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  2. Mr X

    [IMPORTANT] We need ALL of you to...

    So there is going to be a big dinner with all the community ?
  3. Please take 1 min of your time to vote on Delta to list NuEx on their portfolio tracker . Thanks ! https://ask.delta.app/exchange-requests/p/nuex
  4. Yesterday
  5. BiffTannen

    CSC on Bitrue Exchange VOTE NOW!

    lol not a new member. Been around for awhile.
  6. CasinoCoin

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    1 person is not "a lot".
  7. Jack-of-Spade

    Japan to unleash national digital currency J-Coin Pay

    Thanks @Mr X I believe japon had a sh!t ton pairs!! It's only makes sense as time has moved on. 💳
  8. Jack-of-Spade

    CasinoCoin Spring Update

    This is phenomenal! @Daniel Keller @John Caldwell Keep up the good work!!! Your getting more and more supporters every single day... -- Living by the 3 C's in life J..... CSC, Chronic and Crypto.. 💯
  9. NKHund

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    Topped off my bags in preparation for Bitrue. If we rise we rise, if we don't we don't. Either way my faith in the project hasn't changed.
  10. Still sum to buy at 7 sats. But the market is starting to look good and slowly building.
  11. DreCSC

    [IMPORTANT] We need ALL of you to...

    Curis Wang =Bitrue CEO
  12. You said 'I’m seeing a lot of people saying the price should double' Ok that one. But no where else on the forum lol.
  13. Wdbi

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    It’s literally in the original post in this thread....
  14. Toxic reply... how about just "well wishes" or "good luck" or nothing at all?
  15. Yea man. Ball is rolling.
  16. https://www.bankingtech.com/2019/02/japan-to-unleash-national-digital-currency-j-coin-pay/
  17. Definitely a good thing! But I think people expecting instant volume and 2x price from it will be disappointed. Happy if I’m wrong.
  18. Yea 0.01 would be good. New exchange Bitrue should add soon.
  19. Being listed on a new exchange is good thing. It's a step in the right direction.
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