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  2. Maybe, but it needs to be used. CSC has a wave of use case coming.
  3. zero doubt? until xrp skyrockets for some reason and then he jumps back to making xrp videos csc is a great investment but that doesnt mean xrp cant surprise us at any time
  4. I remember when xrpchat went down once before and a lot of them came over here lol
  5. I had a look at XRP and it looks like ODL/xRapid is doing around 10M vol a day.
  6. oh boy, xrpchat.com is down. if you listen closely you can hear the groans and confusion in the air
  7. If you don't have a twitter account guys its a good idea to get one, a lot of activity is on twitter right now.
  8. https://CSC.GoodGaming.com < New CasinoCoin BRM Coming Soon! WHAT TO EXPECT – Instant deposits and withdrawals – Ultra-low fees – Secure storage of coins – Isle-of-Man-licensed casino – All deposits, wagers and withdrawals in CasinoCoin – CasinoCoin’s proprietary Bankroll Manager allows users to play at any casino that accepts CasinoCoin with a single registration and KYC check
  9. I wanna see 4,000,000 tx a day That's 1,000,000 in CSC fees a DAY!!!

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