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The zerpenning of CSC

  1. What's new in this club
  2. @honeybyte @CarloRossi @Wenusch do any of you guys work on this site?
  3. Yea price is shit right now. But CasinoCoin have a lot going on. Just have to wait.
  4. Price is low right now.
  5. He made the best room the CSCeppening then left haha. Someone else should take over as owner.
  6. The owner was last online June 2nd. Hey @Sheldon what's happening?
  7. What happen to the owners of this club? Anyone know ?
  8. What do you guys think of Facebook Coin? Think it will bring about regulations faster? Maybe move banks to use Xrapid. This is what BG said about it :
  9. Bitrue is gonna be the catalyst to get CSC on more exchanges and pump the volume.
  10. great volume!!!! Let's see were we go with Bitrue!!!
  11. Love the action and community, discord is a blast!
  12. CSC to 50 cents ..... And I will be a happy sheldon
  13. CSC.... lawnmower..... tough one
  14. ... should you be promoting CSC instead of zoro?
  15. I haven't set a # to be done done. Just when price starts moving I'll stop. Not doing large buys. Just small buys here and there when I have spare cash that I don't need in my pocket. hahaha
  16. I need more too @NKHund slowly accumulating I am. One last Mill and then I am done.

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