community promotion. Anyone who downloads the BRM, registers and completes KYC by 19 April 2020 will be given 10,000 CSC by the community. It really is that simple. This includes users who already passed KYC and registered with the BRM for our CRNs. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten Android users. The BRM will be available on Google Play shortly, but it has been delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Keep checking Google Play and it should be live in the coming days. We are super excited for this launch, so check out the new look BRM, get involved with the community promo and spread the word. Tutorial on how to sign up: https://casinocoin.org/kb/article/how-to-setup-the-casinocoin-bankroll-manager-brm/ CasinoCoin How to setup the CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager (BRM)
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  6. https://gamble-usa.com/coronavirus-online-gambling/
  7. Ermac

    CSC Longterm Investment Club

    Coronavirus May Move US To Online Sports Betting & Casino https://www.gambling.com/news/coronavirus-may-move-us-to-online-sports-betting-casino-2218600
  8. crypto2libertas

    Cammegh Going LIVE soon

    Where was that rumour coming from ? Discord ?
  9. Well to answer my own question -> You need to create a new wallet and then it allows you to import an existing wallet with the secret key via the setting pages. You have two options -> 1. Import the wallet by move all coins into the new wallet or 2. just import the wallet with the key and leave the coins in that existing wallet
  10. ForexCeno

    asic mining ethereum bitcoin

    homomorphic encryption bitcoin price https://currency-trading-brokers.com
  11. Rumour that Cammegh should be going LIVE end of Q4 Could see crazy number of TX like 500K a day. Would be CasinoCoin the map!!
  12. Hi there I just downloaded the new wallet and the only option is to create a new wallet or to recover one from the recovery words. Well I have my secret key and would like to import that one. I'm surprised that you can't do it since the private/secret key is the only thing you need. So how do I import an existing wallet into the new android wallet just using the secret/private key
  13. XRPtoCSC

    CSC Longterm Investment Club

    Can it be changed to the CSC Longterm Investment Club? Anything that reminds of that pumper and always wrong hopium addict with the Star War's alias causes me undue stress!
  14. CSC Longterm Investment Club
  15. And now Brad Stole_my_house says, Ripple wouldnt be cash flow positive without SELLING XRP. They have started DUMPING AGAIN at a discount to institutional investors 100MM. Company is such a joke it is unreal.
  16. Neutral

    Bitflip, follow the coins

  17. And the filing from MG proves ODL is "meh"! From Alex Holmes the CEO himself when talking about ODL. Let's not forget Ripple pays MG to use ODL as well. **Essentially he says ODL will grow a little from where it is and that is about it** I would say that, an increase on the order of magnitude of what we saw from Q3 to Q4, that is not -- that's not going to persist. I would say that it's going to continue from where we are, but probably flatten out a little bit at a higher level than where it is today. It's not-it's not like an arithmetic progression or something. It's a -- but it is going to be a function of the success with adding these new payers, but I think it will trend similar to higher than what you saw in the fourth quarter.
  18. Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-accused-of-facilitating-illegal-gambling-what-are-the-odds
  19. Venom

    BRM Photos

    Source: https://casinocoin.org/brm/
  20. Venom

    How To Purchase CasinoCoin

    Nice post. Simple and easy.
  21. looking forward to this. First time both team members interviewed.
  22. LeGonze

    Vote for PowerPiggy Bitrue

    Hey guys @Ermac @Daniel Keller, Do you know what happened with this? I really really want to star this. Its been a long time since Bitrue confirmed that we won.
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