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Speculation about trading and price of CSC. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. Wow... I didn't know that DM was a CSC Supporter... That's awesome!!... And it's a pretty good video... This is great great publicity!!...
  3. Love it! It's a pity some of the commenters in his YT video don't understand that he isn't switching from XRP to CSC. He has done his research, sees the huge potential and is diversifying which is a smart thing to do. I hope to see more videos on CSC by DM Logic.
  4. Start of live stream. Starts in 63 mins.
  5. This video by dm logic was the first time I ever heard of csc.
  6. CasinoCoin

    Intro to CasinoCoin!

    DM logic is a smart man. I don't watch many YT videos about crypto but I watch his.
  7. What are you talking about??
  8. In januarie brm come out. Its september ...nothing there. So....i feel troubles.
  9. Yes most will fail in time as could CSC. This is why we wait.
  10. I’m cool with that, been buying precious metals for over a decade
  11. Im all for being excited, but currently CSC is not increasing on Google trends, daily volume, or have they announced anything. CSC has a better chance of becoming nothing that being a $5 coin at this stage. Just being honest most of crypto will fail.
  12. I'm sure $5.00 is like 4-5 years out.
  13. Hmm, not sure really, saying that, just thinking about CSC at 5 dollars makes me wanna add to my (modest) bag :)
  14. Might as well hold that bag just to be safe ! I wouldn’t be buying CSC and other alts if I was so sure of XRP being successful
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