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  2. The purpose for the sandbox testing is for the Malta govt to see Crypto in action and to make sure that they have the appropriate rules and regulations in place. Basically it's a forum for the lawmakers to see and experience how Crypto works so that they can make sure that it is safe and secure for use and to verify that it actually works as advertised. In the case of the BRM it allows lawmakers to see that the KYC, Anti Money Laundering, Geo locate and other features at work and then they can adjust the laws/regulations accordingly to make sure that peoples private information and money is secure. This also gives BRM developers a chance to get feed back and make tweaks to the software to address any issues that pop up.
  3. Not sure that I am right on this. But The Sandbox testing is related to this - The Malta MGA - Malta Gaming Authoritiy. Does not only apply to CSC. And what I have read it has been delayed and altered a bit since this was published. https://www.mga.org.mt/wp-content/uploads/MGA-Public-Consultation-Guidance-on-the-use-of-Distributed-Ledger-Technology-and-the-acceptance-of-Virtual-Currencies-through-the-implementation-of-a-Sandbox-Environment.pdf
  4. @Daniel Keller Hmm interesting. I've never given any thought to things not going to plan...
  5. Just curious what can go wrong during the sandbox testing? If things come up, will foundation work to implement fixes during the testing? Will foundation get another chance to test? Will it push the live launch back couple of months or years?
  6. Pants are overrated. The people at the grocery store seem to get all flustered when I show up without them....
  7. If it does, I will be having a very quick word with my boss and I'll be on the next plane to the Isle of Man.
  8. If I gets to half that inside a year I may have a fomo accident in my pants πŸ˜‚
  9. Excellent Post! The $1+ 45 days after the BRM is released, sounds a little too optimistic. But still a great post.
  10. While many of us did get into XRP relatively early, this is like being there when the concrete is being poured into the foundation (no pun intended). I do think that a few more exchanges will be very important, simply from the point of view of accessibility and handling the volume of transactions.
  11. @jasperlite love your post and your enthusiasm for your investment. Never lose that positivity no matter what the trolls might say to you. I also believe in a $1+ price one day. Gees I hope you are right about β€œwithin 45 days of BRM” I think I FOMO’d in my pants a little.
  12. I moved all of my "eh" coins to CSC except for ADA. I'm not super thrilled about it but will wait for hopefully a Coinbase pump before moving it over. FOMO is strong here, just not much FIAT available as I just increased my XRP stack. Gotta wait a bit before dumping in more πŸ˜›
  13. seems like I may have to shift my thinking to CSC boom vs. traditional crypto boom. FOMO is strong! hi everyone! nice to be here!
  14. Here are a couple of links to look at Gambling #'s.. https://www.statista.com/topics/1053/casinos/ https://rubinbrown.cld.bz/RubinBrown-Gaming-Stats-2018/ii/
  15. i don't believe $1 is achievable in that short period of time, although i love the enthusiasm and definitely believe $1 is possible with enough time. nice write up.
  16. Gambling Operator community is a very small, tight and competitive group. they are all constantly looking for an edge so if the single operator appears successful others will jump on so as not be left out. But reality is we don't need all of them or even most of them. Will only take a couple of tier 1 operators to launch the rocket. I hope I am right to. Sooner than later. My wife wants to retire now....
  17. I feel it will take time to get to $1. With only 1 operator onboard there is not much incentive for gamblers to use BRM so I can't see it getting traction until several operators are involved. Then it depends how big/small these operators are, how much volume is flowing through. I can see CSC doing really well, pushing north of $1 in value and BRM even potentially becoming the industry standard at some point. But, not overnight. Or in 45 days. I know the foundation are very well connected etc. but real growth (not P&D) takes time. Even if multiple big partnerships that haven't been announced are already in place, 45 days still sounds unrealistic to me. I will be hodling until at least 2020... ...unless you're right @jasperlite πŸ™‚
  18. When Uranus? Jokes aside 1$ dream price but entirely achievable with right circumstances, mid term I'd think 0.01-0.15. Happy gambling
  19. Set of skinning knives made from Mahogany, Maple, brass, mild steel, Ferrier's rasps and antler of 7 (one broken point) point buck shot by a friend of mine that wanted these to give to her husband and kids.
  20. Over the last year I have heard everyone talking about price predictions but for the most they have all been thinking traditional crypto which is driven only by the crypto community. The volume of transactions driven by daily use will be astronomical. CSC (and XRP too) will be setting the standard for what an Alt coin should be. The process of driving out all the #$^&^% coins has already started and what will be left are the coins that have a product service tied to them with a real world use solving a real world problem.
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