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Speculation about trading and price of CSC. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. Not necessarily. Price reacts to good news. Could easily be 4 or 5 sats+ by end of year or early next year.
  3. by now... seems 1 sat till eoy.. so price depends on bitcoin for the next moths .. years(?).
  4. CasinoCoin is becoming more active on twitter, these are some good accounts to follow to stay up to date! https://twitter.com/lazzareo https://twitter.com/Ermac_CSC https://twitter.com/mass_adoption https://twitter.com/HolyK1cks https://twitter.com/robbiemknight https://twitter.com/daniel_wwf https://twitter.com/CasinoCoin_info https://twitter.com/CasinoCoin_CSC https://twitter.com/InsightCasino https://twitter.com/VergeCanada https://twitter.com/crazy8tokens https://twitter.com/CryptologistUSA https://twitter.com/crypto_eyes https://twitter.com/YoungHashrate https://twitter.com/cryptodeej https://twitter.com/CasinoCoin https://twitter.com/ScheckTwit
  5. CSC CookieMonster posted something on twitter that mentioned an announcement coming tomorrow. It showed the website crazy8token.com. I can't browse or ping that URL right now but if you google it, it comes up as a website URL. On the image CSC CookieMonster posted, it was the website loaded and all it said was "Crazy Times. June 4". There is also the steady bot buys. I've been staking some XRP on Bitrue's power piggy program. It enables me to buy around 2500 free CSC every week.
  6. Pumps come in cycles I guess. As for now, we all depend on BTC. That's the reality. But, the good news is, that CSC hasn't hat true pump and kept the newly reached level. By that I mean what e.g. XRP did from 0.006 to 0.20. So, the first pump is the biggest on %wise. And, mind you, CSC has only 40b supply, which is 2.5x less than XRP back then. but even if you factor in the escrowed XRP, I don't see a reason that hype and speculation can't push CSC into the $1.0 range. That being said, I will get out before that, probably upwards of $0.20 and below $0.50.
  7. Someone was buying 5000 almost every second. Then 50,000 buys per trade now lots of 100,000 buy orders. New Exchange Incoming?
  8. This coin has so much potential I think these kinds of gains are possible. $1 is very achievable. XRP went to $3.80 off nothing more than speculation.
  9. According to CMC : CSC All time low - $0.000114 CSC bottomed in mid 2019 when the market was at its lowest in its current cycle. CSC still hasn't reached it previous ATH since 2018- $0.003446 the first surge in price which occurred in only month moving the price from near ATL of $0.000125 - to $0.001136 ( arpox) That's around 800% gain within the space of 1 month nearly. After that surge CSC did correct however kept strong support above $0.000224 Refusing to break bellow this support it bounced back from $0.000224 to $0.001519 Again from previous ATL to ATH of this surge in Jan that's a 1115% gain. From this second surge CSC has found new support levels. Recently it has been trading between $0.000310 - $0.000568 I'm not expert but IMO CSC needs to break above these short term targets $0.000600 - $0.000900 & $0.001070 Before looking bullish again. Now its important to remember the main factors that currently drive the price is speculative investors like you and me, of course history has shown this alone is enough for volatility and huge gains in a fairly quick manner. 6 months through 2020 I think CSC has be quietly working hard behind closed doors, lots of new partnerships and Online casino coming very soon and more companies ready to adopt and use this technology. Now this is where things get interesting from ATH in 2018 to lets say $0.01 a penny per CSC $0.003446 - 0.010000 = 190% that's only 190% which is pretty minimal compared to previous surges. Now that's from ATH price of CSC what about from previous surge in Jan 2020 From $0.001519 to 0.010000 = 558% How about to 0.10 cents ? From previous ATH 0.001519 to 0.100000 = 6483% From ATH $0.003446 to 0.100000 = 2801% How about 0.50 cents? From previous ATH $0.001519 to 0.500000 = 32816% From ATH $0.003446 to 0.500000 = 14409% How about $1 ?? From previous ATH $0.001519 to $1 = 65732% From ATH $0.003446 to $1 = 28919%
  10. Rumour that Cammegh should be going LIVE end of Q4 Could see crazy number of TX like 500K a day. Would be CasinoCoin the map!!
  11. And now Brad Stole_my_house says, Ripple wouldnt be cash flow positive without SELLING XRP. They have started DUMPING AGAIN at a discount to institutional investors 100MM. Company is such a joke it is unreal.
  12. And the filing from MG proves ODL is "meh"! From Alex Holmes the CEO himself when talking about ODL. Let's not forget Ripple pays MG to use ODL as well. **Essentially he says ODL will grow a little from where it is and that is about it** I would say that, an increase on the order of magnitude of what we saw from Q3 to Q4, that is not -- that's not going to persist. I would say that it's going to continue from where we are, but probably flatten out a little bit at a higher level than where it is today. It's not-it's not like an arithmetic progression or something. It's a -- but it is going to be a function of the success with adding these new payers, but I think it will trend similar to higher than what you saw in the fourth quarter.
  13. Now this is what i'm talking about.
  14. I really don’t deserve that. You just do your thing and I’ll do mine. I still believe XRP has a very bright future and I stand by all my posts in XRP Chat. I’m going to ignore you now as you are not worth my time. I wish you well and I hope your investments succeed for you.

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