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The CasinoCoin hangout. Anything to do with CSC, BTC and XRP is fine. KEEP IT CasinoCoin!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. %100 if you pay the fees, they charge alot.
  3. Anyone know if CSC has a chance at Ledger intergration,always feels safer
  4. Dont be confused @777 just trust @Marco and remember, we are all playing on the same side.
  5. Nothing they are around when necessary. But over all they are keeping low profile ūüėČ
  6. @777 it¬īs @Marco who is the face here now. So if you have any issues, contact him.
  7. Does anyone know what happend to the admin on this site? @honeybyte @CarloRossi made this site, but they are never online ?
  8. CryptoDeej said a new exchange is coming.
  9. I wanna see a new exchange in April.
  10. That's true. I think it will be another small one. But no way near as bad as exrates.
  11. This would be really nice, lets hope next one is going to be better that Exrates, well it cant be much worse anyway...
  12. Should be another exchange soon.
  13. I think more exchanges are on the way. This was said on their website. 'While we remain focused on developing our product, as we come closer to market, opportunities for further exchange listings are presenting themselves.'
  14. Or maybe not. No enough people on this forum yet.

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