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  4. Mr X

    Top 1000 Accounts

    Shows top 5000
  5. .CrossingTheRubicon

    Crypto winter survivors. Rumours – Blackmoon related to TON.

    How is this related to CSC? Isn't there a ton chat?
  6. @Marco please lock this thread.
  7. Venom

    BRM LIVE this year?

    I heard it's Q1 2020 Some people say Q4 2019. Gonna find out soon!
  8. https://www.binance.com/en/vote/upcoin So we will need to hold BNB on Binance to really Vote on that one...
  9. Just write : @CasinoCoin #CasinoCoin #CSC And something else about CasinoCoin! or add a CasinoCoin Picture!
  10. Hashish

    Things Are Changing

    Things done changed on this side Remember they used to thump But now they blast, right?
  11. We just need to be patient!!... This is soooo exciting!!!
  12. CasinoCoin

    Things Are Changing

    When they say the board of advisors represent unparalleled experience they're not kidding! Things are most definitely starting to change and they are happening faster than I thought they would.
  13. DividendGamer

    Things Are Changing

    Going up the start of the rollercoaster now
  14. 777

    Things Are Changing

    100% It's slow starting to take shape. there seem to be a little bit of news every week now. Last week we had the start of the CRNs. This week a little interview with the new board of advisor. It is slowly changing.
  15. Anyone else think things are starting to come together now. The board of advisors has changed. It's more stream lined and focused towards land-based casino.
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