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  4. Still today it is so difficult to buy crypto. I have CSC and other coins but for new people to come in and buy... There where so many steps you have to do before you have your CSC at your guide. My point is I just assumed it would have been a little easier today... but it is not 😞
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  6. Source : https://medium.com/@HolyK1cks/how-to-purchase-casinocoin-e8a17c6a7e54
  7. Venom

    ICE London 2020 update

    Source: https://casinocoin.org/ice-london-2020-update/
  8. Neutral

    Is CSC Wallet Fully Opensource?

    Hey, I recently saw that you are trying to solve bitflip problems. I put it at 40 xrp and 8500 doges, it's not much, can you help me with that? Or how can I help you? Thanks!
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  10. Hi, I recently saw that you are trying to solve bitflip problems. I put it at 40 xrp and 8500 doges, it's not much, can you help me with that? Or how can I help you? Thanks!

  11. Hi, I recently saw that you are trying to solve bitflip problems. I put it at 40 xrp and 8500 doges, it's not much, can you help me with that? Or how can I help you? Thanks!

  12. CasinoCoin

    Cammegh LIVE

    Great to see a video of that!
  13. Venom


  14. DividendGamer

    XUMM Wallet for The CSC Blockchain TOO!

    Xumm is a terrible name. But still, nice to see more development and utility.
  15. Cscbin

    XUMM Wallet for The CSC Blockchain TOO!

    (We decided not to follow our own “naming convention” of <first asset char> + UMM for the CasinoCoin version of our app, meaning we still owe you the name we’re going to give to our app and platform for the CasinoCoin ledger 🤣) CUMM Wallet 😅
  16. RonSwanson

    Did I lose access to my wallet

    I've been in the crypto game for a while, and I've always hated how many versions of "secret" something or another CSC has. We have passwords, we have pins, we have secret keys, we have private keys, and we have secret passphrases. The private keys aren't the same as the private keys in the rest of the crypto-verse, that's the pass phrase. The secret keys only allow you to import your wallet, and the private keys are what you export to have access to your secret keys so you can import. It's pretty ridiculous, and to be completely honest, I'd probably be fucked if I lost my laptop.
  17. CasinoCoin

    XUMM Wallet for The CSC Blockchain TOO!

  18. https://coil.com/p/wietse/XRPL-Labs-will-launch-XUMM-wallet-platform-for-the-CasinoCoin-blockchain-too/HA19unNhj Love it!!!!
  19. Venom

    Be the first to try The Bankroll Manager!

    Sign up here : casinocoin.org/brm/
  20. https://medium.com/@HolyK1cks/how-casinocoin-will-improve-the-gambling-industry-4dbcaaa4b0aa
  21. Takkiebakkie

    CasinoCoin Team AMA with Bitrue

    How can I view the answers by Casinocoin? Random people are commenting below each tweet.
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