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Speculation about trading and price of CSC. Technical trading tips, fundamental analysis etc

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  2. Let's track from today even Doggycoin will outperform dumpcoin. Just read this and try to defend Ripple and their line the pockets motives. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/32246-xpring-invested-projects/page/7/
  3. XRP is complete trash! just follow Regalchicken's@Twitter or Yxxyun on Xrpchat.com to see the massive dumping by Chris Larson of Ripple or the countless projects funded by Ripple through the gifting of XRP. Yet those projects are dead, dont even mandate XRP usage, it was more like, "Here bro just do whatever!" Clovercoin dumping there 1.5 billion XRP too 877 million left. XRP will not overcome the dumping issue pick any other top 50 coin it will outperform XRP this year. In fact XRP is the only top 30 coin down in 2019. Every project is a joke and where is the transaction increase on the ledger? Whoops.....!! CSC just hodl and watch for growth it is truly in its infancy and should make for great gains 12 montha from now as long as they continue to move forward. Dozens of banks my arse lol pumper Brad, pumper Hodor, pumper Galgitron, etc etc.
  4. The price is only going to go up with use case and that has only just started. its going to take time to build up. cammegh and game.fund have not even started yet. They go LIVE in Q4
  5. how everybody is moving the goal post to EOY next year lol
  6. I wouldn't sell if I were a top ten holder at these prices unless something is up would you? Hope all is well up there lol. Can't wait for this thing to fly and get some proper PR going. In due time i Suppose....
  7. Don't think the foundation care to much about price right now. Once the token and direct use case of CSC being used with the BRM, the price will move and no one will be able to push it down.
  8. Maybe it's because some of the top 10 holders are selling? I saw some big movements there. I don't really care as long as they are not all selling at once :-) Our time will come when the use case comes in!
  9. Tough to believe after everything we've learned about CasinoCoin since this thread started that we're here again. It makes me wonder why. It also makes me think what an incredible buying opportunity! I am ecstatic about getting them at 7 yesterday when I think about where we will likely be by the end of the year.
  10. I like the fact that you have used 'when' and not 'if' 🙂
  11. When shit starts going live, this thing is gonna fly!
  12. I have no doubt that those who have the patience and hold CSC long term (by long term I mean 2-5 years) will see extraordinary returns on their investment.
  13. Just can't help myself from thinking the nice gains are by EOY. It won't break my heart if they aren't too huge, but it seems like the next BTC wave is building. A rising tide lifts all boats. With the BRM due to go live by EOY along with the additional token announcements, it seems to me that we all will have a Merry Christmas. Now, the spectacular gains might wait until 2020 or beyond.
  14. Just gotta chill with CSC. Only 2 deals and them deals have not even gone LIVE yet. Give it till 2020 Dec EOY and see some nice gains.
  15. Its possible it is in discussion. I dont imagine a response super quickly.
  16. yes but that was not enough for listing i guess.
  17. That got way more votes than I expected!
  18. Mr X

    9 Sats

    9 sats could be the bottom.
  19. @Chewiecoin Are you still planning to keep an updated list of CSC exchanges on the previously pinned and locked thread? If so, Bitrue needs to be added.
  20. Vote for CSC to get added to Power Piggy.
  21. Mr X

    CSC 0.002

    11 sats again
  22. Venom

    9 Sats

    Just an opportunity to buy more before more deals come out and use case really starts picking up.
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